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Last night I had a very disturbing nightmare that I'd like to share with you all and see if I can get some sort of closure out of this cesspool of autism. I was very scared when I woke up and I felt strange for about 3-4 hours after I was awake. >In private school with strange architectural design >learning in class, etc. >Hear loud, disturbed screaming from hall >Since it is a dream, I can somehow sense that it is a girl with autism or some mental disability roaming the halls >Girl is walking with limp and flailing arms while screaming unattended by a caretaker >start freaking out >teacher asks me to deliver something to another class >Say no, too afraid to leave class >As the year goes on, I begin to lose things such as my wallet and binder >Certain teachers are murdered over time >For some reason, riding down slide in school that must have been 50 stories high >Random kid is sitting in the middle of the slide >I stop behind him to talk to him >For no reason whatsoever, proceed to push the kid off the side of the slide to which he begins to fall. >He does not scream or become distressed, but merely floats down for a moment on his back, as he stares at me. >He then falls at normal speed to which I assume his death >This part, especially his stare, creeped me out a lot >Slide down rest of the way >Still afraid of crazy girl running around school, but haven't heard her in some time >See people from the camp I worked at over the summer >Wasn't aware why they were at the school >We walk out to the parking lot >It is night >We see one of the teacher's cars still there >Walk over and see her dead in the driver's seat >Teacher is dismembered with organs everywhere >We're all shocked >See my things that have been lost on the floor near the car >Deduce that the killer has been stealing my things >Fear spreads over me >wake up Considering this is a dream, the occurrences naturally do not tie together well, but I'd like to see if anyone can tell me if it means anything.


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Alright, this post references multiple threads and I think it's a fairly notable development, so I'm making a thread for it. If requested, I will pull it down. So, I looked up Chestnut Street in Salem in response to this thread: >>15485996. What I found is this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salem_Athenaeum It's the only library on Chestnut Street. It's coordinates are 42.520429°N 70.900502°W. While they aren't exactly the same as the coordinates given on gatewaytohell.org ("42.523046 and -70.889774"), they are pretty fuckin close, and considering the possibly of slight inaccuracies I think this is the place they wanted us to find. If the OP I quoted earlier is to be believed, a book may be found here giving coordinates to a new location, apparently a creepy-ass basement. This is where the passageway to Hell may be found. Read this thread if you have no fucking idea what I'm talking about: >>15480910

Energy Vampires

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http://youtu.be/FWM-92ripck Can we talk about "energy vampires" and vampirism? I realize it falls under the umbrella of psychic stuff and the topic has been on my mind pretty heavily since (I'm fairly certain) I'm on the victim end of this spectrum through a friend.

Lucid dream with others???

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Hey /x/, I made a thread about this a few weeks ago, and its been bothering me since. Can someone please tell me if it is possible to interact with other people during a lucid dream? I can't recall entirely, but I remember reading somewhere that there were similarities between lucid dreams and astral projection. Please help /x/, this has been driving me crazy. The dream: >i was in a huge void with no perceivable edges except my own body and the strangers around me. (there were four of us) like pic related >woman started freaking out and scaring everyone by yelling that we were dead(i was getting worried but not as much as she was) >to calm everyone down (i have no fucking clue why) i materialized a Wendys where we all had a frosty. >time went by and eventually someone pointed out something was moving on the horizon. This is where it got weird >all of a sudden I was in some sort of hovercraft setting a horde of demons(?) on fire by shooting fireballs out f my hands. >then i said something along the lines of "they will know my judgement" Then I woke up
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How do i end possession? I have seen 3 doctors, about to see number 4, I am definitely not schizoid. This is seriously scaring me, ive been ordered to hang myself and commit seppuku for a month. Please help me anyone. I wish i could shoot spirits.
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Hey /x/, I'm having a possible paranormal experience with prophecy dreams and I figured that I'd post it as a change of pace from the roleplaying bullshit and Abrahamic God arguments. So, a few nights ago I had a dream that my girlfriend was having an affair with one of her friends and broke up with me. With that being said, I was completely secure in our relationship up until that dream. Over the course of a few days after the dream, my girlfriend has been spending A LOT of time with her childhood friend who's also a lesbian. My girlfriend (of almost three years) has identified herself as bisexual before we started dating so there's a major possibility that something might be going on. What gives this dream credibility in my eyes is that I've had dreams like this before and I was right. For example, I had a dream a few years ago that I found a twenty dollar bill in the stock room where I worked. The next day, the money is laying there in the middle of the floor. So, if this dream is true, it won't be the first time that this is happened and probably won't be the last. Has anyone else had experiences with prophetic dreams?
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i have been told by my superior that in 4 days the happening will be visible to us. goodbye.


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There is a place that it's like a central for paranormal things. People see tons of ufos in a moutain at night and I saw it one year ago. Call me crazy. Three random green lights at 2 am, seven persons saw it. And there are books of a hidden alien city in the same place. I don't want to mean names So, the question is : Do you think there are places that they're like a magnet for paranormal things? Why? Bad english D: Thanks

Unsolved mysteries

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On April 13, 1959, Bruce Campbell Sr. and his wife, Mabelita, drove to Jacksonville from their home in Northampton, Mass., and took a room at the Sandman Hotel. The couple had come to see their newly born first grandchild. He was the son of their only child, Bruce Campbell Jr., who taught chemistry at Jacksonville's MacMurray College. Two weeks later, Mabelita Campbell returned home alone. When he arrived in Jacksonville, Campbell was so visibly exhausted from his marathon drive -- his son described his father's state of mind as "rational but disoriented" -- that it was arranged for him to be seen by Dr. E.C. Bone, a local physician. Campbell Jr. later told police that his father was given medication to help him sleep. It didn't seem to work. Campbell was restless and paranoid that night, his wife told police, according to a later account by Charles Runkel, a Jacksonville police captain at the time. Twice before 1 a.m., Campbell uncharacteristically awakened her to ask whether their car was locked, she said. Twice she reassured him and told him to go back to sleep. When she woke again, on her own, at 2:15 a.m., she was alone. A quick search of the hotel room and their car revealed no sign of the elder Campbell's departure but, rather, turned up a disturbing list of left-behind items: Campbell's wallet, all of his money, his shoes, his glasses, his keys, and all of his clothes. The only items missing were the bright-green pajamas he had worn to bed. After two anxious weeks, Mabelita Campbell reluctantly returned home to Massachusetts. Before her death last month, she never learned what happened to her husband. http://illinoistimes.com/article-1296-into-thin-air.html

Hey guys

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www.thisisnotapuzzle.com let's get this going
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i was on this board and i was thinking, does human blood or blood in general have special qualities. since most people don't come in to contact with human blood there might not be all that seems. maybe drinking could lead to immortality on the more scientifically accepted notion does eating human blood make people crazy, like an enzyme or something or is it physiological because they are eating human
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pic unrelated Can spirits or demons be captured on camera? A while back, like 6 years ago, I had this friend who claimed that she could interact with spirits. She was either a very commited liar, a schizo, or was legit haunted by demons. I was never sure which. Maybe she was all of them. Regardless, she said one day that she felt like I was unsafe and wanted me to send her some pictures of my house. I complied and took a few and sent them to her. One of them had a unexplainable blur resembling a face but that could be dismissed. I sent her the pictures and she freaked out. She said there from like 6-12 demons in all of the pictures I took. She sent the pictures back with the demons circled in MS paint. I never saw the demons in the pictures besides that one face. She said only some people with open minds can see them. I kept the pictures for a while and sometimes would show people without explaining what the they were pictures of. Sometimes people wouldn't react but sometimes people would say that those pictures are fucked up and that they saw weird shit in them. I'm not trying to prove that this story is real. I lost the phone that I took the pictures with a while back and that was the only thing with the pictures on it. I just want to know /x/, does this sound like bullshit or is it plausible? Can this sort of thing be real or were my friends fucking with me?
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Ok guys, I'm beyond confused about last night's dream and I thought I'd share. I've been having dreams about doppelgängers since I was a kid. Always some sort of woman would follow me around; I knew "it was her" every time she was around and in her physical presence near me I would always be reduced to a shambling mess that could never get away. Seriously. I'd be severely crippled once she was within range... getting heavy arms, enhanced awareness, blurry vision and others. Sometimes she'd take someone else's form in order to fool me (which was useless because somehow I'd know something's wrong). Last night, after several years of not having any dreams with "her", it came back again. Now this time sporting an attractive woman's form. After fending her off (because I felt the crippling sensation once again), she somehow lost her threatening aura and start caressing me. Roughly giving me an explanation (I cannot remember right now) how she's been following me all of this time and now she's somehow interested in me. I was shocked enough to not react as she started pleasing me (even her slightest touch was a wave of unrelenting pleasure). I struggled to wake up. I did. I was hard as fuck and I was sweating bullets. When I slept again several minutes later, after calming down and doing other things to forget about it... she was still there, waiting. Now she was really into pleasing me right at the start but I managed to wake up before I could feel anything else. The dream didn't continue afterwards. As she seemed to have left the building we were in (during the dream) and I was left with to my own in there. It might be just a dream... but it seriously freaked me out. I also found this while surfing: http://mysuccubusmarissa.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/stages-of-a-succubus-relationship-saturday-january-7th-2012/ Is this even "something"? It is the first time I ever experienced such thing and now I'm curious about this whole succubus thing.

The Twilight Zone

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Hello /x/, can we have a Twilight Zone thread?
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Is there occult symbolism in pornography the same way there is in non-pornographic movies, music videos and TV shows?
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Who do you think really ruined vampires? They used to be cool monsters not some kind of misunderstood jackass
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Damn sum scary shit has been happening around me >be me >18, still in high school so living with mom >mom gets new bf >insanely nice, church on sundays and reads bible >like all the time >like he has about 7 gb of sermons on discs fun part >at moms bf's house >grabbing lighter to smk with cause i keep dropping all of them in the hot tub >walking back outside >look into dark bathroom >shower door shuts hard as fuck >knocks over shampoo bottles and shit >investigated after running like a betafag >absolutely nobody is home other than homies in hottub >talk to mom's bf's son, chris jr >he says im lucky more? i learn some fucked up shit
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I dont if you guys have heard of this but I though you guys would like this story if you havent already. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/weird-news/lists/dollar-store-toy-wand-has-hidden-picture-of-demonic-child-cutting-herself-with-a-kitchen-knife-9850505.html If you guys know of any similar stories or anything actualy creepy coming from the news Id like to hear about it.
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