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http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/03/05/woman-drives-into-ocean/6095197/ Thoughts?


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Atheists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_UXZG4BMRA&feature=youtu.be
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i want on ?
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hello /x/ i had a dream a few months ago and started thinking about it recently i figure greentext might make it better to read >be middle of the night >one of those dreams where its like i woke up from a dream >in my bed >lying down looking up at ceiling >feel very very uncomfortable >look to my left >see a dark black shadow with a few reddish areas >instantly look away to my right and close my eyes >feel it pull me back to the left side and my eyes open again >see it up close this time but cant make out any features except that there is some odd dust floating around inbetween us >scared shitless >look away again >its as if it was burned into my eyes >almost like flash blindness but with a shadow instead >the black shadow just remained burned onto my eyes and i could see it everywhere i looked >remember hearing something incoherent >wake up i pray before i go to sleep every night and i keep thinking that i must've forgotten to pray that night thoughts? dream thread? pic unrelated
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Ok OP here (the right term is that) long time lurker first time poster here on >> and I would like to say that I am only just a little bit nervous so be nice k what are your thoughts about the archons? Is Hanz a archon? Are tulpa archon? Are archon paranormal? Tell me all your thinks.. sorry /x/ 4chan but english no my first language pic related its me

visual noise

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so i recently found out visual noise is a thing, ive had this as long as i can remember and i never thought about it, i had noticed it but i thought it was normal... ive gotten my eyes examined a bunch of times and theyre fine (except that in the past year my eyesight has beem deteorating because computers and shit) a friend of mine told me i have this because im stuck between two dimensions and thats why theres no scientific reason for this happening (or something among those lines) anybody got a better explanation? pic unrelated.
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Why is there no creepy image thread? Think of the children!
I briefly wrote last year... 12 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
I briefly wrote last year about a “living cloud of shadows” surrounding this planet, populated by energy parasites. These parasitic beings have chosen to experiment with the illusions of separation, fear, darkness, isolation, conquering, enslavement, pain, suffering, torture, etc. to the strongest degree possible. In doing so, they have completely cut themselves off from the nourishing Light of Being that supports life in the universe. The result is that they must energetically nourish themselves by feeding on low-frequency energies that resonate with their chosen mode of expression. These beings call themselves “Archons” which means “Rulers” or “Lords” because they see themselves as the rulers and enslavers of humanity. (The ancient Gnostics first gave them this title in their writings based on direct psychic experiences with these beings.) While these unseen being’s clever enslavement and manipulation of humanity has been quite successful up until now, I will NEVER address them as my ruler or superior in any way, just like I wouldn’t consider physical, intestinal parasites as my superior even though they might cause me physical discomfort until I remove them from my body. Our thoughts have power – much more than we often realize. Words and titles have power because they frame our thoughts into a certain set of beliefs without us even realizing it. Calling a “royal” human “Your Highness” automatically places them above you in your mind. Calling a judge “Your Honor” achieves the same thing. Therefore it very is important that when you think about these energy parasites, that you NEVER call them “Archon” because you will be literally handing them your power and energy by doing so. So what emoticon can I use to represent an archon?
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So my mom is watching Deadfiles. I'm really fed up with that shit. Am I the only one who is fed up with that bitches stupid shit?
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a flag ought 2 wave/flap
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Any friends from /tv/ here? I've been banned for posting bane threads for at least another day and would like to make one here. Do you think bane is scary? He's a pretty big guy
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Best (or your personal favorite) /x/ related documentary material currently on netflix?
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Every joke's a half-truth and every fiction's a half-history. In Stargate ancient astronauts get wit manking back in da deezy. Dem Go'auld be slave-owners. MEANWHILE, back in europe, the greys like Thor and Odin are all nice to the white man. Now y'all feel where I'm going wit dis? Whites got ahead cause dey aliens helped them out. But our aliens in Egypt, they be keepin the black man down. Ya dig?

Other Travel Project

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What does /x/ think of this? basically it is a group following an entity or entities from another plane of existence and contacting artists who are to receive a "gift" from this being. The artist then creates a piece based on the "gift" and an exhibition has been created. More info here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/othertravelproject/other-travel-project pic related. its the mediums.

spoopy stories

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When the weedman brings you out to his house on the lake and as you're sharing a boat ride at sunset the weedman looks you in the eyes and says "letting go is the hardest part" You wake up in a cold sweat as you remember that the weedman has been dead for years but you're still searching for answers.
Hey /x/Does anyone have that... 14 posts and 1 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Hey /x/ Does anyone have that creepypasta about the guy who enters a chatroom with bots that tell jokes, and he slowly becomes one, trying to explain that he's really a human? I can't find it anywhere.

Vampire Charity

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It's Saint Patrick's Day and I'm not superstitious enough to believe in man-eating leprechauns. However, I do believe vampires might be more likely and I'll try to answer questions you might have about them. Primarily, I want to let you know how you can advertize yourself as donors to suspected vampires. It's simple and fun. Just quote vampire movies or faint to hint that you are an iron-deficient anemic. So after watching vampire movies and remembering a few quotes, be on the lookout for opportunities to use them in conversation! Have a good day and remember to wear green!
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itt: we will calculate the way into the fourth dimension
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