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Lucid dream with others???

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Hey /x/, I made a thread about this a few weeks ago, and its been bothering me since. Can someone please tell me if it is possible to interact with other people during a lucid dream? I can't recall entirely, but I remember reading somewhere that there were similarities between lucid dreams and astral projection. Please help /x/, this has been driving me crazy. The dream: >i was in a huge void with no perceivable edges except my own body and the strangers around me. (there were four of us) like pic related >woman started freaking out and scaring everyone by yelling that we were dead(i was getting worried but not as much as she was) >to calm everyone down (i have no fucking clue why) i materialized a Wendys where we all had a frosty. >time went by and eventually someone pointed out something was moving on the horizon. This is where it got weird >all of a sudden I was in some sort of hovercraft setting a horde of demons(?) on fire by shooting fireballs out f my hands. >then i said something along the lines of "they will know my judgement" Then I woke up

Need Explantions

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Alright guys, I have an issue. Well, I guess it might be more of a gift than an issue. I believe I might have some sort of psychic abilities. I have always been able to think of a song and that said song would come on the radio. The same would happen with T,V episodes. It has gotten more frequent as I have aged and takes on more complex forms. I've had dreams that happened the next day. This weekend has been the most striking. Yesterday, I was playing Uno with some friends. Tonight was the most extraordinary. We were playing Yahtzee, and my friend told me to guess the dice under the cup. I guessed all them and in the correct order. Another friend asked me to guess the number of finger behind his back. I told him the correct number specific to each hand. >tl;dr I think I have psychic experience. Share your stories.
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Who do you think really ruined vampires? They used to be cool monsters not some kind of misunderstood jackass
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Hey /x/, I'm doing a bit of a Crowley tour throughout the UK soon and I need some help with something. I've got a lot of English locations marked out, but I know he went to Glasgow (and caught an STD there) but I can't find any information on where he hung out at when he was there. Would any of you guys know?


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ALSO TRUTH IN LYRICAL Wake up chillren http://youtu.be/TVjm1OmKs7w

Sleep Paralysis

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Hey /x/, I've got some strange 'non-conventional' recreational drug use sleep-paralysis related stories. The first memory of this was during my habitual codone use for a "deeper sleep" experience (before I properly went through quitting the stuff). I can only post one story for now, but will update later. After a long day of work, I had settled on taking 4 oxycodones before having a deep and relaxing sleep. Everything went as planned, and I was curling up into my bed with some music playing (I liked to listen to music when going to sleep). I passed out almost immediately. I slept soundly for I'm not sure how long before I woke back up, laying face down. Wondering about the time, I attempted to move, and panic rushed through me as I had realized my limbs were unresponsive to my attempts. Fingers, toes, legs, even my head was dead to my want to move. Immediately I was consumed with a fear I couldn't describe, the conscious knowledge of being paralyzed, only able to move your eyes. Adding to the event, I began feeling what I believe to today were hands, slowly groping along my legs and back, and some squeezing my arms randomly. Eventually my eyes adjusted to the darkness, and I could see the room around me was completely empty, but shadows along the walls were morphing in a way that would resemble the shadows from a group of peoples around a fire. I don't know why, but at the time once the realization of the moving shadows settled in my mind, I was completely submerged in the belief that if I had fought against the invisible hands, I would be killed with a long ans serrated blade. It felt like an eternity of a repeated nightmare, one you cannot wake yourself out of, your body denying freedom from the paralyzed state. I'm not sure when, but finally I lost consciousness and woke up the following day, my entire body feeling sore, which was strange if you've ever woken up from a opium sleep. Has anyone else experienced Sleep Paralysis similar to this?
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What's the pros to being a vamp? Is it worth becoming one?
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What do you all think of mental illness? I have BD1 and have met mentally I'll people who at times made more sense than those who aren't ill. At times at my most manic it seems like I can do the impossible and after looking it up I learned intense manic episodes can lead to increased strength and speed while intense depression leads to detached realizes about the world. A therapist would call this delusional but I don't trust them with the truth anymore since my last one tried to convince me I should keep taking pills that dulled my senses and mind.
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Hey X, do you have any proof that David Ickes theory of reptilian shapeshifters is real?
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ITT: Driving Stories Not my story, saw it posted on here about 6 months ago. >be 16 >homecoming weekend >be a tradition to toilet paper someone's house (TP-ing) >me and my two friends decide to go out and TP some bitch I hate >we drive to her house at 2am >get out of car >start looking around the place >kinda eerie and quiet for a house near the busy part of town, but then again it was 2am >about to start until friend says that this might not be the bitch's house >decide to leave and go TP some other bitch's house >start to drive off, me sitting in the back, two friends in front >we're coasting around, I'm looking out the windows to make sure no cops are around >headlights are following us for quite awhile >tell friends that this car has been following us for the past ~8 blocks >friend goes down foreign roads that no one goes down to be sure that this car isn't just coincidentally following us >car keeps on following us, fuck >we start to speed up, taking fast turns >the car is still on our ass >at this point my friends and I are spooked as fuck >we've managed to drive on about every road in town and they're still following us cont. I guess
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>ITT We discuss how mods shit up our board.
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General dream interpretation thread. Keep them short two black cats came into my house and yelled at me and told me to kill myself. It sounded more like a crowd of people than two single voices.
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FUCK YOU AND YOUR ARTIFICIAL SYNCHRONOCITY Mind controlling innocent lives Into acts of treacherous bile
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Last night I had a very disturbing nightmare that I'd like to share with you all and see if I can get some sort of closure out of this cesspool of autism. I was very scared when I woke up and I felt strange for about 3-4 hours after I was awake. >In private school with strange architectural design >learning in class, etc. >Hear loud, disturbed screaming from hall >Since it is a dream, I can somehow sense that it is a girl with autism or some mental disability roaming the halls >Girl is walking with limp and flailing arms while screaming unattended by a caretaker >start freaking out >teacher asks me to deliver something to another class >Say no, too afraid to leave class >As the year goes on, I begin to lose things such as my wallet and binder >Certain teachers are murdered over time >For some reason, riding down slide in school that must have been 50 stories high >Random kid is sitting in the middle of the slide >I stop behind him to talk to him >For no reason whatsoever, proceed to push the kid off the side of the slide to which he begins to fall. >He does not scream or become distressed, but merely floats down for a moment on his back, as he stares at me. >He then falls at normal speed to which I assume his death >This part, especially his stare, creeped me out a lot >Slide down rest of the way >Still afraid of crazy girl running around school, but haven't heard her in some time >See people from the camp I worked at over the summer >Wasn't aware why they were at the school >We walk out to the parking lot >It is night >We see one of the teacher's cars still there >Walk over and see her dead in the driver's seat >Teacher is dismembered with organs everywhere >We're all shocked >See my things that have been lost on the floor near the car >Deduce that the killer has been stealing my things >Fear spreads over me >wake up Considering this is a dream, the occurrences naturally do not tie together well, but I'd like to see if anyone can tell me if it means anything.
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Hey /x/, I'm in the process of applying for graduate school, under a research scholarship, and would like to do a more fringe topic related to occultism. Is there a technique that any occultists here can perform, that produces real results, that lacks a scientific explanation thus far?


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Discuss Discus Discu Disc Dis Di D :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAlaRdrcQcY
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Hi /x/philes, I hope you're all having a nice day. I'm here to do some readings. Please provide your first name, gender, and age. When referring to others, please use their first names as guessing genders is not my strong suit. I'll be using my intuition but I may use cards if I'm not getting a clear answer. Just a disclaimer, I am only human and therefore fallible so I may not get everything right. I take that you must be pretty desperate to seriously consult a random person on the internet, but I suppose I'm guilty of doing the same thing.
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Any readers tonight down to do some readings? I'll do single card pulls for the first three people on general questions. Nothing yes or no. Nothing exact. Just give me some kind of imagery that's personable to focus on. I'm wanting a reading for myself too if anyone else is doing them.
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