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/vg/ board - Video Game Generals - 10th April 2014 at 11h

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/ftlg/ #4

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Living on the edge edition. Never accept spacejews surrender.

/twg/ - Total War General

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Christ is the only King Edition >FAQs & General Info http://pastebin.com/cnq9Phfa >/twg/ steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/totalwargeneral >Mods for Rome 2 http://www.twcenter.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?1990-Total-War-Rome-II-Mod-Threads >Rome 2 Patch and Update Info http://wiki.totalwar.com/w/Total_War_ROME_II:_Patch_10 http://wiki.totalwar.com/w/Total_War_ROME_II:_Season_and_Wonders_Update Old thread: >>64943947

/V/Scape General

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/v/scape general >>>What is /v/scape?<<< /v/scape is a 2006 Runescape Private Server by /v/irgins, for /v/irgins. The server is new, so expect a few bugs and things that need work. You can help by submitting any bugs you find to the staff. Visit the Steam Group to download the client and join the autism. >>>[Download Here] Steam Group<<< http://steamcommunity.com/groups/vscape >>>HD World Map<<< http://a.pomf.se/mhzzjl.jpg >>>Staff<<< >Mr Foxter >Mr Telescope >Odel >Noiryx >Bobster >>>FAQ<<< http://pastebin.com/v5bjhVeL >>>Recent Updates also type ::patchnotes<<< Quests, selling fixed & some combat scripts done. >>>Soon<<< Quests slowly being released Fire/Ice/Moss Giants have been "fixed" Untradeables now drop when you die >2014 >dying on runescape More Clue shit to please non grinding casuals. #HYPE >Bug Fixes When needed please report them to the thread. >Large Content Updates On Fridays

Diablo 3 General /d3g/

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Last thread: >>65011382 Latest news: (patch live on NA& EU) >http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/13532431/patch-204-now-live-4-8-2014 >NA <d3g> is currently full. Ask in the thread to know if there's a slot. 'd3g' community has no member cap. Note that it has less activity than clans and be sure to join its chat everytime you log in. >EU <d3g> on EU closed to public invites, post your battletags in the thread to get invited. You can also join 'vidya' community, remember to join its chat everytime you log in. >Bypass Battle.net launcher "C:\...\Diablo III\Diablo III.exe" -launch Use Battle.net launcher when you need to patch the game. >Game stutters when initiating a fight Install the game to a SSD or USB 3.0 drive. Diablo III loads a fuck ton of files on demand like skill sounds and monster sounds. >V-sync drops frames randomly In-game v-sync is shit and will occasionally drop frames despite the fps counter reporting 60 fps. Use your GPU driver to increase maximum pre-rendered frames to 8. D3 doesn't like threaded optimization. Hardware v-sync is broken as of patch 2.0.1. >Reaper of Souls Released on March 25th for $40: Act V, Crusader class, level 70 cap, new skills & passives, 4th passive slot, Mystic artisan (stat rerolling and transmog), Ladders, Adventure mode - open sandbox world where you can do Bounties and Nephalem Rifts (randomized dungeon loot runs). >Difficulties & Torment slider Each difficulty and tick increases gold & XP bonus. Expert bounties award double blood shards. Master lv. 61+ monsters drop Imperial gems. Torment has new legendaries at level 70. Torment slider ticks raise legendary drop rates >Legendary materials loot list http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?850970-The-RoS-Legendary-Crafting-Material-Challenge >Bounty bags information http://www.diablohub.com/database/sorting/bounty-bags >CD keys G2A and simplycdkeys to buy keys for cheaper. Russian keys are $23 will be sent on 4/15
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