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captcha: delude form

paranormal themed music

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Thought I would share this with you, it's a paranormal themed album that just came out, called ghost stories hope you enjoy www.samhaynes1.bandcamp.com or www.hauntmusic.co.uk
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does /x/ have an irc or something? I'm bored an sleepless and the neighbor is beating his wife.

you're a prisoner of your mind

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Starting to not be able to focus on the fact that my mind is a prison and I'll never be able to experience anything else until I pass away, or at least I led to believe. Any others observe the same? Any others have advice? Any others know how to experience more of reality >experience = manipulate
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I think I've worked it out. I think I know what UFOs are. In the 1800s people saw mystery dirigibles, before there were such things. Man built dirigibles. Then there were mystery airplane sightings. Man built airplanes. Then there were the ghost rocket sightings. And so on. Now there are flying saucers, man is trying to make anti-grave vehicles. We are being forced sown an evolutionary path. The force behind UFOs is either the evolutionary impulse manifested through our collective unconscious or a deliberate prod from a third party, maybe our creators.

Hypnagogic [sleep] Hallucination

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Hope I'm not double posting - the other threads weren't as specific as this one will be. So lately I've been having auditory hallucinations bordering sleep. Very light ones just before sleep - which I typically assume are just errant thoughts/snippets of conversations that are unusual, because sleep. The hallucinations I have coming back to consciousness are much stronger. The one I just experienced was a woman clearly saying, "Hello?" as if on a phone, then a short series of beeps like the end of a communication. It was to my right - the wall of my bedroom with the window (the door is on the opposite side). It was clear enough to have me out of bed and checking the window. Nothing. I glanced out into the living room to see if my roommate had the tv on - she's not home. So by this time my brain is back online and I figure the logical thing to do is check my phone because it had sounded like a phone call. I'd hate to have called like, the police or something in my sleep, drop the call and then suddenly get a visit from them because they're worried I'm in danger or something. Last text was two hours ago and last phone call was a day ago. So what was it, /x/? A roaming transmission my phone picked up? Maybe one of the alphabet agencies using my phone as a crude walkie-talkie and screwing up? Translated Alien signal? Or just another auditory hallucination that resembled a failed communication attempt from a woman I didn't recognize?

Lord of Tears

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Does anyone know where to get this movie? I have yet to find a torrent for it or a stream, it's weird because it's already out on DVD/bluray and got released 2013. Could any /x/philes help me out here?

Weird UFO Bridal site

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Hey, does anybody in here remember a weird website from about 7 or 8 years ago - it was like Yvonne's Bridal or some shit. Site looked awful, and had some really bizarre pages floating around in the back-end. If anybody remembers the URL it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Love & Healing

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Do you like love? Do you like healing? Do you want to want to actually use your good vibes for a constructive purpose for once? Then lets do this shit. Everyone who has a lot of love in them, it's time to put your love to good use. Clear your mind and as much as possible remove distractions, relax, and close your eyes. Focus on a poster in this thread who needs help. If you need help, post in here asking. With your mind very clear focus on the person who needs help, have the intent to help them through healing them mentally and physically. Then, let all your love be coupled to this intent, and let as much of it as you can while going deep into trance. Eventually you should be able to find this person in the astral. Do not worry if you can't do it exactly, even a representation of the person will do, merely believe that what you are about to do to this form you see will effect them. When you find them, create a thoughtform in what ever manner you like, could be a beam of energy or a ball or a radiant light, whatever -- and focus all your love and your intentions to heal into that and have it go to the person and heal them. The deeper in trance you are when this happens the better it will be. The target can potentially experience very miraculous healing at incredible speed, if you put enough power into it in the form of intensely focused love and intent, they will heal instantly and completely no matter what their problem is. If you need to go deeper, there are many ways to do this. While you're entering trance you can imagine yourself sinking underwater, going down a ladder, going down an elevator, or using any other kind of symbolism that is about going deep into your mind. Eventually you will forget your body, forget your limitations, etc. and you will be able to do anything. That is when you will be able to find the person and heal them.
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How can I calm myself down? I've been really depressed lately due to health problems and that got me thinking about death. I don't want to get too deep into it because I am not an attention whore, but I probably won't live more than a couple more years at most. I was raised a Christian, but I haven't read the bible past the first few pages and I've only been to Sunday school as a kid a few times and I've never really been to church as an adult. I've just been thinking a lot about death, and whether or not there is an afterlife, and what that afterlife is if there is one. This is making me even more upset and stressed because I'm really afraid of burning in hell or any of the other "punishment for not obeying" religious punishments. Can anybody please help ease my mind? I'm not sure what to believe in. All I know is that if there is a hell or place of punishment, I'm probably going there.
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I want to share with you all a night that shook me pretty bad. Maybe it's boring, maybe not, but I need to tell somebody everything. I was having a bad day. It had been a week since I was last in therapy, everything seemed to be going wrong, and I was alone. Realising the moment would pass I decided to go for a walk instead, get some air, maybe the sick feeling in my stomach would disappear. As I walked I met my parents who were driving home - told them I was just going for a quick walk - and a police car drove up the hill away from the village. On my way up to the village I heard somebody running up behind me. Turned around - nobody there. I continued walking and saw something white moving quickly between some trees. I stopped to take a look - nothing there. Feeling like things were getting out of control I sat on a wall for a minute to calm down. I heard a car coming my way so I stood up - it was a police car, the same as the one I saw earlier. I continued to the shop I'd been heading towards and heard a loud pounding drum. I stopped - it stopped. I walked some more and it started up again. I stopped - it stopped. On my way back from the shop I decided to take a different route from the one I arrived by, and saw a police car driving past some houses. By the time I got to where it had been - about 7 seconds later - it had vanished. It was the same as the two from earlier. On the way home I heard somebody shouting to me - nobody there. What the fuck, guys?

Features are paranormal

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for a woman http://vimeo.com/88910386
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I just had a nightmare (actually two because I woke up in the middle) with the girl I love (she doesnt love me) I was in a beach house Later I discovered qt lived in front of my house. At the beginning I tried not to be seen by her but I ended up trying to make contact with her but she.didnt reply (in my dream it was like now because i dont speak with her) Later i went for a walk and the beach was very beautiful and the houses were like french countryside and it started raining and i went to my house to cry. At night i decided to talk to her again ( we have beeen.1 year without meeting and im too proud to do it meanwhile she has a bf) and she said: well i cant go out tonight. I.suspected she was going to see a boy because i could see lot of movement in her house like showering, dinning, looking for clothes. At the end i was crazier than ever and i decided to take my binoculars to go after her meanwhile i was crying... And there i have woke up I still feel that sensation, a mix of nostalgy, angish, loneliness I had in my dream What does my dream mean? an evil spirit trying to destroy mean? i always dream it almost everynight
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