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Ireland 4 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
German here. Hope some Irish can help me out. I make my own money since a year now and I am planning to make my first holiday in Ireland with a buddy. I've never been on vacatation before, so what are some essestial things I need to know? We don't want to visit dublin or any other big citys but rather visit the countryside and explore the beautiful landscapes in Ireland and get drunk in local pubs. What are some must-drinks? I already heard of Guiness but are there any others? Also, is it true that pubs are forced to close at 1. A.M? Thanks for the help and apology for poor english
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anyone know where was this picture taken?

Traveling musicians/busking thread

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I will be traveling to Europe in July with a primary goal of meeting musicians/artists I can collaborate with, and make connections in cities in which I can potentially play shows in the future. I'm flying into Frankfurt and plan on going to Berlin from there for a few days, then onto Prague, maybe Poland and/or Austria after that. Can anyone here point me in the right direction for places to visit? Busking is a possibility. Right now I'm leaning towards experimental/improv music, but my tastes are eclectic and I'm generally open to anything that isn't shit G-D-C chord guitar pop. Has anyone had any enlightening busking/playing with foreign musician experiences? Help me out /trv/.
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Hey /trv/ me and my gf have been planning on going to Thailand for a long time now, we were planning on going this september, but she's been spooked by the military situation and wants to look elsewhere, can any anons out there convince her that it's safe? Or possibly suggest somewhere similar if there really will be a problem? tldr; Convince my gf she wont get shot in Thailand

Thanks to those who advised on Dubai

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Back from a businessy trip to Dubai. Had a thread about it here before going, thanks to all who gave advice -- particularly to the guy who mentioned sunscreen, and the guy who reminded me it was going to but hot as some really hot thing there. Looks like the thread has died while I was gone, but did want to say thank you.


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I stupidly forget to get an extra card, and my flight is tomorrow. What are some good travel cards that you can get in asia being a UK resident? Am I able to use a friends sta travel card? It has her name on it, but I think you can just deposit money on to the card via a bank transfer. Finally, where is a good place to put the travel card, in case of a robbery or something? bottom of the bag? up the butt?

Four day Weekend

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Hey buddies I am currently in England and I am trying to plan an amazing 4 day weekend for the 4th of July. Currently, I am looking at 2 days in Rome and 2 days in Venice.I haven't been anywhere in main land Europe yet and would welcome any good ideas. Thanks!

Can I get a money belt recommendation?

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Hey I need to carry money on a tenting trip through southern Africa for awhile Can I get a money belt recommendation?
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Trying to do a 420 road trip with my girlfriend. I want to get a list of locations and then I'll make a route based off of that. What are some cool places to smoke at? Qualifying Cool: -Historical Parks -Cool Scenery / Epic View -Theme Parks Pic Related. The picture is the current set of plans we have. The plans you see in the picture are based on where it's safest to smoke & where we have a friend to meet up. I need to make this the best experience of her life. That's why I'm really here. Ideas for locations really help because I haven't been to a lot of places in the U.S. & I don't know if it'd be a good experience to smoke there. It's about time to get out of neverland(she's 19 I'm 23), so I want to make this the best experience of her life I want to instagram the whole thing (any other social network suggestions? I want it to be very easy to take pictures and record anything of any lenght with my phone, YoutueApp does not upload my shit) The focus is her.
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Hello dear /trv/lers, in the very near future, I will be going to indonesia for about 3 weeks. With me I will only bring a big a sports bag with all the stuff i need, but obviously that will have to stay in the room during day time. So basically, I need a daybag, where ill put a couple things, including a pretty big nikon camera. What are your guys best companies for packs? Any favorite daybags? Any tips or suggestions? The only constraint is really the size of the bag since the camera has to fit and it can't be too big cause ill be hiking quite alot. All feedback is appreciated !
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What do people do on a holiday? Ignoring the financials and practicality what I really want to know is what do people do when they travel? >Look at the sites? I can't imagine being entertained by a landmark for more than 30 seconds >Shop? Might be cool to pick up some souvenirs but I want to keep expenses down so there's only so much stuff anyone can buy >Eat? Again, that's a 10 minute activity I'm thinking of backpacking through the Balkans or Europe in general during the Summer, it's just an idea but if I actually do it, I might be considered a normalfag since I hear they like "to travel" or I'll be considered an interesting person, I just don't want to go back to uni and say I played vidya for the last 3 months I've done a bit of reading and IT'S NOT WEIRD TO GO BACKPACKING ON YOUR OWN, so that's one issue I had (or others here may have) out of the way So I can stay at Hostels and shit, right, how cheap are they?
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Ausfag here. I'm traveling Western Europe from mid August to early November with a 90 litre backpack, will be staying in a whole range of places like hostels, bed and breakfasts and the occasional friends place/couch surfing, I'm with my girlfriend, and It's our first time backpacking so would you guys have any advice? Did you make a similar trip and find yourself regretting packing/not packing any certain things? Have you gained any knowledge that yo wish you had during the trip? We're visiting Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Amsterdam and the uk. Please share any advice/stories or any hidden gems you stumbled upon
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Planning to go to Japan in about a year or so. I dislike anime and I don't know much about Japan, except for the historical side of it. Anyways, I was hoping what to expect/where to go/what to see. I want to see the cultural side of Japan and also the 'present day' side of Japan. Also, do the Japanese actually like tourists? I heard that a lot of the Japanese people like interacting with tourists and helping them. I'm more interested in the technological side of Japan and I really want to interact with the citizens of Japan. Talk to people, if they know English, see the clubs, etc. A friend of mine was in Japan and told me that their were a lot of Japanese girls hitting on him, does that happen a lot in Japan? My friend said that he thought they were hitting on him because he is an American. I would like to meet a Japanese girl too, seems fun. Main Questions/Conclusion: 1.What to see-monuments/tourist attractions 2.Where to go-Restaurants/clubs/hotels/cultural 3.Where to meet people 4.How much it will cost. (Arizona to Japan and back.)

It may be just a rant but I can't be the only one

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So this poor kid is murdered by his POS mom all in the name of social media. Now, even in death, some other POS is still keeping it going. I am rarely shocked in the interweb but this is disgusting. This Facebook loser seriously made a page called "Garnett Spears RIP" to use the little guy in attracting people to his spam. I didn't click the link because even I am not that screwed up (The link says it's the boys last moments) but people who have commented say it's spam. If there ever was one person who really is owed by social media it's that poor kid. I hope this FB loser get's their ass handed to them.
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Hey /travel/, have any of you ever been to the Netherlands? My school offers an abroad program there at their school of business and finance, and I was planning on doing my last semester somewhere in Europe. I don't know much about the Netherlands (Netherlands = Holland...?), but it seems like a good experience. Is it a fairly boring place? Is it far by car or train from England/France? Any local customs or mannerisms I should know? I appreciate any replies!


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I'm going to Rome over the summer and would like to know what the etiquette is over there when it comes to tipping. Being from Britain, where we have a minimum wage, most waiters, hotel staff etc make enough to live on so I only tip if I've received very good service and then only a £1 or £2 coin or whatever coppers I have left in my wallet, never a percentage of the bill as that just seems too much given the waiter just carried it out and if anyone deserves money it is the kitchen staff who actually made the meal. I understand that Americans and the French get a bit arsey if you don't leave a big tip even if the service was poor, but Africans have tended to be happy when I've given them a big accumulated tip at the end of the holiday (having told them from the start that was my intention). I don't know what the situation is like in Italy though, do they get a minimum wage there? Do they think they are entitled to a tip for just doing their job like the Americans and the French? Is there meant to be a % of the bill you give as a tip? Also this thread might be a good place to share any interesting/embarrassing/funny tipping anecdotes you have.
9 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hi /trv/, i'm going to Berlin in a few days and I wondered if anyone had any pointers? Really looking forward to going but it's going to be for six nights so as much as I am looking forward to the nightlife, I wondered what other treats are waiting to be uncovered (although I would love for some advice on the nightlife too!). Any cool hangouts, locations or other gems of note? We're staying pretty central. Also, I could use a new coat. Does anybody happen to know any /fa/ spots? Many thanks!
2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Please my dear /trv/ can anyone help a hopefully backpacker find out the best way to go to the Picos de Europa? I have a train pass and a strong will. How should I get there? what city is best to stay in? If you have hiked here before, Where is best? I'm currently in San Sebastián and would like to go to the Picos in the next couple of days and be there for a few. Thanks in advance!
5 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Has anyone here been to Bristol? I was wondering if there's anywhere else in England to go that's interesting aside from London and some countryside.


4 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hello /trv/, I've been a long time lurker in these boards reading and all. My inner wanderlust has finally got out of lazy ass and sprung into a 10-day trip to Taiwan. This will be my first time traveling alone to a foreign country. Are there any tips or recommendation for a first-time traveller? I've read the travel wiki on Taiwan and I've settled my accomodations for the first and last 3 days(In Taipei, Tainan respectively). I'm unsure where I should be going in the middle. I'm into hipster nonsense like cafes and whatnot, not so much in clubbing. Any recommendations would be great! THANKS!
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