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Issues in India

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Hey there guys, I'm soon going to do my first trip to India. I've been travelling for more than a year in total until now, including South East Asia, Aus/NZ and all over Europe (I'm European). I would like to ask you about certain safety/health/general handy issues that might help me during my stay. We (my gf and me) will be travelling down the West coast by train and possibly bike, starting in Mumbai and hopefully skipping Goa as I'm not into backpacking chavs on acid. What are you some things to mind? I think I haven't given all these issues a lot of thought since I've never had a single bad experience in all my travels and grew up relatively unharmed in a rather sketchy area. I'm aware of the general knowledge stuff that I'll most likely get sick and not believing cab driver's recommendations about that awesome jewellry shop. Started hearing a lot of bad stories from friends,though. What is /trv/'s opionion?
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Himeji City, Hyogo, Japan Himeji Castle repair end
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/trv/ has Egypt finally got its shit together? Is Cairo calmed down yet? I've kinda wanted to go for a while but yeah revolution and stuff
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Hey /trv/, I wanted to ask a question about Chicago, Illinois. I'm going on a trip there in January to see my boyfriend, but I know for a fact that Chicago is one of the most dangerous cities in the US. Shootings happen almost every god damn day. So, I wanted to know how likely I am to get shot dead for holding hands in public with him, since we're both guys. Illinois is a Democrat state so I expect more tolerance than on a red state, but all of those shootings make me wary, even though the source of the aggressiveness seems to be police killing black people, both innocent and gang members, or gang-on-gang shootings. I'm from Brazil, and we're both white. I don't know whether that's really enough to lower the chances of anything happening.
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It's well known Gene Roddenberry based Star Trek species on different human cultures. What countries should a Star Trek fan travel to to most closely experience the following societies: >Klingon >Vulcan >Romulan >Cardassian >Ferengi >Bajoran >Borg Describe your travel experiences in said places and explain why that society compares to the Star Trek one for trekker travellers.
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Hello /trv/ need some advice from you Planning on traveling next year in the summer with some friends. We are thinking about eastern EU, since the main goals are 1 week stay for the nightlife, summer nights, clubs, meeting some girls aswell etc. Thought about Siofok in Hungary, heard about Belgrade and Sopot, Poland. Any suggestions/ideas?

Copenhagen: Worth it?

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Hi /trv/, first time poster here. I'm stuck in a dilemma right now. I'm currently doing a voluntary social year in Hamburg, for which I'm getting for. It will end in 2 weeks, with about 400€ spare cash left for me. I'm probably gonna study in Hamburg afterwards, but I'll have the whole month of September for myself. So I could either: Buy studio monitors to be a better musician OR travel to Copenhagen for a weekend (Both investments would be about 300-400€ or so). Currently I'm leaning towards Copenhagen, because I could just save up to buy studio monitors later on. What do you think /trv/?
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In september I have a month off so I've decided to go backpacking cross the country (Vancouver to Halifax) and back solo. I did a similar trip across Europe for 4 months a couple years back so I have a little experience, enough to get by I'd imagine. Any tips and tricks for keeping this frugal and fun? I've had others tell me kijiji ride shares are the way to go these days. 22 yo male for what it's worth.

Trip to Las Vegas Conference ("Black Hat")

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Hello, boys and girls! Sorry for little offtopic=/ I want to ask about - how get hackers conference "Black Hat", which passes in Las Vegas now. If you know something about it, unsubscribe please. I will be very thankful;)
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Would it be possible to travel from England to the far east backpacking with around £200 Just straight walking/hitch hicking and maybe a train or two
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Hi /trv/ maybe you could help me out. I'm planning on purchasing a round trip ticket for my girlfriend with my credit card, she lives in New Hampshire, I'm in Nova Scotia. I'm leading towards booking with Delta but if I do book that ticket will she have to present my credit card at the gate? Anyone have any experience with booking tickets like this?

Study Abroad

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Hey guys, I could really use your help making a decision here. I'm considering doing a semester study abroad program in France, either in Paris or Nice. My biggest concerns are that >1. It'll just be awkward/weird once I show up, >2. that I'll get robbed or kidnapped or something, and >3. that it would be a waste of money. I've done all the motions for applying up to now but it's getting to the point where I really have to decide if I'm going to do this and if so which to choose. Any advice? Also, thoughts on choosing Paris or Nice? (I tend to be more introverted) . I know this board's pretty slow so I'll be checking back occasionally (if I don't respond right away)


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Hi Anyone visiting Munich and want to get advice how to travel around etc,,,,drop me a line
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Should /trv/ have flags like /int/ and /sp/?
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If you ever did this you're a fucking retard and you deserve to die
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So I'm just vacationing in Vietnam for two weeks, and it didn't really occur to me until right about now that there are laws about Internet porn. I'm in the heart of Saigon, living with a rich relative who has her own WiFi. Basically most of it has been lurking 4chan boards, and about two times so far I've gone to xhamster. I think I've visited a few hentai websites. Are the police going to kick down the door and throw me into a gulag or something? Well, I mean, nothing's happened yet. Also, when I'm leaving Vietnam, are they going to go through my laptop? I've got some weird, kinky shit (no illegal stuff), just lots of Rule 34 and furry shit, mixed in with normal porn.
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Is it true that we get treated like Gods in China? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9Q6j6WoPWo
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I am planning a trip to Turkey and want to visit several places in different parts of the country. However, Turkey is a very large country and I am trying to find the best way to travel from place to place. Istanbul >fly to Kayseri Cappadocia >fly to Antalya Antalya >??? Pamukkale >??? Mu?la region (Marmaris, Datça) >??? Ephesus >??? Istanbul Can anyone help me fill in the question marks? Trains, bus? I'd prefer not to have to rent a car, but it's still an option. If changing the order of the places helps, that is not a problem.

Thread for London / Thread for Milan

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Hello /tra/vellers This is a double thread for the discussion of two major cities Firstly, I am moving to London in a couple of weeks for work. I haven't been before, don't know anyone there and am looking for advice/tips/experiences/interesting stories/anything. I also haven't found a place to live yet. I don't expect this to be the best place to help with that, but if you can then I would love to hear your contributions. Secondly, I am going to Milan for New Year. Again, I am basically looking for any advice, local knowledge, what to do, general commentary or verbal companionship.
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Going to the UK for October and spending most of that time in Scotland, any suggestions for place to go or things to do? This is my first trip and I have nooo idea where to start.
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