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Is it true that we get treated like Gods in China? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9Q6j6WoPWo
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Good morning /trv/, I will be visiting Prague this September for a few days, hopefully will have time for a single day trip. Do you know anywhere close that's worth visiting? I was considering Kutna Hora (bone chapel), Karlštejn (castle), and ?eský Krumlov (castle), would you recommend any of those places? Also, I'm not interested in Teresin, visited enough concentration camps in Poland.
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Is it possible to drive a car from France to Thailand?
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This just appeared on my Facebook wall. Is it real? Do you still have human zoos in America? Are they only in Missouri, or do the other states have them? What kind of people visit? What does Obama think about them? I'm going to America next year, how do I book tickets?

Thread for London / Thread for Milan

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Hello /tra/vellers This is a double thread for the discussion of two major cities Firstly, I am moving to London in a couple of weeks for work. I haven't been before, don't know anyone there and am looking for advice/tips/experiences/interesting stories/anything. I also haven't found a place to live yet. I don't expect this to be the best place to help with that, but if you can then I would love to hear your contributions. Secondly, I am going to Milan for New Year. Again, I am basically looking for any advice, local knowledge, what to do, general commentary or verbal companionship.


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So, I've gotten an oppertunity to work in Budapest. However, I have no idea how the laws regarding knives, swords or weapons work, which is quite crucial since I have no means of storing any of my family hierloom in Sweden during the time I live in Budapest and as such I have to bring any and all of my stuff with me, which includes several swords and knives of varying sharpness and length. So I ask you Hungarians, how does the laws regarding knives and/or swords work?
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>general advice thread Post here about your advices, be it from booking, sleeping, eating, money, safety, getting laid, sightseeing, equipment, creditcards, hostels, hotels, couchsurfing, airplane seats, general tips etc.
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How do you deal with making a huge travel mistake? I've been traveling for half a year now and I just arrived on the last leg of my journey in Morocco. I'm so exhausted and homesick I don't think I can be here any longer. I've booked three weeks of shit but I'm seriously considering just getting a flight home on Tuesday or Wednesday and calling it quits. Has anyone here ever had a similar experience? I'm not happy about wasting so much money but I'm also miserable right now. I'm not asking for advice on how to enjoy my time here, just curious if this happens to anyone else and how to put up with it. I've been traveling on and off for almost five years now and I think it's finally taken its toll on me.


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Hey /trv/ this is my first time posting here. I wanted to ask you guys a question about sailing. I just turn 18 and will soon be finding a job, I plan to live with parents till I can afford a boat from saving up. Ik it may take a few years, and it may not workout. If it were to workout where are some good places to sail to? Ive thought about island hoping in the pacific, but idk the going rates to maintain and dock a boat are. ???? Help appreciated
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Might be moving to Biloxi, Mississippi sometime in Jan. Currently loving in Kansas City, MO. Anyone in the area or been to the area that can tell me a little bit more about the area? I've researched the cost of living and Google'd but thats about it.
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so /trv/ I'm going to Germany next year for 3 months. Northern Frankfurt to be exact (I think that's Frankfurt am Mainz, right?) Anyway, what should I expect? >Pic unrelated
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I'm moving from Dayton, OH to LA, California. I'm going to be driving there next week. On my trip where should I stop? Places to visit? Good food spots? The only place I have in mind to see is Las Vegas.

Whistler, picture relevant cause ice cube is a sick cunt and so am I

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Hello friends, this is the second time I have consulted you because no where else on the web will tell me what I want to know. I am travelling to canada for the ski season and have decided to stay in whistler like every other auscunt. I am just wondering what is the drug situation there and do the people there partake in such activities or do they just stick to alcohol and weed. I would be looking around for party drugs, cocaine, MDMA, ecstasy or even LSD I would appreciate anyone's opinion and info

Which travel/school bag should I get /thread

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I've been shopping around online for several days now looking for backpacks that would suite me best for school and travel. I figured something around the 30 liter mark would be good for travel size while being more then enough for a school bag. I really like the looks of the backpack on the right but I don't have a problem with the looks of the pack on the left. Which bag would you go with /trv/? And why?


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What do you guys think of my itinerary? Anyone been can recommend some shit to see and do?
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Hi, /trv/, recent high school grad here. What are some careers that require or allow travelling? Since I was a kid I've wanted to travel the world, and what better way to do that than to make it your life, yeah?
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I was thinking of doing a working travel visa in either the UK or Ireland in November of 2015. I was wondering how hard it is to find work as a foreigner with this sort of visa, and what sort of work one might find? By the time i plan on leaving i will have completed one year of college courses, so i dont have a degree or anything like that. i will, however, have a decent amount of work experience. Pic not related. some building in Milan
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Hey, bit/trv/irgins. Jus playin, I don't know what you call yourselves; I'm not from around here. I'm going to England during the Christmas holidays to i) visit my friend, who's doing a year in Cambridge University, and ii) to meet my internet oneitis in Camden Town. Is the only sensible thing to do to arrive in Heathrow, take a train to Cambridge, spend a couple of days there (see the library I guess? I don't think my friend will be able to live in the dorms during this time, so I really wonder about lodging) and then spend the rest of the week in London (~$37 train ticket per person) hostels? If so, should I get an "Oyster card" right at the train station before boarding the train? If I plan to use the tube every day, is a 50-pound preloaded card the way to go? Has anyone here ever stayed in any Central/North London area hostels - much less in the winter? Thanks, all.
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My /trv/estites, I travel for work about 40 weeks a year. I get a rental car at whatever airport I'm in, usually on Sunday night, and drive to my hotel - sometimes quite a distance. I never look at a map or use GPS. I very much enjoy it when I get lost. The feeling is sublime - a bit of anxiety and a tinge of fear and sometimes a little panic. There is very little risk involved so the feelings I experience are far out of proportion to the actual danger. I recommend this to travelers who wish for a little extra enjoyment.
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Standard ask-me-anything thread. I've been traveling for four months, having spent the first month and a half hitchhiking from Iceland to Istanbul (not counting water croasongs ) and the rest living in New Delhi. I ran out of money a while back and have seen every side, both good and bad, of the tourist industry here. I've also been to job interviews, took a trip to Kashmir, and rent a small apartment in South Delhi. Probably I'll be getting a job in a call center within two weeks, should my friend's contact pull through for me. I'm at the point where I wouldn't mind going back home to the States, but I've got too much holding me here, finances being the biggest and most obvious issue - with the money I've got, I could maybe afford a roundtrip to Nepal. At any rate, I know a lot about Delhi and can answer any questions. Can also help people out with hitchhiking stuff. Am planning to return to Iraqi Kurdistan after finishing up with India. Pic not related - it's the only SFW image I have saved on my PoS tablet.
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