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I will be travelling around Europe this summer and am looking for a prepaid cellphone to purchase. I would prefer to leave my iphone at home and buy a European equivalent of a Tracfone. What are my options? I would need something that would work throughout western Europe and would allow me to make calls back to my home in the United States. The cheaper the phone the better, I would like something that will have a long battery life and will not break if it is bouncing around in my pack.
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European travelling to Boston in October for 5 days, what would you recommend me to see/do whilst there? Was hoping to see a Patriots game, how difficult is it to get tickets?
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Driving from Dallas to Reno. The gf mentioned taking the northern route through co, wy, ut and then through eastern nv. My question, is it more scenic than 40 through nm, az. Time isnt an issue btw

First Time Backpacker - Advice Please

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Hi /trv/ I will be backpacking Europe from 1 September - 1 November this year and desire some advice in my trip. Pic related is my route. Currently, the plan is as follows > $6500 - $8000 AUD budget (Australian Dollars) London - 5 (days) Paris - 4 Belgium - 2 Amsterdam/Netherlands - 4 Berlin - North Germany - 5 Prague - 2 Vienna/Munich/Salzburg - 6 Italy - 7 Greece - 7 Istanbul/North Greece - 6 Total: 48 days Seeing this is under cooking it, my questions are, >Assuming my plan is retarded in any fashion (likely is) how do I fix it? >Should I use the 11 extra days to visit other countries nearby that perhaps I should have included or invest more in some I may have severely undercooked? >Is my budget reasonable? I've read in many sources that Europe can be a $50-100 AUD continent a day depending on where you are > Any places I should avoid at all costs if I value my possessions and life (I've read Italy is bad and Turkey has it's own problems) >Any other backpacking advice (Good packs to buy, tips for a naive first timer, anything at all i'm curious) Please be gentle.
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I'll be going to Lebanon for about two months this summer to stay with family, I'm half Lebanese myself but do not speak arabic. Anyone have any advice, less known places to see, etc?

business ideas for summer places

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I want to do a summer holiday business in Sinop, a small city coast of blacksea,Turkey. in summer nearly 200.000 people come to visit and make holiday. what do you suggest me to earn easy and good money? did you witnessed anything interesting business while you are making holiday?
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student exchange to the U.S

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so im going on exchange next year to the states, i was wondering if anybody had some advice/general info about what its like to live as an exchange student in the U.S for a year. Also is there any place in the states there likely to send me in particular?
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>How to deal with the shits whilst traveling in 3rd world places/hostels. I'm at home at the moment and I have the shits, thank fuck this didn't happen in Nepal I'm at home at the moment
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Ask an American currently in tibet anything
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Anybody ever been to French Polynesia? It literally looks like the most luxurious place on Earth. In an ideal world I'd buy a yacht and sail across the seven seas to seek out this mythical paradise.

Juggling appartement and backpacking

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Sup /trv/, I'm in dire need of travelling or else I will kill myself from the boredom. I backpacked for 3 months in western Canada and I would like to do it again cept, now I have the responsibility of having to pay rent for an appartment (I live alone) and a slight student debt to finish clearing. What would be the best way to keep my pad and be able to travel at least 4-5 months
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Hi /trv/, I'm a fairly inexperienced traveler, planning on touring Britain and Scotland with my brother for two weeks in June. We'll be spending most of our time in London and Edinburgh, but also visiting Salisbury, Oxford, and Aberdeen in pretty rapid succession. Does it make more sense for us to buy our rail tickets now (a month in advance) or to do it when we're there? Will it even make much difference?
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Norm Macdonald wants to be the new host of the Late Late show after Craig Ferguson retires. Think he can get the gig? And would he do a good job? http://splitsider.com/2014/05/norm-macdonald-is-campaigning-on-twitter-to-become-host-of-cbss-late-late-show/

Visa Processing

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So /trv/ I'm (hoping to) leave for China on the 20th, but I still haven't gotten my tourist visa. If I go in Wednesday do you think that'll be enough time? I'm contemplating going with one of these services that do it all for you, but I have no idea how legit they are. Fuck, /trv/ I'm freaking out. Already bought the ticket and I can't afford changing anything. I really need some help.

Southern Africa Trip

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Hello /trv/, you don't know me and I don't know you, yet, but I'm looking for traveling companions who are interested in going to southern Africa; particularly South Africa, Botswana, and possibly Namibia as well. The trip will last from two to three weeks. Would anyone be interested in doing this? I just wanted to gauge interest, and we can plan from there should there be someone of similar interest. My time is flexible for this. The trip will be more focused on safari/wildlife/trekking. Points of interest include Kruger National Park, the Okavango Delta, The Garden Route, Kgalagadi and more. Aside from that, has anyone been to southern Africa? Any experiences to share? Best times to go?
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I am driving, alone, from Austin, TX to Fairfax, VA in two weeks. My car is leaking oil (not a big problem) and coolant (could be bad), so I'm not too excited about this road trip - I just wanna get it over with. What's the best route to take? Preferably ones where I won't be completely isolated if I break down. Also, is it possible to do the drive in two days? And should I get hotel rooms, motel rooms, or sleep in my car at rest stops?

3 nights in Vancouver

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Hey /trv/, I'm driving to Vancouver in two weeks for three nights with a few friends. I just have a few questions about Vancouver. First of all, getting around. I will be driving a rental car across the border (which may be illegal), and I'm planning on just parking either at a lot near my hostel, or finding street parking and just dealing with whatever comes along with that. Regardless, ideally, I don't want to spend much time going in and out of the car and having to relocate parking. So is Vancouver walkable? Are the trains/buses easy for a tourist to figure out? Secondly, what are some good museums in Vancouver? Are any clearly the best in the city? Or are there any bizarre, smaller ones? I don't plan on spending much of my time museum hopping, seeing as Vancouver is surrounded by natural beauty... But it seems easy to find shit to do outdoors in the area. Also, I have some alcohol and drug questions. I see that there are a few brewery tours in Vancouver... anyone have any info on them, maybe one they'd recommend? Regarding weed, obviously BC is known for its weed, so I would like to score some while I'm there. I've never had a problem finding weed while in another country, so can I assume that I won't have a problem in Vancouver? Are there any parts of town, or maybe parks, I should visit to have a higher chance of being approached by a dealer? Anyway, thanks in advance if anyone replies to this block of text. I'm one of the faggots always replying with my own blocks of text to threads, so any advice is appreciated, even if it is something I didn't mentioned.


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Going to Bangkok for pretty much the entirety of August, what should I expect? Is the Sky Train easy to use to get around? My friend who has worked there said that me being me (6'1 white male, blue eyes, fit as fuck) I'll be drowning in pussy, is that true? Any must see stuff? Any good beaches? I'm willing to travel to any safe part of the country. I really want to ride an elephant.
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Hi /trv/. I'm going to Tokyo in a few months with my Girlfriend. We're staying for about 2 weeks so it gives us plenty of time to venture out and explore the city, we've got a few places down already to go to, but I was wondering if you guys know of any hidden gems/places not typically found on shitty travel websites that's worth checking out. tl;dr Give me your best places to go in Tokyo, anything goes. >Bonus if Food, Romantic, Video-Game or Museum Related.
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