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Hey everyone I'm a graphic designer and I'm doing and project on the original Playstation controller for one of my classes and I've gotta do a research paper on it before I get started working on any design work. Now, I know a shit ton about the history of the Playstation and a little bit about the design of the controller, enough to easily be able to knock out this paper. However, this assignment requires me to have 2 books about my subject. Basically, I just need some help finding BOOKS that talk about when Sony broke off from the SNES CD project to create the Playstation, any other relevant history about the Playstation, and accurate information about the hardware specs. I'd really appreciate this because I know all this shit, but I just need it to be cite-able for the assignment you know? Also any notable bits of info you have to contribute yourself would be helpful as well, just in case. I gave a mini presentation on why I picked the object so my teacher knows I have an extensive amount of knowledge about it's history so she knows a lot of this is coming straight from my head.

Retro games that are good for learning new languages

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Seeing how we all game anyway, why not use it to improve on new languages? The problem with a lot of retro games is they have little or no text, for example Sonic and Mario. So, we are after games with a good story or quite a lot of text, for example, the Zelda series tends to be a good choice because there is loads of dialogue. For the N64 era, there is the added detail of descriptions of enemies from your fairy, as well as cutscenes. For the less advanced learner, I would like to recommend Fantastic Dizzy. Although it has no dialogue, the reason it is good for a beginner is because of the equipment screen, which provides little descriptions of the location and inventory items, pic related. Because it is only providing descriptions of what you can see, and the sentences are always relatively simple, I think it is an excellent way to start at improving vocabulary and understanding of the chosen foreign language. Also, there is a version for the Genesis which has Cosmic Spacehead on the cart, which I think is also good for the beginner, but is somewhat more advanced than Dizzy because there is more dialogue and, once you have an item, there are no longer any visual cues, unlike Dizzy. One downside to learning through games, that I have come across, is there are very few with foreign voice acting, so listening skills can't be improved. So, if anyone knows any retro games that have any voice acting done, bonus points for that. tl;dr suggest games with potential for language learners, or just please suggest games which have a lot of dialogue and narrative.
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Can /v/ help to find a famicom game? I remember playing it as a kid. In the game you are a indiana jones-like guy and the first level you are in a place with waterfalls, so you have to throw ropes to climb.
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Post a better Genesis game... Pro tip, you can't.


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Please, please, PLEASE help me find this game "Betrayal at Antara" I've been lurking everywhere... pirate bay, sharing sites, abandoneware sites, etc I can't find it, or I can't find seeders. Please, help me find it. I knew this game and I forgot it's name, I've always wanted to play it. :)
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I know there's currently a Retron 5 thread and I know people are shitting on it continuously but that makes me want to ask: What emulation machines are good? I'm not talking about lol hack yer Wii or anything. I mean actual released products that do the job and do it well. For example, the JXD 7800B, I heard this thing is a monster and can emulate everything up to the Dreamcast. I haven't seen a single competent review of the damn thing yet which is making me hold back. TLDR - Emulation copycats that are less shit than the Retron 5
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Just beat this classic and even though I felt there wasn't enough plot twists, I liked it. Any games similar to this? I heard about Policenauts but it wasn't translated.
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I recently bought a Sega CD + Genesis off of the Goodwill auction site. It came with this cable which had one end that plugs into the Genesis controller and and the other is a 25-pin connector. What is this for? Also the ac adapter for the CD that came with it was meant for a TurboGrafx 16. This is compatible with the Sega CD?

SMT and Silent Hill Help

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Alright, so I've wanted to try the original SMT game for a while. The ps1 version is obviously the best. but it has no fucking english translation, so I have to settle for some other shit. Here's the question. Which version is actually the next best thing? Also, which Silent Hill should I start with and how should I play it? I've heard emulation doesn't treat SH games well. I tried the first one, though. It's controls are far too god-awful. So I guess what I'm asking is, which one's the first one that doesn't control like ass?


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Why did the Neo*Geo fail?
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Which castlevania do you think is the best? Which one is the hardest?

What is the best SNES USB Controller?

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Sup fellow old school gamers. I just downloaded a torrent of almost 700 SNES games and I was wondering which controller I should buy on Amazon to play them with. Any of you have one that's worth a recommendation?

Hang On To Yet Helmet

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Recently I got back into Carmageddon. I really love the first games layout and pedestrians, The way the upgrade system works, etc. However 2 has better car control, better maps, and visuals. Why did they strip so many features from CM2 over the original, though? It's infinitely modable and all around should be a better game, yet I keep going back to CM1! Also, I guess Carmageddon thread.
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I... I... Alright this is what happened, I asked a friend for a good old game I have not played he said "why not thief 2 Anon" I fucking loved it... And is one they best games I have played in a long time and is up in my top 5, I asked for another game, he said res 4... 10 mins in and I hated every bit of it... The controls are pure shit, and I can't change that why can't I move like a human? I have had it easier playing Bubsy 3D... The kick is a grate move but I does not work all the time, the knife I have to go right up to them and not just a stab. The voices are shit and the zombie farmers just say the same line over and over and overrr again... The women who calls me is shit, and I don't feel scared at all when I can just open up mean and click heal. The chainsaw guy I was told so much about, I just ran past him and knifed him... Sorry for bitching for that time but can a fan of res 4, tell me why it is good and why I should play it? Or if you think I should just stop.

Resident Evil 2

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Getting assraped by a million zombies in the police station. Am I supposed to be dodging or killing these guys? One hallway has at least 5 stacked up in the path.


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Made a bad purchase? Tell us your story. Here's my current one. Wanted an ascii pad for snes. Bought one on ebay, arrived defective. Trying to get ebay seller to give me a return ship number and address, only responds with "null" on all communications and nothing else. Disputing with paypal now. Lukiegames, what a bunch of ass holes.
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Sup, Im playing Dino Crisis at night, not scary but the ambient is just PERFECT. So, what retrovid you enjoy more playing at night?
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Which version is the definitive console port of Ghost's 'N Goblins?
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