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30th June 2014
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Is our existence an intention or is it random? Is it possible to distinguish wrong from just at all? Is truth separable from reality? Is there a single phenomenon that we could call "paranormal" or do we just lack knowledge? Can science ever answer these questions? These are some pretty basic questions, aren´t they? All we need to is keep talking. So what do you think? What questions do you have to ask? My opinion may sound a little alibistic, but neutral is always better than wrong. I personally think that the differences between every singe one of us are too big right now. I don´t think we´re capable of answering any of the questions above accurately enough. Or are we?
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http://sploid.gizmodo.com/nasa-detects-mysterious-signal-240-million-light-years-1595635338 Aliens?
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Where can i find this "Grifter" video? A .webm of it would be good enough.
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Have things been weirdly shitty for anyone else? I remember seeing a thread like this about a month ago and an odd amount of people replied and said that the past few weeks had been really shitty for them, their life falling apart, losing friends, getting treated like shit at home or work, etc. I'm kinda feeling that way again, it's out of nowhere and it's a very weird and anxious feeling. Has anyone else been having it lately? I'm not really even big into paranormal shit but after seeing the last thread it had me curious.
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I'm channeling a transmission from the mothership docked in Area 51. The bald headed friendlies say I'm going to win the Twisted Metal competition even though I'm an evil smelling wacko!

Weird Youtube

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What was that channel with the woman making noises and crying?
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Hey /x/. British anon here, just moved to the USA, currently living in charleston SC, anyone wanna meet up and go looking for abandoned buildings or something, as you can probably sense, I have a lot of spare time on my hands right now and I am really interested in American history. Kik me, red.quinn add me even if you don't live in the charleston area, I'll be moving at some point and who knows where too, already lived in New England and the Midwest. Also, American spook thread.

why recess if faggotry

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One day I saw a cat. Cats eat glass. But they don't like it. I fed my cat glass. It didn't like it he coughed up blood it was on the ground I got mad and shoved sharp thingy in his throat. No moar Cat L O L
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Alright /x/, so I usually don't browse here but I need some advice on spooky shit happening in my apartment (things are moving around on their own). This isn't creepypasta so I'm going to be brief as possible so if you need to know anything in addition to the greentext, just ask. >move into new apartment with gf a year and a half ago >everything fine until about a month ago >gf says she's seeing shit move on its own >she suddenly started having migraines a few months ago so I blew it off as hallucinations/confusion related to those >be today >eating dinner in living room >set plate & fork on armrest of couch >go into kitchen to get water >hear a soft bang against wall in the living room and a metallic clang on the floor >go check whats up >fork is sitting by the wall opposite where I was sitting >from what I can tell, it was picked up off my plate and tossed against the wall. I should probably also mention that neither of us are religious and we haven't been doing any weird rituals or shit (the other tenants in our apartment are old, catholic mexicans so I doubt they have been either). There is, however, a lady who lives next door who is some kind of metaphysical and does ritual looking shit in her garden every now and then. Anyway, I just told my gf and she's pretty freaked. I don't really mind since the activity isn't menacing but I figured I should probably come here and ask 1) If we should be concerned? and 2) what to do if we decide we do want the activity to stop?
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Tulpas are real, right? R-right?
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A bit of background: On late December last year, someone appeared naming himself "The Vessel" on this board. The first post was: "Focus. Focus on this. The time will come soon." Along with the image which you can see right here. This was quickly deleted. Then he created a new thread the same day, saying: >Focus your hatred at the state of this world. The thread wasn't too succesful either, and so a third one was created, this time saying: "Those of you who are willing, focus on this symbol. I need your help." This started a series of threads which lasted for 2 months; the image was later revealed to be a sigil for a entity calling itself "Aurex, The Crimson". The Vessel said that he had been contacted by the entity since childhood, and that he was now planning on making a ritual to bring Aurex to the world, in order to change it for the best. After the ritual was presumably finished, he posted this: "I'm still tired as shit after all of this. I'm going to crash. Peace, /x/" This was February the 24th of the present year. No more posts were created by that individual, at least not with that tripcode. "Aurex" has been mentioned only scarcely during the last months. Can ANYONE tell the rest of /x/ what happened after this?

Human butterfly experiment

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Does anybody know the case of areal experiment based on pseudoscience that happened in the 17th century. A scientist said that it was possible to improve human life by going through a process of metamorphosis, just like a butterfly. He hung some artificial cocoons in his house or lab, and some people took part in that experiment, spending days inside that cocoon, eating and sleeping there, and even using it as a toilet. They came out bald, emaciated, and very sick. pic kinda related
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What was it that Lucifer did to piss God off so much?
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Okay /x/ I need some closure. Now, I know this may seem like a major first world problem, but I've been having this string of odd "luck", "coincidences", whatever you want to call it. Basically, if I was doing something completely unrelated to the other thing I was doing, the two would land on a similar topic, and it's not just limited to entertainment. For example, I was playing COD (inb4 codfag) looking up shit for a staff of Lightning. And no less than five minutes later when I was actually making it there was a thunderstorm (hurdurr not lightning) right outside of my house. Is this anything spoopy, something linking shit together, or am I just blowing this out of proportions?
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Hey, anybody remember False Prophet? I know this is super, super old, but every time I go onto /x/ I wonder if he's lurking on here or something. link provided http://www.falseprophet-hq.com/


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It's that time again Streaming LSD dream simulator

Ancient Civilizations

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Hey /x/, me and my friend were talking earlier and he brought up VERY old civilizations that were capable of genetic modification, Im really interested in the source of this information and am wondering if anyone has any info on it?
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