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30th November 2014
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boyd bushman

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he was just a senile old man?
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Most authentic ufo footage/video you've got. Give me.
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Getting some good snow falling. Give me something to be scared of in winter
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Who do you think really ruined vampires? They used to be cool monsters not some kind of misunderstood jackass
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lets talk about this channel /x/ what makes people create stuff like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpmlJ3bJaLI
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Damn sum scary shit has been happening around me >be me >18, still in high school so living with mom >mom gets new bf >insanely nice, church on sundays and reads bible >like all the time >like he has about 7 gb of sermons on discs fun part >at moms bf's house >grabbing lighter to smk with cause i keep dropping all of them in the hot tub >walking back outside >look into dark bathroom >shower door shuts hard as fuck >knocks over shampoo bottles and shit >investigated after running like a betafag >absolutely nobody is home other than homies in hottub >talk to mom's bf's son, chris jr >he says im lucky more? i learn some fucked up shit

Ghost adventures - real or fake?

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hello /x/, a month ago I saw a Ghost Adventures thread on here. I started to watch the show in response and after three seasons, I believe its shit. They have good equipment, hit a lot of paranormal spots and sites, but act totally immature and unprofessional. What does /x/ think?
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So someone started a fire at a university hospital in Germany today. No one was hurt, but the hospital director told local news about disturbing phone calls and attempted break ins before the fire incident. Whoever did it apparently also smeared the walls with these signs. anybody have any clue what they could mean? The only thing I can make out is DOT - which is TOD (German for death) backwards. Any help appreciated.
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Let's say we had a thread where each person asked for others to pray or send positive thoughts for something they needed help with. In return, said person would pray or send his/her own positive thoughts to other people in the thread. Would it be any help? Would strangers be able to help each other with prayer and well-wishes done remotely (using an image or word as an avatar to focus their intent)?


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I have been very interested in the extreme isolation and poverty of rural appalatia. The poorest counties in appelatia are among the poorest in the United States, with some homes lacking electricity or plumbing. This is an area where all of the mining and logging jobs have dried up, and there has been an exodus of the inhabitants of these mountains, people of mostly scot-Irish descent, that had been living there for centuries. The ones that are left behind are said to be so desperately poor that they cannot leave, drug addicted or dependent on welfare, or too elderly to move. I feel that there is a huge potential for scary shit to happen there, and was wondering if there were any creepy pastas or stories on rural appelatia that existed. Or perhaps some old appalatian folk stories that people knew or first hand accounts of the conditions there or scary situations they have been in the mountains.
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Congrats guys. Due to all the fleshgait/skinwalker/goatman post on here I have developed a phobia of forest. I used to love the woods. They were my escape. Now all I can think about while innawoods is those stories and if I'm going to die and have my body used to lure the people I care about to the same fate.
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Whether you believe me or not, well that's up to you. But I believe I have found a way to access the Akashic records or book, you have to do it through altered states of consciousness, the best one in which you have most control over is dreams, when you become conscious enough in dream states, not necessarily to have control over them, however to be as conscious as you are here and now you're able to interact and interface with the sky. This is done by looking at the stars (in dreams) they seem to be something you can use as a way of going deeper into not only your own subconscious but the sub conscious of every being that ever has been and will be. This has happened to me several times now, this is the first I have reported on. I will give a brief description of what it feels and looks like as best I can in the hopes that it helps others find it. Note: Akashic records from akasha, the Sanskrit word for "sky". I lay down with others in my dream facing the sky, as you look at the stars as you would in the waking life you start to notice lines and synchronicity's within the sky that you can interface with, as I look around at the signs I start to lock in symbols in my head, ie. I look at one symbol and make a hand gesture the sign lights up, I find the next symbol the sign lights up, it almost feels as if you are the hobble telescope looking very deep into the cosmos.
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Complete tarot newbie here, never had my cards read and never read cards, do not yet own a deck, but would really like to learn how to read them and anything about tarot cards in general. Where do you suggest I begin, and what sources are the most trustworthy? As for a deck, I've heard Rider-Waite is "the best and only proper deck" from some people and then others saying that's total horseshit. Both http://www.amazon.com/Wildwood-Tarot-Wherein-Wisdom-Resides/dp/1402781067/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1416357176&sr=8-14&keywords=Tarot+Cards and http://www.amazon.com/Earth-Magic-Oracle-Cards-Guidebook/dp/1401925359/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1416357176&sr=8-7&keywords=Tarot+Cards sort of call to me in a way, are either of them known to be good decks?
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Sometime around 2011 the fbi arrested all the key members of anonymous and lulzsec and installed operatives in their place. They proved themselves by "hacking" unimportant goverment websites which is not hard when you have the passwords. Once in place these operative were able to gather intelligence on the members of anonymous that were deemed dangerous and also steer the group away from activities that would harm the government or cause social unrest. Since anonymous was no longer fighting 'The Man' these operatives were able redirect their energy towards criminal activities that are tough to investigate and prosecute legally through conventional means. The Steubenville rape case was the first time this was attempted and it was wildly successful. After this you see anonymous campaigns directed against pedophiles, tor networks including silk road and groups such as the KKK.
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If power corrupts, and God is all powerful, then would that suggest that he is infinitely evil? What if this is all a trick? No matter how hard you try, no matter if you're good or bad, no matter who you worship, no matter if you're right or wrong, no matter what you've done - you're going to hell when you die. No exceptions. What then, /x/?

Former Lockheed Martin engineer from Texas: I met aliens at Area 51

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So this subject is firing up on facebook, I didnt get a chance to watch the video on youtube since it was removed immediately. Link: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Former-Lockheed-Martin-engineer-from-Texas-I-met-5858753.php
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Hey Guys. Miss Ghoul Kitty here. This is what I looked like.
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Welp, I've made this same thread by January... but I guess you never know when the answer might strike, so hear me out about my dream. Before I talk about it, some other things happened before the dream that I feel are somewhat related, I'll try to be quick here and be more detailed when I get to the dream on the next post. When I was on 5th grade I was watching Digimon Frontier like it was my daily dose of coke. Then it got to the episode one of the kids gets sent back to the real world as a digimon called Flamemon (google it). When I saw him I got absolutely drawn by it, I got obssessed by him so much the next day I drew it almost 10 times on my notebook. The feeling subsided with time, but I remember well how intense it was. Some more time passed by and the same feeling came back when I saw a animation series on new grounds called Brackenwood (again, Google it). Less intense, still related. Next post, the dream itself.
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