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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxPyKynPBYI schizophrenic guy or are some spooks communicating in some way through this
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i have been told by my superior that in 4 days the happening will be visible to us. goodbye.
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Ok guys, I'm beyond confused about last night's dream and I thought I'd share. I've been having dreams about doppelgängers since I was a kid. Always some sort of woman would follow me around; I knew "it was her" every time she was around and in her physical presence near me I would always be reduced to a shambling mess that could never get away. Seriously. I'd be severely crippled once she was within range... getting heavy arms, enhanced awareness, blurry vision and others. Sometimes she'd take someone else's form in order to fool me (which was useless because somehow I'd know something's wrong). Last night, after several years of not having any dreams with "her", it came back again. Now this time sporting an attractive woman's form. After fending her off (because I felt the crippling sensation once again), she somehow lost her threatening aura and start caressing me. Roughly giving me an explanation (I cannot remember right now) how she's been following me all of this time and now she's somehow interested in me. I was shocked enough to not react as she started pleasing me (even her slightest touch was a wave of unrelenting pleasure). I struggled to wake up. I did. I was hard as fuck and I was sweating bullets. When I slept again several minutes later, after calming down and doing other things to forget about it... she was still there, waiting. Now she was really into pleasing me right at the start but I managed to wake up before I could feel anything else. The dream didn't continue afterwards. As she seemed to have left the building we were in (during the dream) and I was left with to my own in there. It might be just a dream... but it seriously freaked me out. I also found this while surfing: http://mysuccubusmarissa.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/stages-of-a-succubus-relationship-saturday-january-7th-2012/ Is this even "something"? It is the first time I ever experienced such thing and now I'm curious about this whole succubus thing.
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If power corrupts, and God is all powerful, then would that suggest that he is infinitely evil? What if this is all a trick? No matter how hard you try, no matter if you're good or bad, no matter who you worship, no matter if you're right or wrong, no matter what you've done - you're going to hell when you die. No exceptions. What then, /x/?
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Well... what the fuck was this /x/. Last night I had a very weird vivid dream, pic kinda related. I met a young man who tricked me into joining a satanic cult ritual, he told me to come with him to a party, next thing I know I'm in a dark room filled with lots of people, not knowing what the fuck we where waiting for, an older man comes in to the room and speaks about what's going to happen there, he spoke about summoning a demon of some sort, I can't remember the exact words he said. there was another younger guy who entered the room, the old man talked to him in a passive aggressive way, telling him he was glad he made it, the look on this man's face told me he did not want to be there and that he really had no choice in this. We all put on dark robes with hoods and walked into a big room (church like), we all lined up in a formation and stood there patiently waiting for what was to come. The doors open and a few female participants entered the room. I remember them holding a chain with lamps of some sort on the end, everyone started chanting, including me, the females walked around the room touching peoples head. When it was my turn she touched my neck and looked me straight in the eyes while continuing chanting, suddenly her face became demon like in appearance and my vision became greyish, followed by a hallucination of a dark portal with a man standing in front of it, a demon came out of the portal and chained the man's hands and legs and dragged him in to what I believe was hell while he was screaming in horror. I don't remember much of the rest of the dream, except that I had become part of the cult and where travelling around the world in a private jet with the old man who I believe was the leader and a few other members planning on the future of the human race. TL;DR why did I dream about becoming part of a satanic cult?
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Xeno I do this standing on my head. Your comments are nul and void, you fucking hypocritical moron. 4plebs your trip fucking ayy lmao
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Deals w/ demons, the Devil, whatever other gods/entities might be open to a trade w/ a human? All information about how to are welcome, as well as personal stories of those who have made such a transaction "The soul is Gods! Don't sell it, it's not worth it! You'll be damned to hell!" And the like will be ignored.


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yooo, so im looking for something really unsettling. i dont dwell on /x/ like ever, but i figure this would be the best place to put in a request. im trying to scare the shit out of a friend, we send eachother fucked up stuff, and try to freak eachother out. not really looking for gore or anything like that, just really creepy shit. thanks in advance.
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Last night I had a very disturbing nightmare that I'd like to share with you all and see if I can get some sort of closure out of this cesspool of autism. I was very scared when I woke up and I felt strange for about 3-4 hours after I was awake. >In private school with strange architectural design >learning in class, etc. >Hear loud, disturbed screaming from hall >Since it is a dream, I can somehow sense that it is a girl with autism or some mental disability roaming the halls >Girl is walking with limp and flailing arms while screaming unattended by a caretaker >start freaking out >teacher asks me to deliver something to another class >Say no, too afraid to leave class >As the year goes on, I begin to lose things such as my wallet and binder >Certain teachers are murdered over time >For some reason, riding down slide in school that must have been 50 stories high >Random kid is sitting in the middle of the slide >I stop behind him to talk to him >For no reason whatsoever, proceed to push the kid off the side of the slide to which he begins to fall. >He does not scream or become distressed, but merely floats down for a moment on his back, as he stares at me. >He then falls at normal speed to which I assume his death >This part, especially his stare, creeped me out a lot >Slide down rest of the way >Still afraid of crazy girl running around school, but haven't heard her in some time >See people from the camp I worked at over the summer >Wasn't aware why they were at the school >We walk out to the parking lot >It is night >We see one of the teacher's cars still there >Walk over and see her dead in the driver's seat >Teacher is dismembered with organs everywhere >We're all shocked >See my things that have been lost on the floor near the car >Deduce that the killer has been stealing my things >Fear spreads over me >wake up Considering this is a dream, the occurrences naturally do not tie together well, but I'd like to see if anyone can tell me if it means anything.


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Discuss Discus Discu Disc Dis Di D :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAlaRdrcQcY
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A friend of mine that works at a gas station says that she believes a wiccan friend of hers has hexed her. After loaning the woman an undisclosed sum the witch said that she lost the money, and needed more. My friend refused and the woman insulted her several times and will not speak to her unless it is to communicate threats. So now I come to this august commune to inquire on both the likeliness of this and how to put a stop to this. So, /x/philes, what do?
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im looking for a genuinely terrifying book one that will give me nightmares. ive only read one scary story thats spooked me but now i want a real good scary book. i want to be changed
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Hello /x/, Im not a regular here but I have some paranormal experiences to share. I am half way through a military career in the US Air Force and some stories i recalled at my recent promotion party are right up /x/s alley. Im no expert and i havent really looked into any of the stories i have to share...none of them particularly disturbed me. But if /x/ would like to listen to some of them and tell me what they think I'd be happy to share for an hour or so. If theres a busier night where theres a better audience or more interest let me know. My background is Security Forces. Meaning I've got about 10 years of working long lonely nights patrolling isolated areas on old military facilities in conditions that make paranormal events easy to believe. The stories i have an the moment stretch from Lackland AFB, Langley AFB, several reserve bases, and Manas AB Kyrgyzstan.
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Why are Satanists such potatoes? >Pic related Its OC.
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In Salem, Massachusetts, there is a bookstore on Chestnut street. Upon entering it you will notice all of the novelty items, games, books, etc. Walk to the back and you will find a book in a case. This is an altered bible created by witches a very long time ago. Turn to page 144 and you'll notice a passage talking about "The Devil's Bookmark". There, you will find more coordinates that leads you to a basement in a Suburban house in Foxboro. What took place in said basement was unheard of. But within that basement is a passage way to hell. Stay safe /x/. You guys are good.
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So /x/ Do you ever get the feeling you could be part of some kind of government/outer-worldly experiment? I get this feeling a lot, where I'm constantly thinking about people watching me or, people monitoring me to see how intelligent I am and if I can pick up on the hints they give me. I'm pretty sure I've had some, including the face of a girl I swear I have seen before, but an older version, perhaps 20 times. I see her a lot, but I can never remember where. I'm thinking this is a way of testing me... Anyone else, or just me? >inb4 comments about bad grammar, English isn't my first language.

Question/Answer with God!

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I am God of Existence, ask me anything and I'll answer to the best of my capabilities! Note: I've only met glowing greys, some nonglowing greys, and Humans.
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Listen here guys, I've been blazing for 10 years now , I can confirm you this thing for sure : get "stoned" and you are become open vagina for Jinns/demons and all sorts of ethereal parasites to come fuck with your head. That's why smoking is easier than quitting. They want to keep their bitches stoned and vulnerable. Moreover, weed nowadays is not the natural herb that Bob Marley used to smoke. It is controlled by the Illuminati now, promoted by Hollywood to brainwash the youngsters, and I don't even wanna know what they add in it. Still struggling with cigarette addiction, but I'm sick of wasting my money to corrupt my natural spirituality for them demons and asshole people. Be a man, you know what is the right thing to do. If you can replace addiction with prayer your life will get 100x better, but that is though as fuck to achieve. >Also, general Jinn/sleep paralysis/spirits nocturnal attacks thread. I had one yesterday.
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