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spooky story

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So on halloween last night I was on youtube listing to music, when suddenly I heard my dog bark. I began to walk down down my creaky wooden floor, but I didn't feel right. I didn't see the banana peel left by my fat sister, and then I slipped down the stairs. I raged and said FUUUUUKKKKK after falling face first on my diamond floor. I saw my dog and knew he wanted to go out. He ran in circles, but I was mad. I picked him up, opened the door, then punted him to the moon. I turned around then tripped, falling on my fat ugly sister. I punted her, but she didn't go far, because she was too heavy. I said That was a job well done and went to bed. As I went to sleep I realized that this was a dream. I said phew, and realized that was also a dream. I woke up in a stew pot filled with illegal drugs and also there were carrots. I saw my dog and realized that he was king of the armadillos. I got mad, got out of the stew pot, took out my portable bazooka and blew up everyone. The End.
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Sup, /x/. Trying to find ghosts and get scared. Tips welcome.
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Tap water has fluoride in it, fluoride calcifies our pineal glands. This hinders our true potential, our true ability for incredible perception and power. We have had our natural power taken from us, and we have been none the wiser. Decalcify your pineal gland. Gain true awareness.

/x/'s Spooky Drawthread

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ITT: Driving Stories Not my story, saw it posted on here about 6 months ago. >be 16 >homecoming weekend >be a tradition to toilet paper someone's house (TP-ing) >me and my two friends decide to go out and TP some bitch I hate >we drive to her house at 2am >get out of car >start looking around the place >kinda eerie and quiet for a house near the busy part of town, but then again it was 2am >about to start until friend says that this might not be the bitch's house >decide to leave and go TP some other bitch's house >start to drive off, me sitting in the back, two friends in front >we're coasting around, I'm looking out the windows to make sure no cops are around >headlights are following us for quite awhile >tell friends that this car has been following us for the past ~8 blocks >friend goes down foreign roads that no one goes down to be sure that this car isn't just coincidentally following us >car keeps on following us, fuck >we start to speed up, taking fast turns >the car is still on our ass >at this point my friends and I are spooked as fuck >we've managed to drive on about every road in town and they're still following us cont. I guess
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>ITT We discuss how mods shit up our board.
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FUCK YOU AND YOUR ARTIFICIAL SYNCHRONOCITY Mind controlling innocent lives Into acts of treacherous bile
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Recommend me painters that paint paranormal/disturbing images or have a paranormal background like Zdzis?aw Beksi?ski.
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Hello /x/ I do invite you all to the spiritscience chat room >http://chat.mibbit.com/?server=irc.Mibbit.Net&channel=%23SpiritScience Where the mods are SJW's and the regulars believe Jews are from space and that crystals are magic. Just pick a name and hop in. Enjoy.
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Ok /x/, I really need to talk about some strange"?" stuffs that happened to me a few times ago.. Don't know If I should call it weird coincidences, destiny, or just random events happening with synchronicity. I'm gonna try to find the better words to explain that, I'm really serious, all these shits are hard to handle when you think about it. (btw, I'm attracted to numbers, universe, mesopotamian mythology and everything related to "ancient history", philosophy..) >Since child some weird shits happened in my life: like sometimes, { didn't think about a song which I loved, at a random moment I remember the melody/name of the song, random zapping TV, -> that song's playing in a program } >Didn't saw someone since a longtime, suddenly think(or dream about that person, generally a few days ago before it happens), random walking outside, in a place I never thought to see that person, and I weirdly see her in my road. >Talking(about Earth mysteries, Universe, ...) with someone outside at night, looking the sky/stars, that someone is at my right, stopped talking a few secs, suddenly, I turn my head to the right (looking at the sky) ~4-5 secs after, see a fucking "slow/illuminated" meteor who lasted more than 4 secs.. We were like "what the fuck was that shit.. Couldn't believe what just happened in front of our eyes". >Lonely thinking about my shitty/weirdly life outside at night, asked a divinity(Gods) or just someone/something to give me a specific sign that I could understand(asked for a meteor again).., few secs after, still looking the sky (at my right), I saw a fucking "fast" meteor.. I was totally shocked, couldn't believe what just happened again.. got a very strange feeling all the night.. like, couldn't stop thinking about all these "weird moments" that I lived in my life. Ain't even trolling, trust me or not, I have a bunch of other "strange" moments like these in my memory.. It's very hard to describe it with words. What's happening ?
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Hey kids. At the beginning of this year, and a few months before that a couple of you guys did tarot card readings for me and they both lined up in what they said. I spoke to a guy something like 8 years ago who could read palms and he told me that about this time in my life I would have a head injury. Whether it's going to be major or minor is up to me, but I will have a head injury nonetheless. He also told me to be careful on roads, so I'm guessing I'm due to be hit by a car or something. Although the tarot readers here both confirmed that November would be a gloomy time for me, they couldn't say for sure what exactly would happen to me. One drew a major arcana (not exactly sure what that is) and said my reading was somewhat important although he/she didn't know why. The funky thing is that last night I had a dream about being hit by a car and travelling back in time by about 13 years. It was by far the most realistic, believable and vivid dream I've had in months. I can explain it if you care enough, but yeah. If there are any tarot readers/psychics/trolls/whatever that are willing to help me out here in figuring what's going to happen to me this month, I'd be very grateful. Is anything special happening with the moon this month? I know there was supposed to be a "blood moon" last month (I never saw it myself but yeah) Is this injury/bad time ahead going to be physical or mental? Thanks


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>8 years ago >be 20 years old >finally can effort my own place >find nice studio apartment near college >ghetto area but cheap >first night no power yet >raining heavily out there >around 8pm >unpacking my stuff >setting place to sleep >see something on the corner of my eye >no lights in the place >grab flip cellphone >open it so see >saw something or someone picking around the corner of the small hallway >instant chills >i grab a screw driver and look around the place >nothing *** few weeks letter >at the apartment >now with electricity >watching dvds >on the corner of my eye saw humanoid figure walk pass hallway I last 7 months on that place only experiences i had there
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True story. Met this guy about 2 months ago in a hookah bar. >Meeting mutual friends, sit next to this guy >Awkward around new people, so I start giving surface info >Tell him I make music >He says he's an artist, too >Says he draws creatures that he sees in visions >He has to draw them to deal with the trauma of these experiences >Pic related is one of his drawings, friended him on FB later >The rest of them are similarly grotesque--not gorey, just disturbing >He's very open about having psych issues >Also tells me that each time he has one of these visions, it comes with a story that he also is compelled to write down >Talks to me about an imaginary friend he had when he was little >Tall (over 6'), bipedal creature with blue feathers all over its body, blue mane like a lion >Has a bird's beak for a mouth, has three fingers on each hand with black nails >Says it can't speak but it imitates the calls of other birds >Even though it can't speak he says it has some very specific name--can't remember it exactly now, exotic sounding >The creature played with him all the time, hide and seek, etc. >It wasn't able to leave his yard >Mentioned he could see it waving to him in the rearview mirror when his parents drove him places >Whenever they got done playing, the creature would return to some bush in the yard >Years later his dad cut down that bush and he never saw the creature again Had forgotten about this until I saw some great creepypasta earlier tonight and was thinking of any experiences I could share. Can post more Facebook images; he's got a Flickr but I don't want to give away his real name.
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i have been told by my superior that in 4 days the happening will be visible to us. goodbye.
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Sorry, could you please direct me to "Rue d'Auseil"? I can't seem to find it...

Unsolved mysteries

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On April 13, 1959, Bruce Campbell Sr. and his wife, Mabelita, drove to Jacksonville from their home in Northampton, Mass., and took a room at the Sandman Hotel. The couple had come to see their newly born first grandchild. He was the son of their only child, Bruce Campbell Jr., who taught chemistry at Jacksonville's MacMurray College. Two weeks later, Mabelita Campbell returned home alone. When he arrived in Jacksonville, Campbell was so visibly exhausted from his marathon drive -- his son described his father's state of mind as "rational but disoriented" -- that it was arranged for him to be seen by Dr. E.C. Bone, a local physician. Campbell Jr. later told police that his father was given medication to help him sleep. It didn't seem to work. Campbell was restless and paranoid that night, his wife told police, according to a later account by Charles Runkel, a Jacksonville police captain at the time. Twice before 1 a.m., Campbell uncharacteristically awakened her to ask whether their car was locked, she said. Twice she reassured him and told him to go back to sleep. When she woke again, on her own, at 2:15 a.m., she was alone. A quick search of the hotel room and their car revealed no sign of the elder Campbell's departure but, rather, turned up a disturbing list of left-behind items: Campbell's wallet, all of his money, his shoes, his glasses, his keys, and all of his clothes. The only items missing were the bright-green pajamas he had worn to bed. After two anxious weeks, Mabelita Campbell reluctantly returned home to Massachusetts. Before her death last month, she never learned what happened to her husband. http://illinoistimes.com/article-1296-into-thin-air.html


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Okay guys, I believe I caught a glimpse of my potential insanity. To be honest I was buzzed. Do you guys believe that there is a dark force in the mind lurking and waiting to come out at the right moment? I believe insanity is in everyone's mind.
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