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So I have been reading about Henry Morton Stanley here, and he had quite an amazing life of travel. Embarked for the US when he was 18, landed in New Orleans ended up fighting for the Confederate Army until he was captured, and joined the Union, until he was discharged. Then he joined the navy, on the Minnesota he was a record keeper which led him to freelance journalism. As part of this new career, Stanley organised an expedition to the Ottoman Empire that ended catastrophically when Stanley was imprisoned. He eventually talked his way out of jail and even received restitution for damaged expedition equipment. In 1867, Stanley was recruited by The New York Herald exclusively by James Gordon Bennett (1795–1872), founder of the New York Herald, who was impressed by Stanley's exploits and by his direct style of writing. In 1869, Stanley was instructed by Bennett's son to find the Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone, who was known to be in Africa but had not been heard from for some time. Travelling the 700 mile journey through Africa to find him. George Ruxton is another who came from England to Canada after fighting with Franco in the Spanish civil war, to work as a trapper then went on to the western US and Mexico. Writing some of the earliest reports of the continent. Do people just fall into things like this these days? It seems like you have to have qualifications to even become a journalist for your little town paper and that there are just many more people doing it. Truly envious of his journeys though. It is possible to have such picaresque lives today?
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first time europe trip coming up in a week. its only a 3 week trip but i have a few musings that are causing some nervousness, wondering if anyone could assist: will i need to bring maps of every city we visit, or will we be able to acquire them somewhere along the way or on arrival? planning to book accommodation as we go, first thing we do when we arrive, but still slightly concerned about that: will scouring sites like hostelworld for numbers of hostels / hotels in the cities we plan to visit and bringing them along help? will they answer the phone in english? one place we arrive at 9:30pm, another at 11:30pm for an overnight stop. am i right to be concerned about finding someone to stay, without having booked ahead, at this time? are there any other contacts i should bring? on paper i have amassed embassy numbers for each country along with emergency numbers. this makes me feel like i am being too anxious but i will do it any way. thanks
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i'm doing a photographic centered road trip next week and stopping at these spots along the way... is there anything else relatively close along this route that i might need to check out that might pique my interests as a photographer (besides grand canyon, arches and sequoia national park, i did these last summer and i only really liked sequoia)? the map doesn't show, but i'm also going to be driving along the pacific coast highway most of the time in california. i feel like i might be missing a few spots and perhaps wasting my time at death valley and joshua tree national park (in terms of interesting photography) i'm looking for interesting landscapes (nice sunrises/sunsets, wildlife, cliffs with rocky coast lines, night/star photography and also decent camping spots nearby... some of these places i'm stopping in are because i know people there that i can stay with... louisiana is my starting/ending point though. i appreciate any suggestions
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I mentioned to my mother that I was considering teaching English in China, because I believe it will probably look good when applying to grad school and also might open up job opportunities in the future. She freaked out and insisted that I not go to China because it's dangerous and communist. Is my mom ignorant, or am I stupid for wanting to go to China?
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Hi /trv/ I'm going to be double majoring in Business and French and I'm trying to plan a bit ahead. Right now I'm working on my first year of undergrad stuff but I want to plan on studying abroad. Would it be better to travel to just live in france or heavily populated french canadian areas. I want to get a good idea of where to jump into this way before I actually have to make any solid decisions.
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I will be in Louisville Kentucky at the end of July and will have some free time. What is there to do? Any really good restaurants I should try? I will be near The University of Louisville

Travel Blog

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My partner and I are traveling Asia at the moment and I have a serious Java addition so good coffee places is important. I have started at Travel Blog and have a Coffee While traveling page and was wondering if anyone had additional suggestions for Thailand or anywhere in south east Asia! http://www.whoneedsmaps.com/travel-essentials/best-coffee-around-the-world/ Check it out and sent me some suggestions if you have time and I would be happy to visit the cafes!
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hey /trv/ I'm about to go on a flight to Europe, any tips on overcoming jet lag other than lots of coffee
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Got stuck in a rut and impulsively decided to go to Paris for a few days to get some peace of mind and have some adventure. Normally I'm a pretty compulsive controlfreak (this partialy got me into the rit in the first place) so I decided to plan nothing besides transportation and a hotel. So I'm not looking for standard tourist advice but maybe some strange cafés you know about or other adventuous suggestions you may have.
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Hi /trv/. I would like to go to Germany but I know nothing about this country and its cities. Which cities/localities do you advise me? I studied German at school but we can't say that my level is good. Is that a problem? For information I live in France and I don't have a car.
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I'm planning a trip to South Africa and I'd like to shoot some questions your way. But before I do, I'll give you some context into my decisions, feel free to skip to the green text if you don't give a shit. I'm new to traveling, I've never even been outside of the united states, with that in mind, I'd thought it would be a good idea, and feel free to call me out on my shit, to dive straight into the belly of the beast and spend a month in a place I know almost little to nothing about, and assume, hasn't been touched by commercialization and tourist traps. My plan is to travel a month, alone, through South Africa to possibly the border of Botswana in the hopes of finding myselqwuraiusbfaf. >Should I learn Afrikaans before I go? Supposedly going from English to Afrikaans isn't that hard, since it's a derivative of dutch. >How much money should I bring? I plan on staying for a month, and I usually don't buy touristy shit, so it'd mostly be food, cool shit i find, and misc money for maybe bars and stuff. >I don't know anything about South African culture; would it be a good idea to learn about South Africa? I'd figure diving in head first with little prior knowledge would make for a more lasting experience >Backpack or no? This is my first trip away from everything, and I know Africa isn't exactly the safest place in the world. >Is it actually decently safe to travel through South Africa to possibly Botswana? I don't know if African's are xenophobic or if they'd fuck me up and steal my shit. Not to mention wildlife >Is South Africa even an interesting enough place to visit? Where should I start? Johannesburg? Cape Town? Is there much of a culture difference between the eastern end of South Africa and the Western end? >I pretty much want the least touristy experience I can get. I don't want to visit the attractions, I don't want to eat at McDonalds, I want to be engrossed in a culture other than my own. Where should I go and what should I avoid? ctn-
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I know there's been a shit ton of "I want to Teach English" abroad threads lately with them mostly being shit storms rather than good information. So I'm creating this thread to ask my questions and for others to ask their questions with real responses, no shit posting. >no shit posting pls okay... my questions >starting junior year of college soon >want to teach English in China for 1-2 years after I graduate >if I like it, I'll stick with it, if not. its only a year or so of time gone. no big deal >does a TESOL cert expire? and when exactly should I get one? right now, or just as I am graduating College? >my major is Political Science because I'm interested in eventually working in government later in my life but now I want to try out different job fields to gain Life experiences. >I understand that the political situation in china is very tense and I am by no means remotely close to being an "agitator". I keep my political views private and remain that way. >However, will I be purposely "overlooked" for my choice in studying political science when applying for teaching position jobs in china? >lastly... >interested in working in a city with cultural heritage like Xi'an or similar. In addition to teaching grades 6-9. Junior High/middle school. >tips,tricks, etc? thanks in advance
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Planning to go to Japan in about a year or so. I dislike anime and I don't know much about Japan, except for the historical side of it. Anyways, I was hoping what to expect/where to go/what to see. I want to see the cultural side of Japan and also the 'present day' side of Japan. Also, do the Japanese actually like tourists? I heard that a lot of the Japanese people like interacting with tourists and helping them. I'm more interested in the technological side of Japan and I really want to interact with the citizens of Japan. Talk to people, if they know English, see the clubs, etc. A friend of mine was in Japan and told me that their were a lot of Japanese girls hitting on him, does that happen a lot in Japan? My friend said that he thought they were hitting on him because he is an American. I would like to meet a Japanese girl too, seems fun. Main Questions/Conclusion: 1.What to see-monuments/tourist attractions 2.Where to go-Restaurants/clubs/hotels/cultural 3.Where to meet people 4.How much it will cost. (Arizona to Japan and back.)
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I'm flying into Bangkok, then flying out of Peking 43 days later. I'm thinking about spending two weeks in China, which gives me a month or so in SE Asia. Which countries should I visit and why?
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>germany has never won a war <israel has never lost a war

Working in New Zeeland

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Hey I'm considering going to New Zeeland in one of these work-and-travel-visas, but I'd like more info on the job market. I'm a 25 year old guy from northern Europe with a fresh degree in accounting & finance. Other than this, I have experience working as a hotel clerk and on a dairy farm and I know some Java programming. What are my chances of getting a job that is relevant to my education? Thanks
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The remains of the Dutch backpackers that went missing in Panama have possibly been found. Stay safe, /trv/llers, where ever y'all are. http://nos.nl/artikel/663690-menselijke-resten-in-panama.html
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Hey /travel/, have any of you ever been to the Netherlands? My school offers an abroad program there at their school of business and finance, and I was planning on doing my last semester somewhere in Europe. I don't know much about the Netherlands (Netherlands = Holland...?), but it seems like a good experience. Is it a fairly boring place? Is it far by car or train from England/France? Any local customs or mannerisms I should know? I appreciate any replies!
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Hey guys, planning my first Euro trip. I am planning on getting a Eurail Select pass for 4 countries. Will have approximately 20-22 days for my trip in September. I wanted to do Denmark, Germany, Benelux and France. Copenhagen for first 3 days and then a West German city for 1 night, then Amsterdam for 3 days, Brussels 2 days, Brugge 1 day / night, Paris for 3 days and not sure what else right now. Any suggestions ? I'm mainly interested in historic sights, cathedrals, beer and getting a feel for the people / culture. Also, I need to make time to return back to Copenhagen for my return flight. Is Eurail Select Pass worth it ? Will be going solo by the way. Thanks for any help with this.

Studying abroad

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I have the opportunity to study abroad in france and i have to choose between Lille or Bordeaux but i don't know anything about both places, any recommendations or advices?
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