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http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/03/05/woman-drives-into-ocean/6095197/ Thoughts?


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Atheists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_UXZG4BMRA&feature=youtu.be
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i want on ?
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Hey /x/. I has a question. Theoretically, what would happen if a commercial flight was forced to make an emergency landing at Groom Lake AFB (Area 51). Basically the aircraft would be put in a situation where any other option would result in a fiery crash in the middle of the desert. Know I know that personnel in the area are authorized to use deadly force on trespassers, but I doubt that they would leave a bunch of passengers to die, otherwise they would never hear the end of it from the media.
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Does anyone has those weird facebook statuses where you have to find what's wrong? Like, I remember one saying that this dude went to his friends house and he thought the meat was human meat, but when he ate it he knew it wasn't. Help a bro, /x/. >Pic unrelated

Sex Magick

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Can anyone help me out with some Links on this topic? Anyone who's experienced in this?

Snowden Psyops and UFO's

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Well /x/, what do we do with this? http://uk.news.yahoo.com/mysterious--flying-saucer--slides-found-in-documents-leaked-by-edward-snowden-063618185.html#vBZaufE Snowden apparently released docs showing aliens and gov psyops, but no one here is talking about it? Get with it!

JoS is shit

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Hello /x/, lets talk about Joy of Satan. I'll start. >be me >bored >google >HURR SATAN >see joyofsatan.org >yolo.png >participated in everything >in my area they said i was already a master or something >been in it for one year >wtf >realize its a cult >wait - im in a cult >"SCREW YOU GUYS, IM GOIN HOME" i say >study REAL occultism >realize this makes sense >joy of satan think they make sense because they said so >occultism provided proof >try occult spells and rituals >shit works >imma weezard now Joy of Satan is shit, do not fall into their cult. Its not real occultism, nor has satanism been around before christianity. Deal with it, you got the character satan from christianity. Citation - one year of JoS, apperently i was top dog and satan thought i was his nigga. Never saw Satan, ever. Better off with Goetia
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Good Peas

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There were fucking peas in my shit! (the photo doesn't represent my poop)
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these things are all highly suspicious. ii have no idea why. lets recap ALL important happenings since the year 2008. 9/11 war on terror sabre rattling connecticut massacre boston bombing fukushima revolt in egypt revolt in syria revolt in ukraine revolt in lybia now im pretty sure these things have a connection. im just not sure what kind of connection. help me out bros?
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I've been extremely paranoid. No, it isn't from browsing /x/. But it's lasted a while. Let me give you some examples~ >i cant have a loud volume on headphones or wear them at all because I always feel like I need to hear exactly what's going on >my heart beats so fast it hurts when I walk down my damn hallway >always looking behind myself, and around myself >cannot leave any doors open >cant have items out in certain ways, example would be a chair, because i'm afraid ill find someone sitting in it >i've had a HIDEOUS fear of, oh how do I explain it, like a fear of someone or something making such a loud noise in the quietness. I'm feeling this right now, actually. My body just feels this way like I cannot handle ANYTHING, and i'm going to be honest, trying in capitals scares me because it reminds me of the loud noises. (fuck im crazy, sorry) >I've been needing to sleep in skype calls with people because i am afraid to be alone >cant sleep at night because i always need to check my surroundings, i am loosing sleep over this. I even get scared of what may be behind me to the wall when i am laying down sleeping. >i have to sleep with my glasses on because i need to see everything perfectly this is honestly ruining my life guys. i know i may have suffered from panic attacks at a very young age as well. I've had sleep paralyses and nightmares since I was 3 or 4. I've always been a very scared person. So is this shit normal? Do you guys have the same shit here? Because I honestly feel like I'm going crazy, fucking schizo shit here. >tfw i'm afraid of fucking loud noises happening >tfw cant use fucking headphones
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Hey /x/, lets try something different- let's get a creepy window story thread. I never realized how creepy windows actually are. Either by looking out it, being close to it, or hearing something just outside of it- just the thought that you can see something/someone outside, looking at you... it's just unsettling to me. So let's hear some stories involving windows. Looking out of them and seeing something, noticing something looking into your home, waking up to an open window, anything revolving around windows. Will post mine in thread.

trickster god alignment

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my spirit animal is coyote, my patron god is tezcatlipoca and I have a real understanding of all trickster gods. I have noticed that I fit in amazingly well in any group I find myself in and I tend to wander so the types of social groups I have spent time with is quite large and varied. but even though I am often accepted I have never really felt like I have belonged in any of them. a shaman i was smoking with told me its from my affinity to trickster gods properties of shape shifting and charisma? can your patron and spirit animal really have an effect on you like that? I thought it was more a way to self refelect then an actual force. or do I just have high functioning autism with a "exotic" face? I could use some spirit guidence from the hippy dippies and some wing clipping from the fadoras, all is welcome in this little crowd sourced quest of self discovery. pic related: the deepest sage alive.

D.R. O'Brien wants to Halt Lovecraft Mashups.

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Have you accepted K-Log as... 4 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Have you accepted K-Log as your Lord and Savior, /x/?

Buddhists protest the Dalai Lama

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http://news.yahoo.com/video/buddhist-faction-protests-dalai-lama-192116879.html Supposedly the Dalai Lama has been pretty hard on a certain faction, and they claim he's lying about them. Sounds like they say they're Shugden, so i assume it's this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorje_Shugden Anyone familiar with them?
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In 1791, alchemists under the employ of Emperor Joseph II perfected an immortality serum, which was then administered to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In an effort to keep his newfound immortality secret, Mozart faked his death and fled to Japan. Officially, Mozart is buried in an unmarked grave. His body has never been found. In 1889, Nintendo was founded. However, unbeknownst to them, the building purchased to be Nintendo's headquarters was where Mozart had been hiding for all these years. Mozart has secretly been living with Nintendo ever since. Nintendo has tried to drop hints about the truth about Mozart in their games over the years. The Mario Bros. arcade game began with an excerpt of Eine kleine Nachtmusik, and a magic flute is a recurring element in the Zelda series. The most famous example, of course, is in Pokemon. Not only is the final Gym Leader named Giovanni, but a message has been hidden in the names of the Legendary Birds. MOltres + Zapdos + ARTicuno = MOZART. Now I ask you, when will Nintendo come clean about their secret? The world deserves to know once and for all that Mozart is still alive.
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