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So, since the /vr/ crowd should be more or less the oldest crowd on 4chan, I assume a bunch of you guys have already produced offspring. Have you introduced your kids to retro gaming? Don't lie, I know everybody here has at one point had the idea to replay childhood favorites with their own future kids for some quality dad/son moments. So now that some of you must be fathers (or mothers?), did that work out?

Famiclone cartridge rom

Famiclone cartridge rom 8 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click to view.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl1R4f5sKMA The guy in the video has a famiclone with a printer port and a simple word editor. I remember having a famiclone like that back in 1998 but it didn't have the printer port. It also had that editor program and many other "educational" games. Is there a rom that contains those "educational" games?

PSX eboots

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Got my psp n Im getting the best of the best of RPG PSX classics I just got my favorite, any other recommendations? http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/playstation/psx2psp/page-4/ pic unrelated
Here my favorite game of all... 35 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Here my favorite game of all fucking time. Only needed to be able to skip the cutscene to be flawless. But this game was not that well known in America so why did they made shitty sequels?
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I just cleared Super Metroid for the first time. I played Metroid 1 for the first time in 2011, and the evolution between these two games seems right. However, I wish Super Metroid was a bit harder. People keep saying how hard Ridley is supposed to be, but I cleared him on my first try. As I took my time to enjoy and explore the game, I used 12h and 46m to clear the game, and I know that is poor for people who speedrun this thing. Also got 88% collecting rate. Now to some lore: the huge metroid near the end is the one Samus found and gave to scientists, but which Space Pirates stole, right? And the metroid thought Samus was its mother in Metroid 2, right? If so, then why did it attack Samus at first and then ran away? Also, if the whole mission was to collect and return the metroid, but it was killed by Mother Brain, then the mission was a failure. However, at the end screen, it says the mission was a success. Also, what is the relationship between Space Pirates and Mother Brain? How can Mother Brain be alive when Samus destroyed it in Metroid 1? To conclude, what do you think of this game in general?
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Hey /vr/, I really love the look of the graphics in old graphical adventure games. I have never played any of the old ones (I'm talking about the ones where there are scanlines, 256 colors, etc) but what are your guys favorite scenes/sprites/whatever you want to call them from these games? I know, I am missing out, and yes, i am planning on playing them soon
Hey guys you wanna make a... 38 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey guys you wanna make a video game? it could be fun. I have an idea if you wanna hear it.
Video game music, radio... 11 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Video game music, radio station, podcasts or youtube blogs? I'd be happy to find anything related to old school NES/SNES/C64 that's decently updated and keeps a good mixed stream of music coming. Google gave me some really bad podcasts and top 30 lists with the usual Megaman 2 Wily's Castle or Ducktales The Moon. Good as they are, I would love some tunes that I didn't hear before. Any recommendations?
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So what the hell is this?

Think about emulation with JXD

Think about emulation with JXD 48 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Ive been playing around with the idea of android emulation for a while, and I have tried to run games on my smartphone, but it's a bust. My phone sucks for games, and just sucks in general. So I was thinking about buying a JXD 7800B. I've been eyeing it for a while, and the specs look great. The trigger placement is a bit odd, but I think I could easily get used to that. Ive watched a few videos and they seem to emulate games awesomely, so I am curious if any of you have one, and what your thoughts on them are. also, I was thinking of using it to view PDF's and other documents for school instead of dragging around my laptop, have any of you used it for that purpose? I assume it would work just fine, but since this device's main function is emulation, I wasn't sure if it would be good at multitasking... tldr: should I buy one of these?
>build emu pc>case is... 36 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click to view.
>build emu pc >case is hollowed out non working NES >run customized interface, 1000s of games >menu's painstakingly created >NES,SNES,Gen,PSX,MaMe >gift to nephew last christmas >"have so much fun with these retro games" >... >he never even plugged it in

Droiyan 2 (PC)

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I'm looking original Korean release of Droiyan 2. It's sequel of Icarus:Sanctuary of The Gods. I've searched everywhere. No result... anyone help? http://76tn05wjd.tistory.com/entry/??-????2-PC??

Thief Mod's

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So just recently I picked up a copy of the original Thief Gold, I wanted to see how this one compares with the new reboot, any important mods I should know about?
Good evening<=>morning... 0 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Good evening<=>morning /vr/, For those of us that are recently returning or new to retro gaming[outside of emulation], what major differences have you noticed between the seventh/eighth generations and all generations before?

All-Stars vs. Original

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I know that there is a bug in the All-Stars version of 1 and 2 ("Lost Levels"). It relates to the hitting of blocks. It's a slight coding glitch which results in Mario passing through the brick upon breaking it, instead of being pushed down. This romhack fixes it (although I've never tried it and it requires a header, ugh). http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/167/ Are there any other physics differences? 2 ("Super Mario USA") and 3 feel okay. 1 and 2 just feel sorta off. The physics. I don't care for the changed art style too.
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This is Extra Innings for the SNES. This is a game I enjoyed as a child and will play it every now and then. Emulated since I don't own a copy. My question is this, do the faces next to the players really work? Does Lennon of your Farm roster will player better than Bray who is a started?
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i am unstoppable
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reinstalling pic related and wanted to know what are the best mods/enhanchments for it i just know keeperfx and wonder what else is around >inb4 google google doesn't tell shit apart from good stuff

Old School Game Art

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Look at this Zork 1 poster produced by the Zork Users Group. Just look at it! A copy of this poster sold recently on eBay for almost $500 - For a poster! But here I'm sharing it with you in the highest quality I'm able to post on this board. What have you got for the thread?

Controller Thread (Good/Bad)

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Been thinking about getting the Dreamgear Classic Fightpad along with a Wii to USB controller adapter. Design looks really sleek (incorporating the six button control scheme of the Genesis and the two shoulder buttons of the SNES) and from what I've heard on video reviews, it's fairly sturdy What about you guys?
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