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30th November 2014
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Rune readings

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We seem to have a few people offering tarot readings tonight but no other forms so hey, rune readings. Just ask a question as long as it's not yes/no. (Or just ask for a reading sans question. S'up to you.)
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>talk about the akashic records and how they allow anybody access to all information >immediately follow up saying aliens are the cause of geniuses The bullshit isn't even internally consistent.


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Shouldn't we always have a creepypasta thread going?
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Good evening/morning, /x/. Is it possible there are any lucky ones who have some old screens of stories posted up on /x/? If I had to pick within a certain timeframe, maybe around 2009-2012? Creepypasta, real experiences, anything along those subjects, would be greatly appreciated if dumped.
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Are there any documentaries that explain the theory behind pic related in depth? I'd like to learn more about the history of the relationship between humans and aliens.

Dreams are too lucid, advice?

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Ever since I stopped the herb a while ago, I have been having real life level dreams. I am aware but cannot do anything magic or special than normal and have to defend myself from monsters. I had to kill myself with a shovel last night it was so scary.

spoopy stuff

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So I've been hunting ghost and such for a while and I learned using salt to stop ghost really works and iron does too but what about demons? I know that supernatural show says a demons trap is the thing to use but I can never find any real backing to where it's from and if it will work. You dudes in /x/ have any info?
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Where art thou, O quren of /x/ were has ye weary soul traveled to
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Millions of years of evolution are at stake if the human race doesn't liberate itself collectively from the animal mind to the true self, or the spirit of compassion. Call it Tao, Brahman, Godhead, Source, Void, Universal Soul, or whatever else you'd like. We started off as a bacterium inside of lava vents deep down in the ocean, fought with tooth and claw for millions of years, and have been gifted the life of a human being. We are the only species who can understand the truth, and if we do not, our home planet will be destroyed by ourselves. With the power of the internet and mass communication, we ought to put self-interest aside come together. I'll be damned if I take this life as a human for granted when I am privileged enough to know the truth, and therefore I will selflessly dedicate this life to the greater good of humankind's future evolution, which will come from mass spiritual awakening. Even if I die unknown and in obscurity, at least I will have remained true.
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I know this is the roleplaying board ever since the sticky got put up. But can anybody give me information on where I can go to study becoming an exorcist? All Google gets me is "pay 200 dollars a year for our videos!" Pic related. I'm in the pic.

Jack O'Lantern Pictures

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Show us your pumpkins... or ones you found on the `net.

My Halloween experience thus.

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I've never been one to have bad feelings about things or to get creeped out easily. But there's this ominous feeling I'm getting tonight, this Halloween. It feels like dread is in every corner and it's slowly creeping into me. I'm home alone because the family went to a haunted house and I would rather just sit on the computer; sad I know. But I've locked all the doors, turned off the porch light, and the car's gone. So hopefully no trick-or-treaters come by or anybody knocks. But I just have this weird feeling something bad might happen tonight. Like anything could happen. I dunno I feel crazy lol. tl;dr My Halloween is feeling creepy, how's yours going?
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Voices of unknown origin appearing on radio frequencies were first noticed by Scandanavia by the military in the thirties. They were put down at the time to secret Nazi transmitters, but the voices spoke in unknown and mixed tongues. And after the war, no record of secret Nazi transmissions ever came to light. The voices didn't stop after war, but their rapidity and their transient nature precluded static. That is, before the tape recorder came into common usage in the fifties. A group of radio hams in Chicago studied the strange transmissions. Male and female voices, speaking in colored melodies and lyrical tones. But it was not until 1959 that a Russian born Swedish citizen, radio and TV producer and filmmaker, Friedrich Juergenson, noticed intrusions on tape, and commenced his own systematic study. A disturbing fact soon emerged. The voices zeroed in on the Swede, addressing him by name, revealing a knowledge of his thoughts and actions, and claiming to be the the voices of deceased friends and acquaintances. The news spread rapidly, and soon experimenters and scientists all over the world were attempting to duplicate Juergonson's work. The effect on parapsychologists was dramatic. Accustomed to investigating the blind forces of artifacts through endless and somewhat boring amount of dice guessing experiments, they were confronted with living voices, which answered back. Taken by surprise, the British parapsychologists, without conducting experiments, rejected the objectivity of the voices, explaining them as breakthroughs from police messages, or simply mechanical noises from the tape recorder. But their European counterparts were more cautious, and possibly, with greater technical resources, they soon found out that they were indeed confronted with voices of unknown origin on tape.
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They were supposed to burn the bodies, but Tom never did. He buried them instead. All of them. It was the worst job at the compound, but he didn't complain. At least he tried not to. The whole world had gone pretty bad in the last few years, between the riots and infections. He considered himself lucky to be alive and safe. If he had to do the job everyone hated, it was a fair trade.

Former Lockheed Martin engineer from Texas: I met aliens at Area 51

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So this subject is firing up on facebook, I didnt get a chance to watch the video on youtube since it was removed immediately. Link: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Former-Lockheed-Martin-engineer-from-Texas-I-met-5858753.php


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The thirst is something people grow accustomed to. It consumes us in our waking moments of the day, and in the long hours of the night. This thirst that i refer to applies to a very specific group of people that exist in every corner of the globe. The members of this group may be aware of their involvement, or be in denial that they suffer from this lust. Most people in this group prefer different settings and have different perspectives of this plane of existence. But the one, true characteristic that links them together is a sick fascination. You know of this group, and fear their presence. You fear what they delight in. You hope with every fiber of your being that they will not choose you next. You are blind to their true motives but some of you have a thirst for knowledge that can't be quenched. You will find yourself pondering over what they truly want with the innocence of others. Then, as you fear that knowing too much will lead them to you, you will seek this knowledge out. It shall not be easy to find, but as anyone with an obsession knows, if you are bent on a cause and are particularly uncompromising in your goals, no obstacle will be too great. You will find an outlet of knowledge about them. You will find that you have less and less time for other things such as your loved ones, your personal needs, and your position of employment. You will become a shadow of your former self in your lust for knowledge. Then, after you've ruled out enough leads to find them, you will come across one of the group. They will deny your accusations at first, until you remember all the sacrifices you've made for this cause of yours. You use every single resource to gain information from them. After they finally crack after their dwindling state, they will start to laugh. They will welcome you to the group. For you share their relentless driving thirst: Knowledge. You share their lust. You and everyone you know craves what they crave. Knowledge. You are one of them now.


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So. It has been a while since there has been a good meme to come out of /x/, right? I nominate the christian cross as a 2spokeyfOFmean.filename >Christian Cross ((a.k.a. good guys*) Down-Side down cross) >Sat-tan Cross ((a.k.a bad guys*) Up-Side Down Cross What the vanilla fudge guys. Remember when we heard people demonizing something that had any cross on it, but was thought to be up-side down? >Implying you can't just take a Bible hold it up-side down and read it backwards to turn it bad Am I explaining this ok? sheesh. Anyone have any good audio bible versus played backwards to end this war once and for all? ????????tl:dr !!!!!!!!!!!!! post /x/memes
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>look at the clock it says 1:58 >look a couple minutes later >it says 1:02 nope i think i just been abducted by aliens.
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