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was deleting my thread a test to get into /x/? i saw a UFO today. It was scary. is that paranormal? (Captcha: ROAD HOUSE)
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It's the middle of the night, you're home alone, and see this coming up your stairs. What do you do?
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I don't get people claiming that obama is a reptilian I mean if you would be anyone you want why would you want to be a negro out of all things?
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I fucking love this girl, now I hate love in general, but fuck man she's everything I want in all aspects, we are getting closer, but it's slow, and I want something higher, paranormal, some connection that would satisfy me more, don't suggest obe's I already tried them and failed a lot, but I am good at telepathy, or should I try again obe? Even if she dosent? Is it worth it?? What have you got? Captcha: 5 45553556
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Felix Baumgartner fell to Earth in Roswell, New Mexico. Guess where the opposite point of Roswell is. When's the last time you saw a rainbow?
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I have seen a few similar things on /x/, but nothing that really fits this entirely. Almost ten years ago I met someone online and after a few months he began talking about these creatures with no head and pointed limbs without joints. I could not discern if this person was seeing or dreaming them, because I thought they were schizophrenic so I stopped caring. Soon after I met another (who I still know) and they spoke of dreaming of a creature that looked the same, chasing them from their uncles house, to their own house, through and open field. Not long after I began to dream about them. I do not have 'nightmares'. I have PTSD so my dreams are usually really sad and I wake up emotional, or really violent and I have a terror (mostly about being shot). Having grown up and all the changes I have gone through (no longer believe I will ever be a super villain or a god) I have pushed all paranormal and magic related stuff away from me if it isn't media or personal art. This past summer, a couple I have been working for for just as long hooked me up with a better job at a resort. One fine evening we were hosting a family reunion and I got a strange call from the husband saying they had seen a pointed thing and HAD to come see me. When they arrived they were both pale and nervous. I already know they believe they have seen UFOs (saw my first this summer) and have 'ghost' stories (which I can not deny, I do have some scary ones from when I was a kid). They began to tell me that on the way home from a larger town, they saw what they thought was a dead black bear on the side of the road. They slowed in case there was a cub around and noticed it had no apparent head and the limbs came to obvious sharp points. He aimed the lights more towards it and then, as if something had pulled on it, it ripped right off the road into the bush. I don't know what to make of it, I really thought that as a kid my mind was just playing tricks. Now, I'm not so sure...
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In the Saint Joseph edition of the Holy Bible, me and my family's name and birthdate allign with the feast for that saint's day. I asked around and it is pure coincidence. Wierd eh. thoughts?
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anyone else having this dream? It involves portals. Mirrors without your reflection, secret passages and shadows that lead to completely different universes seemlessly impossible. Climbing on furniture to reach the dark cieling and passing through to rise above a floor to a hallway. Entering a passage after removing a panel under an old western coffee shop bar that opens up to an atrium. Walking around a windowless hotel where each room had dimly lit ancient mirrors sitting in pools of holy water covered in shrouds. I think I'm being haunted by the ghost of someone who was murdered in the hotel room I am staying in right now. Pic related, its a blood stained chair in my hotel room.
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>yfw the Jewish nose is a golden spiral
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Sup /x/, a couple of weeks ago a few friends and I were bored and trying to find something to do so we thought we'd explore some caves we remember hearing about a couple of years ago, so off we went down the steep hill that almost killed us and into the old shale mine that looked like it was about to collapse any minute. When we went about 30m deep after almost having to crawl we came across a small room/opening in the cave and we found what seemed to be a meeting place for some kind of occult worshippers. There were names on the wall in what looked like white paint, one was "Baphomet", and pentagrams all over the walls, candles all along the edge of the room and up on some of the rocks, and the whole place had a really creepy/eerie feeling about it, most likely because it was pitch black and we were in a cave that could collapse and leave us stuck in there forever. So basically I'd just like to ask, do you think this is some kind of elaborate troll that's looking to scare people going in there or do you think that there's genuine Satanists coming into this cave and doing whatever it is they do? I've never really thought about what a Scottish satanist would look like or act like and the whole idea of someone living near me being into the stuff I read about on /x/ is strange. Also, what does the name "Baphomet" implicate about their worship? For some reason things like this give me a sense of dread, knowing that there's people out there that choose to live a life of darkness(sounds like something out a book, I just mean that they're most likely very reclusive and psychologically fucked up and the fact that they're going into this little cave to do these things is just depressing). Link to someone going into the cave, doesn't give a good representation of size or length as she re-used footage of her walking through to make it seem longer, there's also only five or so seconds of footage of the room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vv1zn3Zclk
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Show me the weirdest videos you've ever see /x/
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Does anyone here know about "horse-jumping?" Not like pick related, but some sort of paranormal game or something? My friends are talking all about it, and how it actually works and stuff. Apparently, you go to a farm or some place where you can find a horse, and of course you do it at night because why the fuck not. You get on the horse, hopefully he's all chained up or however you keep a horse still, and you fall asleep while sitting on the horse. It sounds dumb as fuck, but they say that when you do it you, like, "jump" into the body of some person from another time period who was also riding a horse. It's like a dream or something, so you don't feel anything, but my friends swear its like a crazy dream, because you don't have control of how you move, but you're taking in the whole environment, and you can't actually be hurt. Like, you're in a battle or something, riding the horse, and you get shot. You might hear screaming, but you yourself don't feel anything. And if you do die (friends say usually in the dream you end up dying), you'll just wake up. I'd think its all some elaborate joke, because I can't find anything about it online, but I live in a hick town, so maybe its just a thing centered here. When you see your friend in the middle of the night covered in horse shit but still smiling, you know something is up. Anyone know anything about this, or anything similar?
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/x/ what is or are the Nephilim protocols? Is it implying the existence of celestial beings among us? pic not related
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Golem Tulpa thread


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Does /X/ believe in Jesus? I had a dream once that I was riding in a school bus traveling along the highway through the desert when the bus took a detour off road. I couldn't recognize the driver because he had a trench coat and big hat on. The vehicle started going faster and faster. I notice there's a cliff in the near distance. The driver rips off his coat. Turns out it's Jesus. I woke up and it was Christmas morning.

Mickey Mouse in Viet Nam

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Saw a few annons looking for this the other day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdTg2Tq_Vxk&feature=share pic unrelated (it's a school project shoot me)
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