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I am off to Rome and Sorrento in a few days. What should one do in Rome that most tourists would overlook? Also what neighborhoods are the most interesting, I have heard that the Jewish ghetto is neat.
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Hey /trv/ anyone used these guys before? I'll be heading on a 20 day tour with them near the end of August and was wondering if anyone could give me an insight as to how their trip was.
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So I'm planning to move to LA for a while since I'll be rich soon. I don't want any new cars or fancy shit, I just want to deck my current car out and live in an apartment. I'm considering having my car transported to Cali and picking it up later. I don't have the stamina to drive long distances. Do you guys think it's a good idea? Here's the two I've narrowed it down to: http://www.dasautoshippers.com/have-questions/faqs#type http://www.mayflower.com/moving/full-service-movers/auto-transport.htm Anyone got advice?
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Hi /trv/, I'm gonna be buying a plane ticket over to Canada soon to visit my friend (I'm from the UK) but I wanna make sure of a few things before I buy this. So we both want me to stay over there for a year. I know you can only stay for six months on your passport, but if you request it you can stay for an additional six months after that. What exactly should I do for this? I was thinking about getting a one-way flight there then getting another one closer to the end of the trip, but the form they give you to fill out on the flight asks you about your return date and the person at immigration asks about your return flight information. Do I just put a year from the day I fly in on that and hope everything at passport control and immigration goes smoothly? Or do I get a return flight, request an extension before the flight then skip it? Thinking about it this might be the best thing to do but I won't get in trouble for that will I? I don't see why since the immigration people have told me about the flight extensions every time, I don't know how any of this works and I don't want to get in trouble with anyone. Thanks! Here's a nice picture of a Tim Hortons since that's very Canadian.
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Hello /trv/, I'm in peril Sorry for ranting, I just need some advice. 2 months ago from SuperSavers, I bought tickets to Tokyo. Paid them and got the info and everything and a link which says to check my flight status on this website called checkmytrip.com. Now, 2 weeks ago I receive an email from them saying I got rebooked to another flight which leaves a few hours earlier and they wanted my approval, which I gave on the same day. Afterwards I got an email saying my ticket has been updated and I should check checkmytrip.com for the details. Now it says my trip TO Tokyo has been canceled, and my trip back is confirmed. I've been trying to get ahold of them but they won't answer the phone or take too long answering emails. I'm from The Netherlands and the flight is a joined flight between KLM(dutch royal airlines) and Alitalia. I've phones Alitalia, and they said I'm not on the passengers list(But she didn't speak dutch very well, though.) And I phoned KLM. Both of them said I should contact SuperSavers as they have to deal with it. The thing is, the flight is going to happen as you could still buy tickets for it and the airport's website says so as well. I have gotten no message about the canceling and I don't know what to do now. They won't answer and I'm leaving this sunday. (May 10th) This sucks because I'm supposed to have a language course there, starting the following monday. Long rant, thanks for reading if you did. Any advice?

I want to move from Fl to Colorado (1/2)

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...because Florida is a cesspool, the people are walking filth (904), and the cost of living here is retarded for the backwards conservative ghetto that it is. We don't really give a fuck about going to CO for the weed. Now, I have a ton of info about moving to LA, because that was my plan, but if I do that then my mother will be all alone in this shitbowl and I don't want that. Problem is, my mom thinks she's too old (56), she owns her home, land, and car outright (but the land is a swamp, house is a trailer and the car fucks up every week) and she's broke and her credit is less than ideal. I also own my own reliable car but my credit is pretty good. I want to move my mom somewhere affordable with friendly people, culture, and lots of neat things for people her age to do, but I also want long haired hippies and more than two types of people to hang around with, because I wear lots of black, dress funny and listen to foreign music. I go on /cgl/ a lot, there's a hint. She likes the "small town" deal, but I can't stand it (because, well, I'm not a racist conservative Christian), so we would need a bigger city that doesn't feel like a big city. I hear good things about Aurora. The main problem my mom has with the thought of moving is that she wants to OWN her house and land in CO so she doesn't have to make payments. According to my bestie's new hubby (a CO native), you can get land cheap, but Idk about land with a house on it. Just something small and easy to handle for my mom, because I have no problem living in my own apartment. We know a lot about fixing up houses so as long as everything is up to code we can buy a fixer upper and go from there. My mom has 15+ years of retail management experience, excellent refs from past coworkers if needed, works hard. We're both kinda broke but will bank from the sale of the house+land and maybe the good parts of her car.

Budget and Travel Advice

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hey /trv/, I'm planning my first independent travel abroad and would like some help. I do have experience traveling to other nations like Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with family or studying abroad (Im from Chicago and 3rd year college/university student), but would like to plan my first solo trip to Europe in particular Spain, Germany, and Croatia hopefully by summer 2016. So what booking sites should I use for cheap flights? For lodging I don't doing hostels or CouchSurfing/HelpExchange.


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I'll be visiting Morocco/early October with my wife. Anything Yuropean travelers should pay attention to, like local customs, taboos, good ideas, while visiting the place? We have some degree of experience with "Arabian" countries, but it's our first visit to Morocco and there's always a place for new knowledge.
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Well I finally have a gas efficient car, so what are some interesting places in the Southeastern US to drive to? I live in Florida, and now that I'm mobile I feel the need to go somewhere.
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Well, it looks like I'm going to be taking a year out from uni due to a minor cock-up, so I want to use that time for travelling. I'm a Brit, and I've been to a bunch of different countries, but never for that long, and never on my own. What I was thinking was to try to go from the UK all the way to China, then fly back from there, taking different trains all along the way. Does anyone have experience of that? Is it possible? Any recommendations?
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Okay, so if you guys are such good fucking salesmen. Sell me on this. Persuade me to buy it. I want to spend my hard earned shiekels on a quality fucking product, so convince me to buy. Persuade me. Convince me. Entice me. I wanna hear your best arguments. >>pic related

Death Date Blog - Confirmed to be real?

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I read this blog - www.elijahflint.com - that was posted on here a few weeks ago. I've re-posted this with the same picture so that people recognize what I'm talking about. I found that Elijah has a twitter account - @elijahflint - and thought maybe this does mean he is real? He's still travelling with America, maybe somebody has seen/met him?

17 hour layover in Tokyo

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Hey ya'll, I am arriving In NRT at 9pm and I depart from HND at 1 30pm the next day. Any recommendation on what I should do? This will be my first time in Tokyo. I plan on sleeping on the way to Tokyo (from New York) so I wont be needing a hotel.


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Okay /trv/ basically I want to volunteer somewhere overseas (from Australia) and I want to know where and what company does it. I have done some research but a lot of places require you to pay flights and other stuff, but I was wondering if there was any organisation/company that would pay for your flights/accommodation/food etc for you to go volunteer somewhere. The reasons I want to as I believe it would be great life experience, would love to help the less fortunate and I'm an 18 YO NEET with no experience or qualifications (didn't even finish highschool). Any answers, info, links would be much appreciated, oh and will answer any questions about Australia for those considering travelling here.
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Hey /trv/, I'm an Amerifag taking a two week vacation across Europe. We'll be landing in Rome and moving through Florence and Venice before leaving from Paris. I've seen the absolute must-sees, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum. What are some buildings or landmarks I should visit? I really enjoy libraries and Universities as well as historical buildings.

The Long Way Down

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Hi /trv/ Britbong here, a friend and I are planning to travel on a ferry to Santander, then all the way to his relative's house in Jimena de la Frontera (near Gibraltar) in Spain. One thing we're not sure about is whether we should use buses, trains or hitchike when we have around 2 months to do it in. Also any tips?
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EUROPE ROAD TRIP If you had a car, and money for petrol, where in Europe would you go? I'm looking for ideas myself (i plan on winging it and sleeping in my car) as I'm not decided, but i plan on winging it anyway, so i can make last minuet changes is i want to. Any general road trip experiences in Europe? Also, would you take somebody? I plan on going alone (>tfw no road trip gf or buddies).

Backpack - specific needed

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I have a number of backpacks, a collection gathered over the years of travels, expeditions, excursions, commuting... Large and small. Different colors and carrying systems. Now I need one to replace most of the rest. I know there has been a number of threads on bags, backpacks and luggage in general. I've even joined a number of them myself and gave advice. Now it's my turn to ask around.

North Korea - DPRK - ?? ???? ?? ???

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So. It's for real now (or once I get my visa for China), I am going to the DPRK this August (Summer Tour). I decided to go with Young Pioneer Tours. Anyone got any experience with YPT, a trip to the DPRK, just everything. I would love to hear everyone out. Since this country is less interested by most people, I will go alone and just join a group. I know the tour is pre-organized, but I still would like to ask: How did you spend your time in the DPRK? How was your time with your guides?


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I am planning to go work the coming winter in Canada around one of the mountains. I am a 22 year old intermediate snowboard from NZ. I hear you can get work easily but am not sure if I should try and secure work before I go. Advice? Any mountain's you would recommend over others? Any other advice for a first timer in Canada?
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