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30th September 2014
29th September 2014
28th September 2014
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What would be the trip of lifetime for you? Where and why?

what's Gran Canaria like?

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I'm taking a 5 day trip to Puerto Rico in january, what should i know, or be aware of ? Regards from just another Scandinavian
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Traveling to a country where I can't speak the language. I have 2 weeks time to study and learn a few basic phrases. Is it really worth it spending these 2 weeks learning 1% of the language. Any pro's/con's to this. Thanks, first post on /trv/
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So, I'm planning a trip next year from Little Rock, Arkansas to probably Toronto, Canada, round trip of course, spanning roughly 2 weeks. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where I should visit in between and back. I know I want to go to New York, if for nothing but to experience it. I also might have the ulterior motive of scoping out cities to move to after I'm done with college in Arkansas. Suggestions appreciated!

Teaching English in China

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Im trying to get a teaching job in China, but not sure how to go about it. Navigating the waters of visas and invitations is stressing me out beyond belief, and I'm trying to find someone with experience teaching English in China or Hong Kong that could talk to me on Skype and give me some advice on how to go about this, of if I should look in a different country altogether. Stats: 20 year old American female no college degree or tesl or esl certification 24 year old Belgian male nothing worthwhile education-wise either Skype: ElizabethDingo
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Has anyone spent any time in NE Turkey? I have a flight to Istanbul leaving on 19 of October, hoping to head out to the NE (Ezurum, Kars, Trabzon, etc) Looking to know: >how brutal will the weather be? >how much can I accomplish in 10 days? >will there be lots of nice little rural towns to relax in? >what have been your experiences out there generally?
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New meetup board on infinity chan, pic related. All you guys are welcome!
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I am not a rich man. I live in Iowa right now. I need to relocate to Halifax approximately for reasons I cannot say. Not immediately, fortunately. With absolutely no experience with living in another nation or away from home how would I even begin planning on fending for myself or affording the entirety of a relocation process? I'm asking: >Minimum how much would I need to afford packing up and living in an entirely new environment >What should I prepare for moving to a new country(if you've moved to Canada and it isn't your native land you'd be doing me a huge favor if you pitched in your thoughts >Is it possible to just pack up one day and find a new home without dying? This is something I need to do to kick my life in gear. Fucking weirdest circumstances.
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Starvin' Student here. Me and my buddy are looking for something to do this Summer. We're kinda skint on money. Are there any abnormally cheap places to fly to/travel in? Are there any places we could buy a ticket to, turn up in, and secure a job pretty easily? Any advice for the Yiddish Traveler? Right now we're thinking of getting a boat from the UK to the coast of France and starting our trip in Paris and inter-railing around France and Germany, but I dunno it all feels a bit bland and sort of unambitious at the moment. I wanted to go trek the Annapurna, but money is sort of a problem so that's kind of gone with the wind. Open to any suggestions, feel free just to share a story of traveling cheap really. Picture unrelated: The west of Ireland.
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XMtse-ni-8 I want you guys to only watch the first 3-5 mins of this video. Watch how he is ignored by his "friends". Pay attention to how awkward he is. I want all of you to reflect on similar experiences and share it with each other.
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Hey guys I'm a french guy leaving for London tomorrow at 12AM I booked a youth hostel for 2 weeks, i'm planing to find a job and an appartment and stay here for 3/4 months It's my first time travelling alone and I dont know anybody there so i'm kinda frightened right now, as well as excited. Any advices ? I really want to talk to somebody right now haha Pic not really related

Fucked by Company, Would like Justice

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I recently moved from North America to China to teach English. My school has fucked me over majorly. They have breached my contract several times. They have refused to pay me, charged me fees NOT included in the contract and refuse to give me my personal documents. I have proof of this fuckery. My consulate cannot help me as they are only for emergencies like typhoons. I am looking into a lawyer. Is 4chan able to help? Who can help me?

Brecon Beacons in early November?

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Hi, /trv/, I am going to visit a good friend in London during the first week of November and I figured I'd do some travelling afterwards. I plan to visit Hay-on-Wye in Wales and while googling the village, it became apparent that it's adjacted to some sort of national park the SAS is apparently using for their extreme weather training exercises. Did anyone here do some hiking in that one? How's the weather around early November, ect. ? I don't know shit about it and I'd be glad for some pointers that'd help me plan my stay there.
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Awesome, a travel board. Hi, /trv/, I'm Masaki Andoh, and I've gotten SERIOUSLY lost on my way to the /m/ board. I'd appreciate it if you could help a friend out. Thanks in advance!
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Hi guys, this seemed like the best place to put this and I guess it might be spam, but I'm desperate. My mother's health is deteriorating and she has never left the country. She wants to go to Paris but my family have very little money. If just one of you would look at this, never mind donate, it would help me so much. http://www.gofundme.com/dt1ad0
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Hey /trv/, Going to be in Heraklion, Crete and then Santorini for 3 days each. Any advice on where to go? Can rent a car on Crete (since I hear Heraklion itself isn't amazing).
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can some one tell me the name of this place?

Labor Day: Time to Say Goodbye to the Jersey Shore

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Goodbye Ocean City

Teaching English (not in Asia)

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Hey, /trv/, I was wondering if anyone could give me some insights on teaching ESL outside of Asia. I have experience in Asia. I taught in Korea and China. Went back home and got a job that I thought was boring, so I'm interested in getting out there again. But I'd like to go outside Asia. I have a BA, 2 years of experience. I only speak English and a little Spanish. Is there anything good out there? I heard Russia could be a good destination? Anyone have any experiences to share? Thanks!
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