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Is our existence an intention or is it random? Is it possible to distinguish wrong from just at all? Is truth separable from reality? Is there a single phenomenon that we could call "paranormal" or do we just lack knowledge? Can science ever answer these questions? These are some pretty basic questions, aren´t they? All we need to is keep talking. So what do you think? What questions do you have to ask? My opinion may sound a little alibistic, but neutral is always better than wrong. I personally think that the differences between every singe one of us are too big right now. I don´t think we´re capable of answering any of the questions above accurately enough. Or are we?
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http://sploid.gizmodo.com/nasa-detects-mysterious-signal-240-million-light-years-1595635338 Aliens?

is there something wrong with me?

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In my life, over maybe last year weird things started to happen to me. I get random attacks of fear, I am exaggerating little things and so on. It started all when I was trying to get into uni. I tried really hard and got in eventually, but I've never had so much stress before. Now I get random attacks of fear over little things. Like today I took off my mother's PayPal £4 and when I realised that I had probably the biggest panic attack in my life. I literally couldn't do anything do anything except lying on bed. It was worse than these dreams when you're falling in a cage. And this is happening more and more often. What could be possibly wrong with me? I was never a depressed person, I had no reasons for that. but in the last few weeks I feel like I'm borderline suicide.
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guys i saw this other alien
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Incidents like this don't just happen for no reason. Every time there exists a relatively similar pattern; Mary Bell, the James Bulger killers, Eric Smith. In all of these cases, there is reliably always a strong presence of sexual and/or emotional abuse in the lives of the individuals leading up to the act. How is this relevant, you may ask? I present to you, Morgan's father: >His Instagram page, which has the handle deadboy420, also includes a photo of Mark and Morgan Geyser at a Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field. In posting it, Mark Geyser raved about his daughter’s looks, writing “Damn! She’s a pretty girl. I see trouble in my future. lol” In any other context, one could assume that such a comment is merely an innocent observation of his daughter's beauty, as is to be expected. When we dig deeper, though, we find that this is unfortunately most likely not the case. It's pretty clear how the standard mould of child killers could have played out here, Morgan's "dark" personality, encouraged by her father's own obsession with death metal, in addition to her thick glasses, are likely to have encouraged bullying. We find that she found a friend only in Anissa, who exists as an even more exaggerated version of herself; Morgan is described in various sources as "arrogant" and "predatorial".
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You find yourself face to face with a locked door in the pitch black. This door is the only thing that stands between you and your goal of getting the lights back on. Upon waking in an abandoned nuclear plant you quickly meet up with two other survivors, a nurse named Boner and an engineer named Godiva. Both of whom mention an accident that occurred, but it had to have been months ago, the plant is in disrepair and abandoned. So here you are, the darkness closing in on you and the odd noises echoing in your head. >Evens decides what you do next Current stats; Location: Basement door. Inventory >Samsung Galaxy, 10% >1 roll unopened gauze >1 pair medical scissors >1 roll medical tape >6 safety pins >roll of loose wire >2 bottles of water >1 pair of boots with no laces >1 broken syringe Party: >Quagmire(You), Health 90% >Boner, Health 95% >Godiva, Health 95%


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So, what does /x/ think of cymaglyphs? I'm not 100% certain what they are but apparently it's like dolphin language or something along those lines. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76TahuVZpPA I watched this video back in 2011 in the dark with headphones on and it gave me some seriously strong wtf-tier vibes - even watching it now with full focus gives me some funky sensations, watch at your own risk. Any thoughts or experiences with this stuff?
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Surreal/Deja/Strange/ Storys thread anyone? Stuff that just seemed off? I've got a few... > Be me, in highschool, looking at this poster for the football team. > Some kid comes up, never seen him before > Starts talking like someone is in front of him, its just the noticeboard > Says something like 'Yeah maybe he shouldn't who knows man' > Im like what? > He looks at me, says sorry, walks off > See him around all the time but always avoids catching my eye
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Last one got derailed again, I'm not going to bump it. New Slender thread
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How can I invoke Succubus? Are there any advices? I'd like to try that out, I already had some spiritual experiences and this is one I'd definitely like to try. Experiences?
http://www.debatepolitics.com/philosophical-discussions/113007-there-reason-live-life.html>TFW... 10 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
http://www.debatepolitics.com/philosophical-discussions/113007-there-reason-live-life.html >TFW you realize that all you know is a lie.

skinwalker thread

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Skinwalker stories/experiences


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The new book for legend of Korra premiered last night and as I'm sure most of you know, nickelodeon has long placed symbolism and verbal hints at the illuminati /big brother /changes. The new book is called change, with the constant promo "change is coming". I watched the episodes 1-3 last night and noticed several scenes where abruptly characters will shout at symbolism, literally "new world order", "big brother " and collectively accepting this new way of life even though it's a totally different and life changing experience. Discuss. I truly think if u haven't watched the episodes that you should get on that
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How do I ghost? How do I Demon? How I Magic?
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Is modern Freemasonry just Saturn worship?

Knox County Demon?

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I live in rural Tennessee near a waste disposal plant. My friends and I often go into the woods to hunt and fish in one of the many streams. A couple nights ago we were hunting for turkeys at sunset. We were just winding up from our trip when we stopped for a quick break. As we sat down we noticed we could still hear the sound of something moving. We shine our flashlights around the brush and we see a large, bloody, beaten dog that was clearly aggitated with us. We slowly begin to back away when the dog begins to stand on its back legs. We got the fuck out of there as soon as we could. Needless to say we ran out of there as fast as possible. After we got home I realized my father always told me a story of a crazed dog that stalked him while he camped.Does anyone know about this?
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>tfw no gf
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