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30th June 2014
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Is our existence an intention or is it random? Is it possible to distinguish wrong from just at all? Is truth separable from reality? Is there a single phenomenon that we could call "paranormal" or do we just lack knowledge? Can science ever answer these questions? These are some pretty basic questions, aren´t they? All we need to is keep talking. So what do you think? What questions do you have to ask? My opinion may sound a little alibistic, but neutral is always better than wrong. I personally think that the differences between every singe one of us are too big right now. I don´t think we´re capable of answering any of the questions above accurately enough. Or are we?
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http://sploid.gizmodo.com/nasa-detects-mysterious-signal-240-million-light-years-1595635338 Aliens?

DAARPA is now DARPA. things keep changing.

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why can't i die 24 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
why can't i die
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Ask the Cuttlefish God anything
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how do i summon him?
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His eyebrows had a permanent downward slant, the kind you only see on people who have held a scowl so many times, so frequently, that their eyebrows no longer sat in their natural position. He said he was seventy-one but he looked no less than ninety-five. He had a crude voice, but put on an obvious façade of niceness to him. I took the bag from him, containing my Dr. Pepper, Kitkat bar, and two prescriptions, Ambien and Lexapro, the most recent anti-depressant I had been trying. “Thank you sir.” He said nothing back. People with that scowl etched into their forehead always frighten me, especially on an old man. I never liked the company of the elderly come to think of it. I was about a twenty minute walk from my apartment, which was located right in the middle of a couple farms. Crops far as the eye could see. I don’t live in Lincoln, but I’m close to it, and aint no one heard of what this town is actually called, so I just call it Lincoln, and everyone around here pretty much does the same. I took the Ambien immediately after leaving the pharmacy. As I was walked, the blanket of thick country dark wrapped up everything, just as I was starting to feel drowsy. I fought off the sleep all the way home. I don’t remember much of the rest of that night, I think I had a glass of wine, either way, I woke up naked on the floor with empty pudding cups all around me, T.V. blaring. This was not at all uncommon, when summertime hits I usually sleep in the nude. When I woke I had four texts from my brother, who wanted to go buy shrooms and go camping. Shrooms are great, but it’s not really why my brother wanted to go out there. See when he was eight years old he swears on his life he saw this weird thing, out in the woods.

Stories from the end of clare rd.

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Alright /x/, time to share my creepy stories. I don't post on /x/, and i'm not sure everything here isn't fictional, but i'm going to assure you that everything i will post has happened to me, and that if i were to get into contact with the friends that were present at the times of these occurances, they'd give you the exact same story. Anyhow, let's begin. >be me, 16, hang out with this kid named Jayce at his shitty crackhouse looking home that's the last house on the left before a path leading to the kansas river on a country back road >the house is small, dirty, smells of animal piss and death >the back porch of the house faces down a steep, forested hill that goes down for half a mile or so, then meets the river >neighbors live half a mile away >there is a set of wooden stairs that lead down the steep incline into the woods, then just randomly stops with a clearing about 300 feet through the brush on the left >friends and i are always at this house having parties and shit >the upstairs bathroom is so fucking disgusting that all the men that live there piss into the woods - all of the teenage guys walk down the steps as far as they feel comfortable with in the middle of the night to relieve themselves with relative privacy >it's always pitch black in the woods, and they permeate a very eerie, unfriendly feeling >it's 2:00 a.m. and i'm the only person who has been sober the whole night >holyfuckigottapiss.jpg we had a few friends over previously that night, a girl who was on shrooms, two other drunk bitches and a country guy who was sober, and yet they all left prior to 2:00a.m. >walking down stairs to take piss >breeze blows through the trees, and although it's the middle of july i'm feeling cold >unzip my pants and let the stream begin >hear rustling to the left the breeze is gone now. it's dead silent, nothing's moving. >freeze up, stop peeing >it begins. A man and a woman's voice become faintly audible, in what seems a heated argument in a hissed tone.
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Prologue with a paper tube and your hand, you can put a hole in your hand. it's a trick. it's not real. it freaks everybody out. that's the idea. The left hand is empty, and held before your left eye, palm facing you. These are your hands. The right hand holds the paper tube such that the right eye sees through the tube. You can see the hole in your hand. The hole in your hand is not real, but there it is, right in front of you. Everyone is corrupt. Nothing can be trusted. Everything spoken is as true as everything else. Everyone is equal. Pushed and mangled, wherefrom thou brought thy unholy furnace, this fire is not good. Sam brought a whole lot into this world, for you. You could not understand then. No one can. Like cartridges shnapping into a chamber. Thought I had just one. You hear and feel everything about the weapon when you're holding a gun. Parts unfold, springs relax and contract...
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I've been using on the internet since 2004,and i can say ive always believed in free software and have been an anonymous supporter of gnu/linux. I usually spent my free time browsing forums when i wasn't writing code in c#. but ever since i came across that one website...ever since than my life has been a living hell. My computer would freeze and say "error: you must install windows" or "please install windows before continuing" there's nothing i could do about it linux would refuse to work on computers i owned and believe me i tried everything from buying a new computer to compiling my own distro, iv'e emailed RMS and he simply replied "its the curse of propitery software" i replied back asking how do i get rid of it but he never responded back. So i took it to a local computer shop to see if they can help but when they tried diagnosing it it came up clean and all the hardware was in top condition. i lost, i just couldn't afford not having a computer, maybe someday i'll come up with a way to use you again and see how much you've grown.

I wanna summon satan idk why

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I want ways to smmon satan i prob wont do it though maybe i will but whos to say anyway if you have heard a story on how to summon satan yea im all ears
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>woke up in the morning to make some breakfast (scrambled eggs and ham) >go to the window near my sink >fucking dog just staring at me through the sink window, looked like a siberian husky-ish dog >I go lol wtf and try to shoo it away >doesn't even flinch, doesn't blink, just keeps fucking staring >creepy as fuck, go to grab camera and take picture of it >just fucking stares at me taking the picture >get tired of its shit, grab a baseball bat to get it to fuck off back into my neighbors yard >Slide open my glass window and look at the dog >Standing on two legs like a fucking human, turning its attention from my window to me >I fucking freeze up >It walks back into my neighbors yard on its back legs and around the corner where I couldn't see it anymore >just sit in my living room scared as fuck with the bat with no idea what the fuck to do >tell room mates about the dog, they go lolwtf but don't believe me >convince them to go look for the dog >can't find it anywhere >Neighbors say they've never had a dog >me and my room mates leave the neighbor's house empty-handed, decide to go back into the house >we make it into the living room, the glass door was open >Walk into kitchen area, seeing the dog again eating my scrambled eggs, standing on it's hind legs
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Some anti-christian shill made a thread and then deleted it when I knocked his argument that benevolence is incompatible with a God who allows suffering, therefore God must be evil You see; there is way logically to say that God is evil because he allows temporary suffering, or even that suffering is incompatible, objectively, with a good and loving benevolent God. When you say God must be evil, or the fact God allows suffering proves he's some evil tyrant demiurge, you operate on an axiom that such a thing as good and evil exist objectively, and that there is a moral law by which to differentiate between the two. When you assume there is a moral law, you have to operate, again, on the axiom that there is a moral law giver. You're basically relying on the good god you're trying to disprove to disprove the good God. When non-belevers ask these kinds of questions about good and evil, they smuggle in a christian worldview.
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Come whatsch spoopy flicks with us http://supremetv.org/ Currently playing: Room 1408
Ok /x/, here we go.When I was... 2 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Ok /x/, here we go. When I was about 12 I got into the subject of guardian angels, found a google article on how to find out the name of yours. Ok. You had to get comfortable, and "mediate", then to direct a question to your guardian angel -What is your name. I did that shit. And I shit you not, I heard a man roughly 25y/o say something that sounded like "lambada". I was home alone, and all electrical devices were off. Got anything on this?
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What made her do it?

deep south woods stuff

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sort of in the mood to share my stories and experiences and i don't feel like hijacking another thread to do it. i tell my stories and shit about once a year. >pic related >2010 >summer at college town >middle of nowheresville >me, will and kate go weegee boarding >lets do it in the sketchy graveyard on the edge of town >find a nice spot in the back >dark creepyfeels >i know will is a guy who likes to fuck with the board to scare kate >things said to us though board relatively unimportant >talking with kid ghost about happens when alive >get relatively bored with vanilla answers >we ask kid, who identifies as max, if theres anyone else who wants in > "yes, but no" >why not let him on the board > "he isn't good" >dont care zzzz lets go max chop chop >instant feel of cold temperature must have dropped like 10 degrees >get that feel of something here isn't right >who are you > "XZXXXZXZZXZXXZXXZXZX---" >stop. (continuous until asked to stop) how old are you? > "10101010101010101---" >stop. are you good or bad? > "rain" >look in sky. cloudy but not the type for rain. is it going to rain? > "rain" >wut uh were you married in life? > "rain" >have any kids? > "rain" >if that's all you're going to say then put max back on > [slowly] "r-e-i-g-n" >the cold is now much worse both me and will are in lets go mode >kate is feeling sick >decide to pack up and leave for the night >as we're walking out me and will get sketched out >we decide to talk backwards while kate leads cont?
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