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How much would a god tier trip (but affordable to the average person) to London and Paris and experience cost?
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Going to be living in Aarhus, Denmark for 2 years and was wondering what the best and or cheapest way to get around Denmark was? By bus or by train? Also what's the best and or cheapest way to visit neighboring countries. By boat, bus, train or flight? Thank you, your friend Jeff
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What should I wear during a trip to Switzerland and the Netherlands so I don't look like an American schmuck?
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As some of you may remember, I'm the anon who asked about Georgia, and specifically Tbilisi, which was the second leg of my Russia-Georgia trip, in which I attempted to climb two mountains: Elbrus (5642m) and Kazbek (5033m). Anyway, as some of you expressed interest in a travel report, I'll dump pictures and tell how both expeditions went. For starters, here's the first glimpse we caught of Elbrus, after two hours driving from Kislovodsk.
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I'm going Eurrailling and my schedule is pretty tight. I plan on spending 2 days in Marseille. I'll also be visiting Normandy, Carcassone, and Paris (among many other destinations outside of France). Is it worth seeing Marseille, or should I just nix it, to give myself more wiggle room to more fully enjoy some other area? If I should see it, what are some recommended activities? Also I'm fluent in French.
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How does /trv/ deal with wanderlust? I just came back from a week old trip from Amsterdam with a few friends and it was the first trip abroad I've had in more than 10 years. I don't like where I live (Israel) and would like to explore the world and have great adventures in far away places. The problem is that I'm 22 years old without a job and without any sort of ideas for the future except, like I've said earlier, travel the world. How do you do it? Do you work your jobs until you have enough money and then you travel? Or is the game rigged and I'll have to give up on my "exploring the world and learning new things all the time" plan because it's unrealistic?
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In Japan, in Akihabara and certain places in Osaka, you'll see things. Especially in the porn sections of the district.
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I'm going on a trip to Southeast Asia in October for about 7 weeks. So far I have decided on Palawan Island (Philippines), Hanoi (Vietnam), Vang Vein (Laos), and somewhere in Cambodia. Have any of you guys done this trip or something similar? Any other places worth going I haven't mentioned? I wanted to do Thailand as well, however, I was told by friends that for this being my first trip (and the fact that I am doing it alone) It would be dangerous for me. "Especially as a young woman" (sorry if this offends anyone). Thanks in advance!
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New Japan General since the old one reached the limit Ask about: >Yakuza >English Teaching >Weeaboo >General Japan travel info >Soaplands >Karaoke Also don't forget: the sticky has some good info on Japan
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Should I go to Cuba or St. Vincent? I was gonna go to Cuba because everyone says it's cheaper, but then I saw a few pics of St. Vincent's islands on my desktop background and got really interested. Also, has any one of you travelled alone for like two weeks? I got no one to go with.

Just want to say...

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I just want to say #MeCagoEnVenezuela
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I've only traveled once through a study abroad program in Spain for about 2 months. It totaled about 8,000 USD, not including flight. room & board, tuition, a few excursions, and then another 1,200 USD for personal expenses such as a trip to barcelona; lisbon, portugual and other miscellaneous purchases. To get to the main point, I want to do some more traveling, so tell me trv/ >what places did you go to >how long did you stay >what all did you do and see >how much did it all cost, not including flight there and back. (in your currency, I'll convert it) Thanks
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Hey /trv/ ! I am going to stay in Cambridge for about a month this summer . What to expect ? Where should I go out ? What to do ( any events ) ?
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Euro trip by car while I sleep in the car. How feasible is that? How much of a good idea or bad idea is that? The car in question is pictured. I thought about putting a mattress in the car and driving around. I thought about rolling the mattress up to be less suspicious when I'm not using it. I know about couch surfing. I thought about meeting up with all kinds of people in all kinds of places and to shower and eat and sleep if they accept. And all of that for around 2 months. I just want a break from studying.

I am a time traveler

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Hi I am a time traveler. I must tell you Porn Is BANNED IN THE FUTURE. The millitary kill anyone who wanks. They have also killed 9 people for fun. I am here to spread the message. If another black president gets elected you must kill him.
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Hi /trv/ Going to Paris in a few. Looking for some things not everybody knows. Looking for the same in Rome. Examples: Nice bar's, nice coffeeplaces, good cheap restaurants
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I've tried this thread on /b/ with some success, but I'd like to see if it will get interest and replies on here. TL;DR: Which city is the most-dangerous in the U.S.? I've long been intrigued by thinking about which cities/areas in the U.S. are the scariest/most-dangerous/crime-ridden. In particular, I am intrigued by Detroit, Mi. It seems like it's an historic place with lots of great tradition and a beautiful skyline, yet, it seems like it's always at the top (if not the top) of the most fucked-up, violent, dangerous places in the country. So, I'm curious, what city do you think is the worst-off/most-ghetto in America? If I had to come up with a quick list, it would be something like this: 1.) Detroit & Flint, Mi 2.) Gary, In 3.) Camden, Newark, Trenton, Jersey City, NJ 4.) Chicago, Il 5.) East St. Louis, Il 6.) Oakland, Ca 7.) St. Louis & Kansas City, Mo 8.) Washington D.C. 9.) Cleveland, Cincinnati, & Youngstown, Oh 10.) Memphis, Tn 11.) New Orleans, La 12.) Philadelphia, Pa 13.) Baltimore, Md 14.) Little Rock & West Memphis, Ar 15.) Atlanta, Ga 16.) Houston & Dallas, Tx 17.) Chester, Pa 18.) Wilmington, De 19.) Oklahoma City & Tulsa Ok 20.) Bridgeport, Ct There are surely other places deserving of being mentioned, so feel free to mention any place(s) you think should also be included. Obviously, LA and NYC have lots of crime, but the places I listed seem to have particularly-violent cultures and a higher per capita-crime rate. So, what do some of y'all on here say is the baddest place in the U.S.? Is it where you live now or are originally from? Personally, I live in Arizona, on the outskirts of Phoenix, and there's certainly crime here, but I've tried to keep my ass out of trouble for many years now, so I don't have many good stories to share. However, I'd like to hear some stories about the place(s) y'all think are the worst of the worst! > Pic related: A police car from the Oakland Bay Area that was vandalized after the George Zimmerman verdict
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I've got big plans /trv/, tell me how crazy I am. I've got my eyes set on German citizenship. Getting out of the U.S. has always been a fantasy of mine, but nothing I'd ever actually considered in detail before now. There is a big company in town that heavily recruits from the university that I am attending. I have a friend that works in the tech department (what I'm going to school for) and a sibling that works as an upper level manager for the company. Its likely that I will end up working there as well. Today I found out that they have offices in Germany. I took a few years of German in high school and I still try to study a little from time to time. I can't have a conversation, but I know enough of the language to use context clues to get the gist of whats being said. I have German "roots" and a very German last name. Now, I haven't researched this in depth, but has anyone had success transferring from a corporate office in their home country, to a foreign office in another country as a way to obtain citizenship? I think you have to live in Germany for eight years, and speak the language fluently to become a naturalized citizen. How plausible is this plan?

Why are there few Free WiFi spots in Japan?

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We made a unique map for tourists to Japan, "free Wi-Fi restaurant map in Japan". Please feel free to access!! http://free-wifi-japan.com/
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