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I'm finishing up a study program in Valparaíso Chile within the next week but don't want to go back to States just yet. I was thinking about traveling to either Buenos Aires or Peru/Machu Picchu for 3-7 days after my program ends; does anyone have any advice on which would be more interesting? Or have any other South American travel suggestions within that time frame (barring Brazil; I don't want to fuck with that place during the world cup) that they can share? Thanks
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Me and my girlfriend are flying to San Diego for a week to visit her sister. I have been to LA and Vegas last summer and have seen all the national parks in that area, but since I traveled with my parents I couldn't really go to all the hip places for younger people. What are the best attractions in San Diego and surrounding areas that we can get to by using public transport? I am very weary of tourist traps and would like to avoid anything that involves gift shops and lots of fatties with their loud kids. That means no San Diego zoo. We already have plans to go to a beach (which one is the best?) and visit USS Midway (sister and her husband are in the navy and for some reason haven't seen it yet). We are from a shitty Chicago suburb and love both big cities and wild nature. I also like to take pictures, so any picturesque place suggestion is very welcome. I'll be dumping pictures from last year's trip, which was planned with the help of people from this board and turned out great. Starting with a mountain somewhere near hoover dam
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Anyone with experiences teaching english in SEA through global work and travel?
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Hey /trv/, Where is a good country to travel for a week, that has a decent nightlife/cuisine. I was thinking about continental europe, but I've visited many times. Maybe Sweden/Iceland is worth going to?

Hitch Hiking

Hitch Hiking 3 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I wanna hitch hike around Europe >What are the things I should keep in mind? >What should I bring? >Any extra advice welcome.
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Thailand sound like a nice place to live for cheap while doing freelance work. Ocean is there, nice weather is there, women are there, everything is there. What are some other countries like it where there's good climate all year around with ocean access and a way to live cheaply.
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Hey /trv/, after working for a couple years and racking a lot of air miles, it's safe to say I can pretty much travel the world. Now my question to you is, I want to document it in a creative way. I remember seeing a video of someone dancing in pretty much every country and want to do something similar. So /trv/, any suggestions, I thought of lip syncing a song but that seems super lame.


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hey guys. Do any of you know if it's alright to fly if you have a cast on you arm because of a fracture? I'm scheduled to leave 4 weeks from now with KLM airlines, will it be alright?
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That's it. I'm fed up with missing great offers because I don't have anyone to travel with. As you can see in this blogpost: http://www.urlaubsguru.at/guenstige-fluege/bangkok-gabelflug-hin-und-zurueck-fuer-nur-390e/# there are currently flights from Vienna-Bangkok-Vienna for 400€ for a travel date between september and november available (or Salzburg). This is incredibly cheap, usually they're at least 900€! I absolutely want to seize this opportunity to go there, but since I have no experience with Asia, I'm reluctant to go alone. I'm mostly interested in the culture, so I'd like to visit temples, beautiful landscapes, restaurants, ... but I'd also like to enjoy the wonderful weather at the beach. Would anyone be interested in going with me? I'm quite tolerant, I think easy to be around and a thing I absolutely love is spontaneity. The flight is probably most interesting to Austrians or other Central Europeans, but if someone is in Thailand around september-november and would like to travel around there together, I'd be up for that as well.
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The leaning basement of v y canis majoris
Hi /trv/I will travel from... 3 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hi /trv/ I will travel from Denver throughout the westcoast of the US by car (surprise) We're heading from Denver to grand canyon, then onwards to LV, LA up to SF. Our main stops will be those cities together with sequoia and king's canyon. I'm wondering if anyone of you have any favorite stops along the road we should break a visit at. I'm also wondering if anyone of you have any idea of where the location of the picture is at (coordinates from Gmaps)?
Flying on 4.08 till 9.08 to... 11 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Flying on 4.08 till 9.08 to Amsterdam and am looking for hotels for 2 persons and generally nice places to go. I tried to use the HRS/travigo apps, but couldn't find anything cheap. I made some screens couple months ago from a thread on /b/, some anon listed cheap hotels and told me about a chinese restaurant that sold thing like a full plate of duck and rice for 5 euro. Sadly my hard drive died and i lost all my info, can anyone help ? Thanks ! also, im staying in the Amsterdam/Utrecht area.
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Recently got my 65 L pack back, after having it lost in transit. Well the courier has gotten all sorts of stains and shit on it.. anyone know if its safe to have it dry cleaned or have any other methods of cleaning it?
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Good Evening everyone, I'm a Mechanical Engineering student and once I graduate I will be going around the world from port to port for 6 months then traveling on my own for 6 months. Money won't really be a worry. What are some of the greatest destinations you have visited in your lives? I'm fairly well balance between traveling through cities, parties, clubs and bars as well as surviving (military) in adverse conditions so there arent any real restrictions. I've started a list of places to go, but its hard to find new ones. /trv/ Please Give me your best destinations NOTE*** Please no (insert chain resort with pool bar) in (insert tropical country here). Frankly I can't stand them, and I look for culture, experience and to see the world, not a home country away from home. Thank you!
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Hi everybody! I'm going to Bergen for my birthday. What can you tell me about it?
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I hear that sexing in hostels is not cool and disrepsectful to others, understandably. my question is is how am I meant to bang chix? can't afford to book a hostel, get lucky and then book a hotel as well. probably can't afford to book a hotel. what do?

Ways to solo travel around Yurop?

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Hey trv, I'm thinking about going to Europe for a few weeks by myself in the fall. I'd like to visit Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Britain (basically Paris and London, maybe some side stops depending on time). I'm considering whether to come full circle and go to Netherlands/Belgium too. Anyway, what in your opinion is the best way to solo travel? I've obviously considered the trains but coordinating all the schedules seems like a pain. Picture from my last vacation.
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>wake up >see and hear this >wat do Really need to watch the video to get the full flavor of it. :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouFJxN4lPIo
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Hey all. I'm driving to Chicago on Wednesday from East-Central Illinois. I was wondering where the best place would be to stop on the south side and take a metro train or something up to downtown Chicago. I'm trying to avoid driving through any major traffic (I'm from the country, so I'm bad at city driving), as well as toll roads, if I can. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!
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Planning on a road trip with a buddy of mine from Chicago to Deadwood, SD and planning to leave in mid-July. We've already got a couple of stops/POI's planned but was wondering about any other stops worth checking out. We're already checking out: -Bill Hickok's birthplace -The future birthplace of James T. Kirk -Mount Rushmore -The Black Hills -Crazy Horse. More specifically, we're looking for anything interesting to check out in Des Moines, Iowa City, and Omaha. Any suggestions, /trv/?
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