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dsg/ Dark/Demon's Souls General

dsg/ Dark/Demon's Souls... 766 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
OW edition >DARK SOULS 2 ----- >Official Patch Notes/Player Stats/Server Status http://farfire.darksoulsii.com/ >Wiki http://darksouls2.wikidot.com/ >Character Planners http://gamehubbs.com/darksouls2/builds/ https://sites.google.com/site/darksouls2stats/ http://mugenmonkey.com/darksouls2/ >Dark Souls 2 Dress Up Game http://fashion-souls.com/ >DS2 Stats Softcaps and Agility Info http://pastebin.com/vBzS8YSE >Buff Duration Scaling https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FjSwM_ax2VdMl4tcwUDeyXE989SmYBrcI1MKWUe4800/ >Post-1.08 Weapon Scaling https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16VTSt4YkfppS1YZuK8kYj0WS_Mo4vuNxnGHf2StmQic/ >Weapon AR Calculator https://bb4f3a1a9993fc2a9dad5f73b05a48779cba04f0.googledrive.com/host/0BxQ-6N1MSsrsZTk0dWpSVU5BVFk/calculator.html >Soul Memory Visualizer http://jakebarnes.com.au/ds2sm/ >Name Censor Check http://omgftw.github.io/DarkSouls2CensorCheck/ >NG+ Checklist, Merchant and Farming Info http://pastebin.com/C4VGcUAU >No-Bonfire Run Guide http://pastebin.com/F9Bfhdci >Cheat Engine Guide http://pastebin.com/KFk5qX0z >Artbook Scans http://www.mediafire.com/download/t85oouwvqv6al5n >Dark Souls 2 Full OST (Courtesy of Andantil) http://www.mediafire.com/download/114z8l32zdd0xjc/DaS+2+OST+extracted.rar >/dsg/ Player List http://pastebin.com/9hG50KHX >/dsg/ Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DarkSoulsGeneral >Draw http://doodleordie.com/r/darksouls http://imgur.com/a/wwtuf >DARK SOULS http://pastebin.com/XAKqDi5H >DEMON'S SOULS http://pastebin.com/RjpF5s7a >KING'S FIELD http://pastebin.com/AvLWNjWP >BLOODBORNE http://pastebin.com/fgpDAT3R

3DS General: Smash Demo Code Jewing Edition

755 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Previous thread: >>80464976 ?Important News? The Smash Bros demo will be available on Sept 19th for both NA and EU, no code needed! For those with JP Smash Bros, an update is available that adds a new mode known as "Conquest Mode": http://www.siliconera.com/2014/09/16/super-smash-bros-conquest-mode-will-run-beta/ Smash Bros 3DS sells one million in its first week: http://www.siliconera.com/2014/09/15/super-smash-bros-3ds-sells-1-million-first-week/ Shantae and Pirate's Curse release date confirmed for mid-October: https://twitter.com/WayForward/status/511648908192145408 Steamworld Dig sequel announced, Steamworld Heist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRPQahcRigg Limited Edition Groudon and Kyogre New 3DSes announced for nippon onry: http://www.siliconera.com/2014/09/14/groudon-kyogre-stamped-limited-edition-new-nintendo-3ds-systems/ New ORAS trailer; Mega Gallade/Camerupt/Sharpedo and more! Also, a demo is confirmed for the west: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuaL_hMpPaM Shiny Gengar and Diancie events coming to FUCKING Gamestop: http://www.siliconera.com/2014/09/08/shiny-gengar-pokemon-x-y-coming-gamestop/ Super Smash Bros. characters' games discounted in month-long sale, up to 33% off: http://www.nintendo.com/eshop/offers [WEEK 2] Smash Bros, Persona Q, and NES-themed XL bundles announced: http://www.shacknews.com/article/86238/smash-bros-nes-and-persona-q-3ds-xl-bundles-announced Buy and register both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of Smash Bros to receive a special soundtrack from Club Nintendo: http://club2.nintendo.com/smash-promo/ ?Friend Code Spread Sheet? >http://vsrecommendedgames.wikia.com/wiki//vg/_Friend-Code_List ?3DS vs 3DSXL Comparison? >http://pastebin.com/WtV0MEyV ?A Guide to Streetpasses? >http://imgur.com/35y7iUo ?Upcoming Releases? http://pastebin.com/wYXf4QBU

/aag/ Archeage General

/aag/ Archeage General 870 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Eternal Login Queue Edition What is Archeage? >A p2w themepark MMO with an optional sub that can be paid with in-game gold. What can you do in Archeage? >Compose sheet music >Craft >Trade >Fish >Mine >Farm >Open-world PvP >PvP Arenas >Dungeons >Guild drama >Raids >World Bosses >Capturing World Bosses Pokémon style >Shipbuilding >ERP >Sail the open seas >Ship combat >Castle building >Piracy >Avatarfagging >Much much more When can I play? >September 16th (http://www.archeagegame.com/en/news/2014/08/archeage-schedule-announcement/) >Headstart is available now When does it officially release? >September 16th, with the 4 day headstart beginning on the 12th (http://www.archeagegame.com/en/news/2014/08/archeage-schedule-announcement/) Extremely long video, but answers a lot of questions you might have: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uYtipph5ho >Links http://www.archeagegame.com/en/ http://archeagedatabase.net/us/ http://archeage.gamepedia.com/ArcheAge_Wiki http://www.archeagedb.net/ http://arche-base.com/builds/generator (outdated, but nice resource of prebuilt builds) http://pastebin.com/8zjV0JQc http://pastebin.com/eC7u4CFE (class tier-list) http://www.mediafire.com/download/mqbqy7ssb4dbtmi/BLAA_bin.7z (borderless window fix) http://map.guildblacksails.com/ (interactive map) >Steam groups http://pastebin.com/hGyfVDid >Launch Guilds: http://pastebin.com/P1xyegNz

Battlefield General

Battlefield General 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Don't you like ice cream? >Weapon and stats: http://symthic.com/charts.php http://bf3stats.com http://getbblog.com/

Ace Combat General #58 - /aceg/

771 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Previous thread >>80203384 Raptor-tan a shit edition. A SHIT. FAQ images: http://imgur.com/a/tvBPL Trailer for Ace Combat Infinity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8ZzQakr6CY //Nuggets, if you have any questions, check the FAQ (pic related). Failing that please don't hesitate to ask. << To those who played on the JP release: Your progress will not be lost if you begin using an account registered to a different region. >> //Links << Aircraft/Parts/Weapon Upgrades Pricing List >> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L0xryIBLQ2wERp_Kj-IbN8_sM7CaWLr3wv5my6JjKqA/edit#gid=0 << Ace Combat website (Japanese) >> http://acecombat.jp/ << Ace Combat Infinity website (Japanese) >> http://ace-infinity.bngames.net/ Please feel free to stop by the /aceg/ Steam group chat below. It makes joining and organizing with other /aceg/ pilots for sorties much easier, and is a friendly place to talk about which plane you like the best. You possibly like this plane too much. But that's ok. //Steam groups http://steamcommunity.com/groups/404thAirDivision If you are interested in taking part in /aceg/ sings the Journey Home, see here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10d_j141-P1A02v6Pow0gUWSP-btLlhlPHNVFFZJ6xJI/edit#gid=0


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Any clash of clanners here?

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Hi guys, we're recruiting clan mates. We only need a few more then we'll go to war as much as possible. Join the Coup Klutz Clan

Feminist that are not so bad

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Logical Feminist are the hero we deserve http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MxqSwzFy5w

Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn General /xivg/

Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn... 788 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
new new new!!! edition >Patch 2.38 Notes http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/466a99222687298cf0515b6f476869b10e012e57 >Current Events http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/2014/Theres_Golems_in_Those_Hills_1sp/ >Upcoming Events http://www.finalfantasyxiv.com/anniversary/eu/index.html >Resources and Information https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19Rrz_MDPb0TT1UJakBNBv0IgSsiYRnlszr9RTDMErGk/edit#gid=0 >Previous thread >>80674557

Archeage General

Archeage General 1 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
There is a post going around that says, Triton fucked up and gave everyone an extra 3 months of patron status. which gave all the f2p peeps patron status. which is why we have to wait 2+ hours in que to get a game we payed $50-$150 for.

/mkg/ - Mobile Kanojos General

/mkg/ - Mobile Kanojos General 781 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Mobile Kanojos General #85: “This MyRoid is way too lewd...” Edition Last Thread >>80213517 >Main games of discussion are Moe Can Change! and Animal Boyfriend, but people are encouraged to introduce new games. >Feat. Barcode Kanojo, Mandrake Girls >Keep shitposting to a minimum. We're almost a ded circlejerk general with everyone trying to become popular. >To our newfriends: please remove any /mkg/ tags, and lurk more to ensure proper etiquette. We might be a dress-up game general, but we aren't even this lewd! >Small... And lonely... /mkg/ Games Android .APK Dump https://www.mediafire.com/folder/ah5c4hqqs5zt5/mkg MCC Wikia (work/study info, events, quest rewards and guides, etc.): http://myroid.wikia.com/wiki/Myroid_Wiki Moe Can Change! tips, etiquette and linkdump (includes spreadsheet of names): http://pastebin.com/zSkk1drZ Moe Can Change! expression viewer https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25352599/mcc%20expression%20viewer.html Barcode Kanojo and Moe Can Change! FAQ: http://pastebin.com/PG1i8xHd Barcode Kanojo tips/linkdump: http://pastebin.com/Q9r16kv1 Soul Girls/Gijin Kareshi/Devil's Kiss linkdump (Non English Games): http://pastebin.com/SNSaSFG9

Diablo 3 General /d3g/

Diablo 3 General /d3g/ 769 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
2.1 is LIVE! Greater rifts! Goblin portals! Legendary gems! New and updated items! Leaderboards! >Patch notes: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/15487814/patch-210-now-live-8-26-2014 >Patch info: http://www.diablofans.com/news/48184-2-1-releases-tomorrow-patch-2-1-roundup Thanks to a hotfix, Bounty Cache legendary drops now scale with difficulty level. Torment 6 is 100%. Go get your RoRG. >Hotfix list: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/14057035811 <d3g> on NA is full. Join the in game community instead. <NOFUN> on EU is recruiting. <d3g> and on EU might have room.

Converting save files

Converting save files 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Question! Is there any way that I can convert my PSX save of FF7 so I can play it on the PC version? I want the HD GFX and mods for the PC and don't want to have to start the game again! Thanks. Also sorry if I'm in the wrong place for this..

Guild Wars 2 General

Guild Wars 2 General 750 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Krait Waifu Edition Old thread: >>80552906 >I've been away from the game a while and what's new? https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/info/updates http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Release >GW2 Wiki (type /wiki [article name] in-game to open browser): http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Main_Page >Market Data http://www.gw2spidy.com/ http://www.guildwarstrade.com/ >Black Lion Chests http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Black_Lion_Chest >Armor Galleries http://argos-soft.net/GW2/ArmorGallery/ >Character/Build Planners http://intothemists.com/calc/ >Crafting http://gw2crafts.net/ >PvX Builds http://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki >WvW Apps http://www.gw2battlesupport.com/ http://gw2score.com/livemap/0 >Interactive Maps http://gw2.mmorpg-life.com/interactive-maps/ >Megaserver World Event Timer http://dulfy.net/2014/04/23/event-timer/ >Roleplay Resources http://guildwars2roleplay.wikispaces.com/Roleplay+Guide http://www.Guildwars2roleplayers.com/ >Writebin http://pastebin.com/aLhjmbbJ

Steam is under attack

Steam is under attack 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Someone or several somebodies are hacking/hacked Steam and brought it down. They also claim to have stolen over 200 accounts. This is pretty fuckin lame. You can find their posts on www.twitter.com/DOSyouUP

Dueling Network General - /dng/

Dueling Network General -... 753 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Dueling Network General #1422 Last Thread: >>80671228 New and need a deck or want to learn how to play? Check the pastebin. http://pastebin.com/5MEYYxSQ http://www.duelingnetwork.com/ http://www.ygopro.co/Download.aspx The above games are free, so no need to worry about paying for cards you need. The above links are simulators, not games, so you need to do everything yourself. BEFORE YOU ASK FOR ADVICE FOR YOUR DECK DO THE FOLLOWING: ? Try and keep your deck as close to 40 cards as possible. This increases your chances of drawing the cards you need. ? Google your Deck before you post it here. If your deck is/was competitive it will probably have topped an event. ? Most Yu-Gi-Oh Games have an option between Singles (Self explanatory, a single Game) and Matches (Best of 3). It is recommended that you play Matches, as Singles does not teach you how to use your Side Deck. ? After you've playtested your Deck and feel confident about your card choices, post your Deck here. Try suggestions before you trash them, even if someone recommends a weird tech choice. You don't know everything.

Fight for something

Fight for something 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Fight for something or fall for anything

League of Legends General

League of Legends General 761 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
OT >>80743524 http://eyosongive.us WHO WILL RISE? http://strawpoll.me/2587137 GAMES ARE BO1 WATCH ON AZUBU/VLC BECAUSE TWITCH IS 1 MINUTE LATE BETTING http://www.pinnaclesports.com/esports.aspx https://www.datbet.net/ STREAMS http://www.twitch.tv/riotgames https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rxu9gNHXoP0&autoPlay=1&hd=1 http://www.azubu.tv/Riot_Games http://www.twitch.tv/ongamenet2 VLC http://azubuhdlive-lh.akamaihd.net/video10025CHRiotGames_1_3000@142168?videoId=3791771165001&lineUpId=&pubId=3361910549001&playerId=3450490480001&affiliateId=&v=3.3.0&fp=WIN%2015,0,0,152&r=QMANN&g=WUMMOXUYMHRY GROUP STAGE DATES/TIMES http://euw.lolesports.com/worlds/2014/worlds-2014/schedule/group_a_and_b CASTERS Jatt, Kobe, Rivington, Deficio, Joe "Joe Miller" Miller, Deman ANALYSTS DESK Krepo, Doublelift, MonteCristo, Quikshot, Dash, Pr0lly, Crumbzz, Phreak TPA vs SK (Group B) - 1:0 Stats: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/TRLH3/1000420071?gameHash=f3e5de0be10ab461 EDG vs DP (Group A) - 1:0 Stats: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/TRLH3/1000420074?gameHash=f6b6f9c9fd979b7e SHRC vs SK (Group B) - X:X DP vs SSW (Group A) - X:X TSM vs TPA (Group B) - X:X EDG vs AHQ (Group A) - X:X

DR3 time limit

DR3 time limit 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
How much time do you have to complete DR3? The game gives me 6 hours, but how much is that in actual hours? Like IRL?

/gerg/ Giant Extreme Robots General - Mechwarrior, MAV, HAWKEN, Heavy Gear Assault

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We Are Sorry, Let Us Give You Our Money Edition MechWarrior Online Install Repair Tool: http://mwomercs.com/forums/topic/115147-mwo-repair-tool-public-release/ Hawken Official Site: http://www.playhawken.com/ Heavy Gear Assault: http://www.heavygear.com/ M.A.V. http://www.bombdogstudios.com/index.php/blog/ Alex Wolfe's MechWarrior Art Gallery: http://metalbabby.tumblr.com/ Kong Kast #24: Veteran Game Developer Panel Part 1 http://kongkast.libsyn.com/kong-kast-24-game-developer-panel-part-1 Kong Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/KongInterstellar Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaOgZwk9rN8 Mumble Info Kong Mumble: kong-interstellar.typefrag.com Port: 8270
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