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http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/03/05/woman-drives-into-ocean/6095197/ Thoughts?


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Atheists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_UXZG4BMRA&feature=youtu.be
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i want on ?

Thoughtform Servitors

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Hi /x/philes Greentext time, I wonder if you guys can help me out with some extra info. >Be about Summer 2011. >At uni and slacking off, coasting along with okish grades. >Dissertation looming on the horizon and motivation nowhere to be found. >Using some of the tutorials I have seen posted on here went about trying to summon a Servitor to help give me focus and drive. >Spend a few weeks increasing my meditation every day to prepare. >On the day go into trance and start crafting this thing in my minds eye. >It took on the form of a Seagull that was shimmering gold all over and it was perched on my right shoulder. >It gave itself a name, for some reason it feels strange to say it aloud or write it anywhere >I complete my dissertation in time and get a pretty decent grade and pass my uni course. >Fast forward to the last few months and have a nagging feeling that I should have released it after its task was done. >Had a few sporadic visions when i'm dreaming of either an injured bird or one that is looking really bedraggled, feathers falling out and shit. >Decide just now to interact with it while meditating. >The bird is no longer a bird but has taken on the form of what looks like an arctic fox >Just sitting in front of me very calmly staring at me, not malicious or evil feeling at all. >What I DID feel was a massive rush of goosebumps and chills down my right side, where the Gull had perched when I summoned it. >It got so uncomfortable that I snapped out of my trance convinced there was someone standing near me or behind me on that side. >I didn't go back into the trance but I want to try again later and just see what it is trying to tell me. TL;DR Summoned Servitor, didn't dismiss it when job was done and now it has changed its form. Anyone with any experience know what any of this means or what it is now representing? Feel free to share experiences or anything in this thread. pic related: Pretty much exactly what it looks like only whiter.
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Hello /x/ Throughout the years I have felt, like many others, that something is not quite right with the world that we live in. Throughout my childhood I have been told that things are the way they are because. (because of very much unreasonable reasons as I say) That we have to be educated to become a worthy contributor to this society. That you need to get a good job, take care of your health, to get married and make lots of little children. I have always felt, that something about this is very, very much unnecessary. Mostly the way in which this is sort of forced into the minds of the people. I have observed, that in such a society STATUS is just about everything. Self-pride and vanity, greed, hatred are the results of a specific attitude of mind which is imposed to us by a certain force which will eventually be explained as I write. I have always felt with my entire being that there is something going wrong with humanity. Following this impulse I have made it my goal to search for an answer, for a life with is exactly as I want it without taking from others. A life free of any hate, any jealousy, greed, ect. (cont.)
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This board is far from the frightning disturbing paranormal i recall most of these other threads entirely dont belong..
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Hey /x/ im trying to remember the name/stream of this strange girl that use to get posted on here. >webcames in her home >boxes blockading the door >weird signs every where >afraid the police man is after her >rarely leaves her home i was just wondering if shes still alive.
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Hey /x/ Awhile back there was a thread about creepy darkweb shit and an anon posted pic related, along with a quick blurb about how it was screenshotted from a series of e-snuff films where some guy would throw people dressed in animal costumes into quicksand, would like if somebody could confirm its authenticity. also >darkweb thread
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I had a very strange dream a few nights ago. It was strange in my opinion and its been eating at me... Tell me what you think about it. Two weeks ago it had began to rain all across the country. It wasnt a heavy rain but never let up and stayed weeks longer than it was originally said to. The food my father bought had begin to run out and my family began to worry about the next few days. My father was deeply upset over this and sat in his room leaving the rest of us alone for a while. It was two days after our food was gone that the rain suddenly stopped. My mother brother and I ran outside to look around. I was the only one to notice the ground was dry. There were no puddles and the clouds had vanished from the sky. I looked up and saw a very bright and vivid rainbow that touched the ground and was completely stretched over the horizon. The colors inside were twisting together moving around like waves. At the top center there was a bright orb that reminded me of a small sun. My mother turned to me and told me to get my father to come out and see it. I ran inside opening his door telling him to come outside. When we got to the door they both stood in the kitchen telling us the rainbow was gone. My brother ran to the door telling me to come look at something else. When he opened the door it was like heat from an oven being blown in. My brother started to scream as his skin turned red. My father grabbed him slamming the door behind him but not before I was able to look outside to see the sun like object had grown in size as if it was moving closer to the earth. My brother was sitting on the floor crying from the pain from his burns. Seeing this caused me to wake up. Im no dream reader or anything like that... but id like to hear what you guys think about it.
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>9/11 >Boston Bombings >Sandy Hook >GMOs >Chemtrails >Mainstream Media conditioning >NSA spying >Being treated like a terrorist in your own airport. When will you realize your government does not care about you!!! If people don't start standing up, we will all be fucked over, either by some false flag war, or in camps.... discuss.

Sex Magick

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Can anyone help me out with some Links on this topic? Anyone who's experienced in this?
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Post your favorite /x/ related videos. Post only your favorites. And label it so we know what we're watching. Suicide Forest in Japan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FDSdg09df8 C2CAM: June 24 2012 - More Odd Disappearances http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEL9jDMnhz4 Ruth Price 911 Call http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lu4lVFijM6g Man Plays In Septic Tank http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq2RxF4psi8 FEWDIO - Bedfellows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z6xGU2_g9s Ghost crying http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnNplKfY6O8
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hello /x/ i had a dream a few months ago and started thinking about it recently i figure greentext might make it better to read >be middle of the night >one of those dreams where its like i woke up from a dream >in my bed >lying down looking up at ceiling >feel very very uncomfortable >look to my left >see a dark black shadow with a few reddish areas >instantly look away to my right and close my eyes >feel it pull me back to the left side and my eyes open again >see it up close this time but cant make out any features except that there is some odd dust floating around inbetween us >scared shitless >look away again >its as if it was burned into my eyes >almost like flash blindness but with a shadow instead >the black shadow just remained burned onto my eyes and i could see it everywhere i looked >remember hearing something incoherent >wake up i pray before i go to sleep every night and i keep thinking that i must've forgotten to pray that night thoughts? dream thread? pic unrelated

Snowden Psyops and UFO's

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Well /x/, what do we do with this? http://uk.news.yahoo.com/mysterious--flying-saucer--slides-found-in-documents-leaked-by-edward-snowden-063618185.html#vBZaufE Snowden apparently released docs showing aliens and gov psyops, but no one here is talking about it? Get with it!
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For the past 15 years on random nights I've shot up out of bed only to see a floating orb drifting in-front of my eyes. It is usually bright green in color and disappears as soon as I turn on the lights. It is always an orb and when I wake up I feel like my entire room is bearing down on me. I feel like my entire room is filled with people staring at me and quickly become anxious and nervous. This happened last night except I woke up, shot out of bed, and saw a floating spiked orb like the one in the picture. It didn't have color but it was translucent and just like before it dissipated as soon as I turned on my bedroom light. The strange part about last night was my hallway light was on so the room was already lit. What the fuck am I seeing and why do I constantly feel like Im being watched after I see this thing? I literally cannot go back to sleep after seeing it and will stay awake until morning light. Has this happened to anyone else?

return of the giants

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anyone think the giant animals and demons of legend will return? it was prophesized by many old beliefs.. where would they come from and how would we survive? examples are Surtur, Ymir, the Fomor, the Nephilim and so on..
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I don't know if it's worth it anymore. Top secret military groups pay me to disinfo all that is reptilian and grey related, yet I don't know it it's worth it anymore. They pay me a lot, yet I feel guilty that I contribute to keeping the herd in its place. The public should know what's really going on underground, but they'll find me if I do. America has long lost its definition of freedom because of the government's dick hungry appetite for technology.
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If God isn't real, then why do atheists spend so much energy hating Him? Why would atheists hate an entity that they don't believe exists? That's proof that even skepdick atheists feel His presence. They're just too hateful and ignorant to use logic and make sense of that feeling.
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