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Who is this artist and can I have some more /x/?
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so /x/ i will tell you my story i live in nuevo leon, mexico. i was on my way to my house (by bus), and i saw an masonic simbol, it was a sign, (like those from the highway,green ones) i got very curious, so i stopped the bus and i got down. >my cellphone was stolen 3 days ago so no photos. i walked all the way to an gigant mansion, and asked a man if he knew who lived there. while i asked that, 7 white pickup trucks parked in the entrance, and the man i was talking too, got on his knees and sayd "sorry my lord" this is where the shit starts >just talking with the man >the trucks arrive >the man apologices for something >i try to get the fuck out of that situation >a man gets down fron the last truck, he asks me why im here >justchillin.jpg >im really scared at this point >tell him: i was justy asking for directions >he tells me that i have to leave, bacause something important is going on >hands me a 1000 pesos bill and a blank card >leave >the trucks say: CDG >Cartel del Golfo >el chapo just got captured 3 days ago >important thing in a masonic mansion with the CDG MFW


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What is this shit?! It works fine on every other board.
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Yo /x/. So, I just finished a very interesting work placement. i was given temp work in a tower in hell. lemme give you a little backstory. >Go on a bar crawl with 3 friends >4 of us hitting up bars all night getting severely wasted as the night went on. 1-2 pints per bar sort of deal >it's about 11 when we hit out 4th bar >we're going for bars we normally wouldn't see, or go to for that adventure vibe. >we find the 4th bar is a sort of a tudor era building like pic, but covered in soot >go inside, similar ritual, drink chat then leave >as we're drinking some guy comes up to our table >wearing a black coat, maybe trench coat, but looked pretty nice (not leather) with a feathered collar and a large brimmed hat with a black feather. (don't know the name of them, but similar to pimp hats) >sits down and pulls out some dice and a cup >asks "any of you fellas fancy yourselves gambling men?" >has a really thick texan accent >we're all relatively pissed and i'm the only one who steps up to the challenge >both of us bet on the outcome of the dice (3 in total) >if our chosen number is on two die, that person wins. >we toss it around for a few rounds, going back and forth winning and losing just a couple pounds here and there. >i was up about £6 by this point >my friends go up to the bar to get the next round of pints in. >gambler proposes we up the stakes. >i win i get his hat, (it was a pretty dope hat) >he wins he gets me to do a few chores at his house for money. >this was win, win, i'm between employment, so some money in the pocket would be cool. >plus if i won, dat hat... dat hat. >long story short i lose as the guy rolled triple 3s >he just smiles, hands me a weird gold coin with a symbol on it and leaves. >confused as fuck, dont know where to go for his work, but just shrug it off >friends get back and we drink and continue our night >wake up next morning and sunday goes normally, despite hungover. monday is where it all kicked off though. cont next post.
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What does /x/ think about Dark Lord Anu Supreme? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4niCa5rx1xQ
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What are some urban legends from your townc/city whatever? Im intrested in hearing, because in my town there nothing like that. spooky skeleton memes
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This kid is in a psychiatry now. I feel bad for him. Anyone knows more? >There is no hanz without Mia, plus Mia is a sultry, hot gypsy seductress and Hanz is a fat ugly nerd. ^Derail like that is not welcome. Serious only.

The Myth of Spongebozz thread

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Who is this guy?
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Hey /x/ there were two creepypastas I've been looking for for months now and I was wondering if any of you knew of them? One is a bout a man jogging in the woods at night and comes across and empty camp. While looking around he's freaked out a bit by a nearby tree and eventually finds a video camera that isn't working. He leaves and takes it with him. When He looks at the videos he sees a monster kill the campers and record the guy finding the camp. He then hears the thing start breaking into his house. The other one is about a guy and his friend doing some survival training in some tropical place, maybe the amazon? They end up getting creeped out hearing what sounds like a weird episode and find out some weird human faced pig thing is following them. Like I said I've been searching for months trying to find these so any help would be welcome.
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Last night I saw a massive V shaped aircraft fly over my house TWICE (similar to the pic but with red lights) The first time only three red lights were on and as it flew away, the rest came on. It wasn't until it flew over again 5 min. later that I was able to make out a dark V shape for sure. It moved slowly and emitted a low roaring sound. It moved as fast as I could jog and I literally ran down the street chasing it. I live across from a high school and the object was as wide as the field. Im in central California and this isn't the first time seeing something strange in the sky. There's a naval air station an hour away and thats the direction it went. It was exciting to see. Anyone else have stories of objects in the sky?
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Who was the Zodiac killer /x/? Arthur Lee Allen? Yes, no, maybe so?
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What's the story behind airhead?
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Ask Jesus any questions you might have

/x/ is a lie

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I just started here on /x/ and I noticed that fuckers on here think they're some kind of deep thinkers. Any thoughts?
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How will the people live in year 3000? How in 4000? How will the human look like in 1000 years? What was the last place on earth discovered? Are there more Colours than we know? Can the human think ahead to the universe? Like think about the "nothing"? Do we really see the world in our eyes or is it just an imigination? Can the human understand the universum? Do animals think like humans? What happens after death? Does every Sperm have it's own soul?

Astrology thread?

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Post your Sun sign(ego), Moon(emotions), and Ascendant, aka "rising sign"(outward personality) http://www.0800-horoscope.com/birthchart.php#.UxED_tJDt8E -Taurus sun, Virgo moon, Sagittarius rising

Fucked up dreams thread

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So basically this is for dreams that really dig at you but you can't explain why they happened. This one happened to me this morning, I'll try to fill in as many details as possible. >Be in strange house >Group of 13-14 yr old kids there, at most there are 2 girls and one boy, but at times one or two would be gone >I guess I try to get in the 14 yr old's pants because I thought she was 16 >Some shit happens, I don't remember what >End up in a group of like 20 people, out in a weird plain, city in the distance >Sun is beginning to set, we all begin to panick madly >The girl is there and so is some 40 year old guy >All of us begin making a mad dash for the city, never stopping >As sun sets, people who are lagging behind scream and just stop being there >Down to me, man, and girl >Running as hard as I fucking can, feel like I might die from working my body so hard >The sun sets rapidly as if someone just dropped it like a ball >We keep running but I feel this sense of doom >Dunno where the other two went, fuck them, I don't wanna die >I barge into this house, white girl, black guy, asian dude sitting at table >Asian has back to me, girl and other dude are on his sides >I immediately drop to my knees and slide, all of a sudden I have a backpack >They ignore me until I ask them to close the door in a panicked voice >I'm babbling crying at this point >I stand up and look outside, see its dark, pass out >They wake me up, tell me it's morning, ask wtf is happening >I look outside, it still looks dark, but some things have some odd glow >Like a lighting error in a videogame, landscape is dark, some objects aren't >I ask them if they can see outside, if its dark to them too >They tell me no >I start screaming and crying hysterically >Wake up The fuck, /x/. Post yours. pic unrelated
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