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Have any anons been to Chernobyl/Pripyat/exclusion zone? How was it? any stories?
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Oregonbros- CA homebrewer bro here, gonna be visiting your beautiful state this month, Portland and Bend... what breweries are a must see besides deschutes and ninkasi?
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Any recommendations about Aruba? Specially about the night life, places to visit, women and funny stuff to do.
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Hey /trv/! I've been (very) slowly starting to plan a trip to Alaska next summer, but I'm kind of stuck about what I can and can't do. I'm a huge fan of camping and survival, and realy excited about trecking, backpacking and exploring the wilderness. Plus I've got this (childish) dream of exploring the Yukon and following in the first gold prospector's footsteps. My issue is, I've seen Into the Wild and a few survival shows about Alaska, and it looks tough. I don't want to underestimate mother nature in her rawest form, so I was wondering if it would actualy be possible to go trekking in Alaska without getting mauled or freezing to death. I'm from Switzerland, I've been on many hikes and a few camping trips, but I don't have huge amounts of experience when it comes to full on wilderness. Plus even though I've read up on them alot, we don't have bears here. I do know my basics though, like starting fires, setting up a camp, getting off the ground, planning for flash floods, hiding food etc. So my questions are the following: - Would it be possible to plan a trekking trip through Alaska's wilderness, or am I being dreamy? - If it is possible, which area should I be trekking in? I'd love to see the real wilderness if possible - Also, what are some must see sights in Alaska?

Appartment in Amsterdam

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Hey I need to find an appartment in amsterdam city centre for a good price in early august for 6 people is there anyone that can help me?
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Hello! My gf and I are going to be visiting Spain for a little more than a week soon - Madrid and Barcelona to be specific. All I am looking for are some places to visit or things to check out. 1. My gf wants to go to an open air market, are there any in particular that are worth seeing? 2. I am definitely into eating the best food in town. I don't care if it's a shithole restaurant, if the food is good, I want to eat it. 3. I am a big football(soccer) fan. Even though Spain is out, will there be any sort of World Cup viewing parties or good places to watch a game? Our plan is to basically have 1 planned excursion per day and then just explore from there. So I just need 1 or 2 things to check out in Madrid and Barcelona. Anyone have any hidden gems or places to see? I'll be busy all day but checking up on the thread and responding as I get time. I truly appreciate any help and suggestions.
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Which is a better place to spend three days - Singapore or Kuala Lumpur? Right now I'm leaning Singapore just cause I love Chinese food. Thoughts?
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What's your least favorite country? Italy or France?
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GOAT.JPEG -- Hey, i'm headed to Minnesota sometime later, I'd like to know of the native or local perspectives of the place.. what's their to see, what do you like and not like about the place. Also, I'm trying to find a job before I arrive, what kind of opportunities am I looking at? yesterday someone offered me a possible job at some festival but unfortunately I've yet to receive an email. :/

The greatest country on earth

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For those of you traveling, or thinking of traveling, to the United States (pic related) I've compiled a short list of some of my favorite landmarks that I feel give a good rounded experience of what we have to offer culturally. 1. McDonalds. I recommend the 12pc McNugget meal with an apple pie they are exquisite. An American classic and the height of American cuisine. 2. Carls Jr. Try to find one without a Green Burrito attached to it. It's the purest form. Try a "Hey Y'all" when you order to let them know you are familiar with their culture and you're not just another dumb tourist from a poor European country :^) 3. Taco Bell. Very festive restaurant. The decor is sure to please anyone. Make sure to try to the authentic packaged sauces and you can even brush up your Espanol. 4. 7-Eleven. A wonderful small market with a real authentic American feel. Try a nutritional Slurpee, now considered a vegetable due to it's corn syrup. Or head on over to the buffet and choose from an assorted selection of taquitos, microwave burritos, warm sandwiches, and hot dogs. You can even fill up that 2 mile per gallon (that's 3.2 kilometers for every 3.7 liters of fuel if you're from the rest of the planet) SUV you rented when you arrived. How convenient, an energy station connected to a restaurant. True American ingenuity. 5. The Grand Canyon. In my opinion, an opinion I share with the majority of Americans, it's just a hole. If you're into that I guess you could see this, but personally I'd rather go to Taco Bell again.
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So, /trv/ Has anyone been to Hamilton Island in January? If so, did you have any issues with Jellyfish and stuff in the Ocean? Also; temperatures - was the average humidity/temperature making Hiking and such on the island prohibitive?

BlaBlaCar, a Ride-Sharing Start-Up in Europe, Looks to Expand Its Map

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thought I'd share this >The driver posts a price per seat, people pay up front — online, in some cases — and BlaBlaCar takes a 12 percent cut of each trip. The typical journey — mostly between large European cities like Munich and Hamburg, Germany — is less than 200 miles, and the company says that more than a million people use the service each month. The largest markets, each with more than a million users, are France, Germany and Spain. >“The need we’re trying to address is universal, and the market is massive,” said Nicolas Brusson, a founder of BlaBlaCar. He said the company planned to use the new investment to expand across Europe and into emerging markets like Brazil and India where transport infrastructure is poor. “Countries like Turkey have many similar features to where we operate in Europe and Russia.” The rise of BlaBlaCar, which does not yet have plans to offer its service in the United States, is part of a growing trend of companies that are tapping into the so-called sharing economy. >American companies like the apartment-sharing service Airbnb and the ride-sharing company Lyft have quickly spread across the United States and overseas, as more people look for alternatives to traditional services from the likes of hotels and taxis. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/02/business/international/a-service-for-sharing-european-road-trips-looks-to-expand-its-map.html?_r=0
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>ITT: how to get your ass kicked in Japan Seriously. I know everyone says it's super safe. So instead, this thread is for discussing how you could possibly get a beating or worse there, and how you'd go about having it happen to you.
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Hello /trv/, this is my first thread here. I hope I don't do anything stupid or boring, fingers crossed. Anyhow, moving to Halifax (Nova Scotia) this September, to study at a local University. Will be staying there for a year, year and a half. What should I expect? I've already seen a small bit of the town (briefly), as I stayed there for a few days. Looks like a nice, relaxed place to be. As a 26-year-old who likes to exercise (sports) and who would like to socialize as well, what should I expect? I've already found a few interesting places, such as a couple movie theaters, a blues-pub, indoor swimming pool, a skatepark, the pier, etc. Anything I'm missing? Is the winter weather scary? I've been living in Rome for most of my life, but I'm Canadian, so...what should I expect? Thank you kindly in advance for any advice. Really looking forward to this.

Where to travel after Amsterdam?

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I'm going to be in Amsterdam for 3 days this July. Is that long enough? Or should I stay longer? My friends are only staying for 3 days so after that I'm on my own. I can either stay in Amsterdam and fly home to the US in a week or so or I can travel to somewhere else in Europe. Should I travel around or stay in the Netherlands? Where should I go? I've been to Geneva and Paris, but that's about it. I originally wanted to stay in Amsterdam for a week but people keep telling me that would be too long. Any recommendations on where else I should think about going?

Abandonded Mines/Mine Lakes near Hundington, PA

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So me and some friends are going camping at Raystown Lake next weekend and would like to conduct some sightseeing. I was wondering if anyone knows of any locations of abandoned mines, mine lakes, and possibly even any rural caves. We are responsible adults and are looking for an adventure.

Spiritual journey through Asia

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Hey guys, I've been interested in Eastern culture and spiritual practice for a long time now and I've been practicing different aspects of both Buddhism and Taoism as well. Now, the thing is that me and my friends with the same interests have money to spend and we all feel like going on a spiritual journey through Asia and we'd like your help. Has anyone done anything like it before? What was it like? Where should we go and where should we travel to? What's the budget? Any help would be appreciated!
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Sup /trv/ i'm going to Belgium in 2 months to start my year exchange, get me even more excited! post stories of you as exchange students or if you knew some, post theirs also, where did you go or where are you going? > tl;dr >post exchange student stories >where did you do your exchange
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Hey /trv/ I've had a bit of shitty time of late and I've just finished university and somehow have enough money left over to go and see the world. I've been to Rome before with my ex and managed but this time I'm backpacking on my own. My planned route is from the UK into Paris then to Prague and finally Berlin. Any good tips for these 3 cities or any places I should explore in-between them?
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Have you ever met up with someone from /trv/ while abroad? >what was it like? >how awkward was it? >how autistic were they?
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