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was deleting my thread a test to get into /x/? i saw a UFO today. It was scary. is that paranormal? (Captcha: ROAD HOUSE)
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Be honest with me /x/ Are the reptilians trying to save our souls? Or eradicate us entirely? Are the insectoids trying to liberate our species? Or are they cultivating a race of hivemind slave laborers? Are the men with eggplant flesh trying to bring us to a higher vibrational state? Or are they artificially inflating our population to boost death rates and maximize the carbon yields left behind by our corpses? I'm very fragile right now and I don't know what to think.
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I was wondering if you all wanted to participate in a social experiment. I was looking at all this 9/11 stuff and how the simpson and the matrix had stuff 9/11 related and everyone being OMG! So i ve decided to pick a random fictional event to happen and was going to see how much stuff we could come up with related to it EVEN THO the event has not happened, just to see how you can really find numbers in anything if you look hard enough. The event will be January 3rd 2019 Two Jet Liners accidentally crash into each other head on on the run way at Atlanta air port. 8:53 AM
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Is there any way I can ensure one specific event to happen? I'm not searching for any kind of powers in the long term, nor do I seek dominance or anything of that sort. I want my life to go on normally, except for one tiny thing (which most deem as insignificant; for various reasons, it is important to me). Without harming myself or putting myself in danger, how can I make sure the odds will be in my favor (since it relies on luck)?
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Guys, somethin ain't right here. Do you think the illuminaughty did it?
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Greetings, /x/. I haven't lurked here for a long while and I came back a couple of days ago to check things out. Demiurge threads everywhere. Correct me if I'm wrong but the world is supposedly virtual, the creator is satan, and the only way to ascend is to be spiritual and kind. That sounds like a dungpile to me. Let's say our race advances and eventually becomes fully atheist. After sufficient scientific advances, we create robots. Having heard nothing about our creator, they'll think we are the creators of their universe and that everything we didn't specifically make just was. We never heard from our creator who created him/her and we take everything he didn't specifically create (such as time, space and the void they exist in) to just be. Every cosmogenesis in every religion has it's god starting off in an empty room sort of a universe that he fills with creation. There's never a mention of a god making said room. So,the Demiurge is likely *a* creator rather than *the* creator, the one we worship as the beginning of anything and everything. This means that while satan is the Allfather, there's also an Allgrandfather to watch over us. After all, "my childrens' children are twice my children". However this doesn't mean that the Allgrandfather cares or can even perceive us. It only means that we may or may not meet a force greater than our creator if we go up against the demiurge. It also means theists aren't necessarily worshipping satan. cont.
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just wanted to know what the diet should be for those who wanted to become one with the universe, and all that spiritual shizz.
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Hey /x/, I was at the beach today and found a really heavy black plastic bag. I opened it thinking it was full of sand to pour out and throw the bag away, but inside was a blue and white piece of cloth. I was concerned as to what was inside so I opened it a little and found beans, rice, feathers and I'm assuming a dead bird (pretty much exactly what is pictured). After some googling I assume it was a Santeria orisha offering to Yemaya. Now, I have very little experience with Santeria, I know of two people who practiced it but they kept to altars in their houses and that was it. I was just wondering, if like some pagan religions, I am now cursed or should do some sort of cleansing ritual in case I disturbed the offering? Any anons familiar with or practice Santeria?
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What are some good documentaries about x-related material? Not talking paranormal per se, but historical stuff about unknown events, diseases, murderers and the like. I just want some background noise while I draw.


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What importance do Crystals play in magic and the occult? I've been talking to a female spirit and she's been telling me to carry a crystal quarts, ammythst, and Tigers eye. Says clear crystal quartz is the most important.
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WHy do Satanists punt vampires around like they are footballs? srs mang
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Heya guys, I don't believe in anything supernatural, but I want to open my mind. What can I do to get some kind of experience?
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http://taima.tv/r/imperialterra goosebumps stream time
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Come join us and watch the weird and watch the strange watch the creepy
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You've been visited by the Spooky Skeleton! Repost this 3 times in the next 2 minutes seconds or you will be visited by a Spooky Skeleton tonight! 95% of people will not post this..... and they will become skeleton.....
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So, I've been falling asleep meditating to binaural beats the last 2 weeks /x/. And you know what I've noticed? My friends have been dreaming of me. And this isn't just 2 or 3, I've had 8 people in the last ~14 days tell me they've had dreams about me, and some of these people I haven't even spoken to in months. And to add to that, I'm having vivid dreams myself, and I usually don't remember dreams at all, not even slightly. But now I find myself waking up totally confused as to why I am suddenly in a different room laying down. What's going on here? Coincidence or something more?
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Im wondering if theres someone on this board who could help me make sense of an experience I had two years ago. I was getting into lucid dreaming, and at that point 99% of the time I would not remember my dreams. So I started to get into the habit of thinking of the dream first thing when I woke up. After a week of this I finally managed to develop this into a regular habit. Soon after that I started to become aware of the fact that I was dreaming in my dreams, though I wasn't able to change my environment in any way. This went on for about 2-3 nights. After that I began to be able to change the dream, usually making it go completely blank and then creating some individual objects or people, but I would always wake up after a few seconds of this. It seemed like I was making progress, until one night I went to sleep with the same routine id did every night, and I remember absolutely nothing of the dreams I had, but I do remember waking up with an intense feeling of dread the likes of which I haven't experienced before or since. It makes my kin crawl thinking about it two years later. Nothing I had read prepared me for this. Can anyone help me make sense of this? Id like to get back into lucid dreaming, but this experience was really unnerving.
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