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Here in Vegas for 6 days, what do guys suggest here? Drinks, entertainment or adult stuff? Thanks
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Cool things to do in Lisbon? Your experiences?
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Hey 4chan, s'been a long time. I can't seem to be able to take root again in Germany, since I came back from South-east Asia. I would like to leave for longer this time and work properly abroad somewhere, so my recent ambitions were looking for jobs to quickly raise some funds, to get me started (for a flight and all that) and work in places where I thought I might be happy staying. Things I've done so far are: Looking for jobs on oil-platforms for some quick money and teaching German (since that's my native language), possibly English, in Chiang-Mai and Chengdu. I would be very happy for any tips someone might have, regarding the further search. The country itself doesn't matter too much to me. I've got no proper job training education, but lot's of experience in service and social jobs. In exchange, have a picture of the most magical place I have ever been to: Isan. If you ever visit Thailand, make sure to travel the North-east. Most tourists miss out on that experience.
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Hey guys, I'll be visiting Los Angeles in two weeks along with 3 of my friends, and I was wondering whether or not I should bring a laptop with me. When I mentioned that I was intending to, my friends said it would be an unnecessary burden and that tablets would be enough. Since it's a MacBook Pro, I'm hesitant to leave it at the hotel during the day while we're going places, even though we're staying at the Hilton. So I'll probably be carrying it around with me without being able to use it at all, and seeing as we'll be visiting some pretty crowded places such as San Diego Sea World, BlizzCon and Six Flags, I can't blame them. What do you think I should do? I still think that we'd definitely need (or want) a laptop, but since this is the first time I'm travelling I thought it best to ask for advice.
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I have the opportunity to work 4 hours a day, $12.5/hr Monday-Friday. All it requires an Internet connection. Should I do it to help fund my travels? A little extra cash towards my Guinness fund sounds nice. I'm working for a founder of a small company, I'm his first employee, so I'd say that there's lots of potential for advancement. If I help him grow his company tremendously, I'd imagine I'd still have the freedom to work remotely for him as I have done for the entirety of my time spent working for him. $100k+ yearly salary plus the freedom to travel down the road sounds fuarking nice. This is only a part time job and not where I make the bulk of my cash. So basically, I'd take it with the intention of making it something greater. Cons, well I already have $30k saved and can collect unemployment which pays more than working for him at the moment. Can only collect on it for the next 4 months though. Also, the part where I have to be working on my computer while traveling instead of partying and exploring sounds like a downer, but you can't be doing that 24.7, I suppose. Also, conflicting timezones might get in the way. What do you think, /trv/?
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Britfag here, why is it when Latin people (Spanish ,Italians, South Americans etc) come into your hostel room you fill up with hope, knowing that there will be a warm and social atmosphere within the room but when a German arrives you know you will have to deal with a piss faced cunt for a few days. >The answer >Germans are cunts.
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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ASIAN NIGHTLIFE AND WESTERN NIGHTLIFE IN YOUR EXPERIENCE (clubs, dance festivals etc) shit like how physical these girls are with strangers etc, what can you do and not do as a comparison

The Lewd Game

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(1) Head to the Australian Office of Film & Literature Classification - http://www.classification.gov.au/ (2) Go to "Latest Decisions" at upper-right or simply type in your favourite lewd movie in the search bar (3) Copypaste the ratings decision for it (4) The lewdest film wins!
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Traveling to Seoul and Tokyo with a couple of friends for about a month and was wondering if someone could tell me some cool places to visit/clubs to go to without blowing all of my money the first week. Also I've heard that it's somewhat easy for westerners to pick up, how true is that. Would like answers from people with experience preferably.

Best country to live in Europe

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NEW Directory for BOSTON area Real Estate
So me and my wife want to move... 34 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
So me and my wife want to move to Europe from America. Have any of you done this or know the actual logistics of it. its a bit of a pipe dream right now but learning what we have to do is the first step.
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So I'm about to have a huge chunk of money deposited into my account and I'm going to court next week to face a somewhat serious charge. I have no drivers license. Where should i go and by which means of travel? How far can i go? I'm losing my mind and the end of the trip will be suicide. Ideas?
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Hello, good people of /trv/ I'll be in Miami during the first week of november. I have a business thing in Fort Lauterdale and I want to enjoy the evenings and the weekend. What do you guys recommend? Will it be too cold to go to the beach? I'm specially interested in good nightclubs, because bitches (the free ones, not hookers). However, I don't want to spend too much and I will not dress too fancy. I also want to shoot some damn guns, because that's impossible to do in my country. I've googled some places for it and they all seem good enough. Any special recommendation? I will be checking this thread later, thanks in advance!
hello travellersafter musical... 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
hello travellers after musical inspiration and deep contemplation, i've decided to leave my home in southern california and ride my bike up the west coast towards portland and maybe further should i stick to the beach, or are there any neat places to visit off the coast? (cities, parks, just pretty stuff to look at)

How does U.S. society compare to that of other countries?

How does U.S. society compare... 6 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
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Sup, I'm visiting Blackpool with a group of friends this weekend. Essentially we are just going to get drunk all weekend. Has anyone here been out in Blackpool before? Are there any clubs/bars/pubs you would recommend?

Expedition Earth

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So far from a expedition, but I am trying to make a trek around the world. I have never left the little part of the US that I have lived in and for once I want to get out and see what I can. I have received funding and the trip will happen, but while I can I am trying to learn as much as I can about the places I am going. Sound off from your nation and tell me about daily life there.
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Sup /trv/... A question for you guys since you know a lot about international communication, making phone calls to and from abroad, etc... Would it be possible to make a prank call to North Korea? We have a friend from a Korean family who speaks the language and could say funny stuff/insulting things about Dear Leader. We were thinking of calling some of the few phones that might be linked to the outside world there, like the ones at the international airport or that big ridiculous hotel, or the Supreme People's Assembly, and saying stupid stuff, etc and posting it on YouTube with translation. Even fart jokes or telling the person that Kim Jong Un is a fat little shit would be worth whatever it might cost. What does /trv/ think?

my first ad video Dog in the hotel

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Travele ad video, genius or falce? its hotel in Odessa UA http://youtu.be/aA93xwE9kqk
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