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http://www.chinasmack.com/2010/videos/chinese-passengers-beat-unruly-foreigner-on-guangzhou-metro.html Drunk white guy on Chinese train starts cursing loudly after authorities confiscate his knife. Passengers kick his ass, street justice. Why do white males always feel some arrogant sense of entitlement to posses dangerous weapons wherever they go?
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i'm heading to pigeon forge tennessee tomorrow with a friend for 4 days. i know there's a hot rod festival on which sounds good, but i'm also looking to go hiking and whitewater rafting. anyone been to pigeon forge and has suggestions? i know it's a touristy place but i have a free place to stay and i'm open to anything.
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So, I got a surprise vacation in the form of getting laid off and getting a decent severance package. This is the time. Time to go to Europe. Maybe Germany? Where would be cool to go in October? I like to stay at hostels and wander around cities. Maybe do a little hiking.
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have you ever been to Styria in Austria? what was your experiances? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2thPGWVELE
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I'm from the UK and recently have been considering living in a different country for a while. I'm doing a course in basic Spanish so I've been toying with the idea of going to live in Spain for a bit. I'm wanting to do this for a few reasons. I have a couple of thousand pounds saved up and so can afford to do it. I'd like to learn the language and being in the country will help a lot. I'd also like the experience of living in a country different to my own. I went to university when I was 18 and then got a job straight after, so I haven't really had a chance to 'live'. I want to get a job in Spain just at a bar or something, learn the language and have fun. Am I delusional or is this a possible thing to do? Has anyone done anything similar?
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For travel do you prefer go in a travel agency or buy in internet? why?
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I have lived in the same house, in the same town, with the same people for 18 years and I can't take it anymore. I have spent the last 4 or so years planning miscellaneous adventures in my head, only to let them slip through my fingers. every morning when i wake up, for a second I don't know where I am, and when I realize my stomach drops. I'm still here, that adventure that felt so real wasn't real at all. I have decided to join the army, because I need to change who I am, just as much as I need to change where I am. I dropped out of high school and got my GED. Today I went to the recruiters office, only to hear them say that I need 15 college credits to join. I don't believe this to be true, but it is crushing my spirit. The wanderlust is very real today, I can't stand to wake up in the same place again. Does anyone know if this is true, or have any advice on what I should do?
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Anyone's opinions on Scranton?
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I will visit Poland in a several months and want to travel some cities and towns there. I will be there for 2 or 3 weeks. Could you recommend places worth visiting other than Warsaw and Krakow? Also, is being a non-white (non-Chinese East Asian) an issue if I travel there?
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Hi there everyone! I'm doing a year abroad in Karlsruhe, and I'm looking for weekend destinations (studying on weekdays) in the vicinity. Since I'm so close to both France, Benelux, Switzerland and Italy, I'd say the whole of western Europe is my oyster. I know I want to go to Belgium, Bruges and Brussels specifically. Also maybe visit some trappist breweries. Yea might as well mention that I love beer and the German beer is really lacking in diversity, Pils and WeiƟbier only. Zurich would be cool too, I'm unfamiliar with eastern France, maybe Lyon? If you have any recommendations I would be really grateful!


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I don't know if this is too 'plebian' for /tv/, but I'm going to be spending a week in Walt Disney World. Polynesian Resort, reservations and all Does anyone here have experience, or personal tips about it? I'm sorry if there's some 'no Theme Parks' unspoken rule on /trv/ or something...
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Hi /trv/, I've just left Vancouver BC and I'm heading on a cross-country tour. I have till the end of October to be back and I'm aiming to make it to St. John NL via rideshares, hitchhiking and public transit. I haven't planned any of it, but I leave tomorrow on the first leg for Edmonton with some dude from CL. Thinking from there to go Calgary - Regina - Thunder Bay- Toronto - Ottawa - Quebec City - Montreal - somewhere - st john. Most of the destinations I have friends/family to stay with or I'll be couchsurfing. Not any particular budget but I'd like to keep the whole thing ~$1500 or so. Am I retarded/is this feasible? I just finished a contract and had a little extra cash and just didn't want to work at all so I paid my debts, left home and now I'm on my way. I figure everything will mainly work itself out since I'm not a complete travel noob, been to a dozen countries and done some euro backpacking, but even so if anyone has done a similar adventure I'd appreciate some tips and tricks.
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Hello /trv/ first ime posting here. I am going to Amsterdam for a week with some friends and we are going to spend our time at the Shelter City Shelter. Can anyone of you give me some tips on what are some good places to visit while there? Restaurants, Bars, Sights anything really. Maybe someone here has been at the Shelter City hostel and can tell me something about it. Kind Regards


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hey /trv/ I was in Nicaragua back in 07 for about a week. While I was there, we had rice and beans for every meal. I've tried a few prepackaged options, but they weren't the same. I thought I'd check with you and see if any of you had a good recipe. Thanks.
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What are the basics of backpacking? I like the concept but I have no idea where to start.


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Russian anon reporting in. Rate my city /trv/. Here is an article with a lot of pics: http://zyalt.livejournal.com/760146.html
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Hey trv I have no friends, but I want to travel. How do I start? Lets say I want to go to spain, what would I even do there?
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Had to flee from Bali yesterday. Hooked up with a Balinese girl last Saturday and ended up spending a bunch of time together. I met her at MBarGo while partying with a bunch of Russian mobsters. I had asked an Aussie who I met them through if she was a hooker and he said no. So I thought things were good and the girl was legit. I made the mistake of barebacking her the first night (drunk and woke up with my dick still in her and dry cum all over it). Things were going well but she seemed to be getting a little too serious. Things started to feel weird to me when I saw how friendly she was with the Russians and this Balinese gang (they run security at a bunch of clubs in Kuta and Legian). whenever they'd come around I'd be expected to buy them a beer or something (someone else said it was just a respect thing). Then the other day the main Russian started sending her messages on Facebook telling her how he loved her and wanted her to be his girlfriend. Not the kind of guy I want to be competing with for a girl. He was always friendly with me, even the night after he sent the messages. I spoke to a couple people about the situation and had everyone telling me to get off the island as soon as possible. They told me what these guys did to the Australian partner they had when opening Pyramid, guy spent millions getting it going then they stuck a kilo of meth in his face and told him he had 12 hours to leave the island or it would be found on him. I was told that I was likely being set up and the girl may or may not be in on it. They figured that once I was ready to leave they'd come up to me saying I owe them so ridiculous amount of money for the time spent with the girl. This could have all been paranoia on our parts but it wasn't worth finding out. I had already spent a ton of money on this girl (she loved to party and I'd end up spending $100/night just at the bars). TBC; pic related, it's the girl
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Maybe there are some basques that wants to meet?
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