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30th June 2014
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Is our existence an intention or is it random? Is it possible to distinguish wrong from just at all? Is truth separable from reality? Is there a single phenomenon that we could call "paranormal" or do we just lack knowledge? Can science ever answer these questions? These are some pretty basic questions, aren´t they? All we need to is keep talking. So what do you think? What questions do you have to ask? My opinion may sound a little alibistic, but neutral is always better than wrong. I personally think that the differences between every singe one of us are too big right now. I don´t think we´re capable of answering any of the questions above accurately enough. Or are we?
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http://sploid.gizmodo.com/nasa-detects-mysterious-signal-240-million-light-years-1595635338 Aliens?
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How /x/ is the anime Jigoku Shoujo (Hell girl)?
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Why don't you believe in a God? Is it because you're afraid of the inevitable punishment? You can stop believing in stuff you're afraid of all you want. Doesn't mean it's not still there, waiting for you.
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How important is virginity? more specifically a women's virginity. How much does she give from the mind, heart and soul when giving it up to another person?
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Hey /x/, I need some help Can someone please clarify the ending to Barbie.avi? I've read it like 4 times and still don't get how water in the house is a bad thing or why the pasta is even called 'Barbie.avi' Maybe I'm just retarded.

its throwing stuff at me

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Okay... So thia happened some time ago and it really didnt freak me that much but it happened again so... The first time this happened was when i was just randomly going through clothes at a dept.store. so i was on my way to the cashier when i passed a stand with ecobags, after passing it i felt something hit me softly at the back of my head. I looked around and GUESS WHAT. AN ECOBAG WAS ON THE FLOOR RIGHT BEHIND ME. there wasnt any one near the stand. I wasnt really freaked that time though. The next was a few weeks after we moved to a new house, i was lyig on my bed when my closet opened and MY SHORTS FLEW AT ME. My bed is just on the floor and the closet was facing my bed but i was at the far end. If the door opened and the shorts just fell i wouldnt mind but IT FLEW LIKR SOMEONE THREW IT. AND WORSE IT LANDED ON MY FACE. And just the other night i heard KNOCKING from inside my closet. When i told it to "fuck off and let me sleep" it just STOPPED. This is my first parnomal encounter and im a bit freaked. I hear occational knocking at night but its pretty considerate and listens when i ask it to stop. So far the buggestharm its done is throw pants at me but sstill... Should i offer it something or? I heard from my grandma that my dad had a few friends when he was younger, and he liked to sleep with his whole body under a sheet, when i asked him about it he said ot was because 'they' kept blowing into his ears or tickling him while he slept. they are called DWENDE, in english its "dwarves" -this is my first post here btw, hi guys!!!

Chris Beniot Torments the McMahon Family

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAk9UgBjQLI He is back..
Any readers around? I'm... 22 posts and 0 image replies omitted. Click to view.
Any readers around? I'm really confused and would like some sign of what I should do. I feel many people around me are bad-mouthing me and it's bringing me down, and also there is this one guy I think I'm falling for (although I barely know him) and I don't know how I should proceed.


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Hey, /x/, I took a shit and forgot to flush, should I be worried?


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Alright /x/, some weird shit has been happening to me now for about the past week. Now I'm a man of science. I believe in evolution and scientific theories and all that good stuff. But I do believe that spirits/ghosts/demons or whatever you wanna label them still inhabit the earth and can interact with people. So I work at a Dominos in Virginia and the current location was previously a funeral home and they still have all the body freezers and embalming rooms and all that shit and some co-workers of mine firmly believe that it's haunted to the point where I have to go get things from the back because they're too scared. I believe that ghosts are real but hey if I don't screw with them then they won't screw with me. But since about 4 days ago whenever I'm alone something will fall with no reasonable explanation or like last night my computer turned on and the screen just stayed black until it died. Just now a book fell off my dresser and when my dog came to investigate what the noise was she looked around then hurried out of the room; I only say that because I read somewhere that animals like cats and dogs can sense them better than humans can which is why I always catch my cat staring into nothing. Anyways I was hoping that someone who knew a little more about ghosts/spirits could give me some more information or a little advice, thanks


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This is like the 3rd time i am doing tarot reads.. so go easy on me. h8rs and b8rs are welcome too, it's pretty entertaining also, I'll do like 10-15 reads at most, so don't post questions if you see more than 15 posts cheers
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Hello. You will not read this thread. Have a nice day.
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Couldn't seem to find it in the dump, but there was a youtube channel I checked out a while ago but never subscribed to. It was full of oddly titled videos of compilation vhs home video footage starring some weird looking kid taping himself talking, his school, hanging with friends, etc all as the scenes kept switching rapidly. I remember the date in the corner ranged from 1999-2002. They were such eerie ass videos with some sort of a message I never really got. Can anyone tell me what the channel may possibly be?
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The Importance of Material Power

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Hello guys; i think the importance of material power is not well understood. So lets talk about that a bit. A perfect human is someone who is constantly seeking perfection. The path to ascension goes requires you to research, observe then act according to results THEN re-evaluate your actions / ideas and tweak yourself and do this every moment in your life, until you die. Trying to be a better person, requires you to have an iron-will, good discipline, hard-working and many more merits. I think all of us can agree upon those conditions. What i wish to argue is: Do you have to have a minimum level of power/personality traits/genetics/history/luck in order to starting your path to self-improve? I`ll defend the argument ''yes, there is'' Ok, first of all you have to be ''sane''. Not in the normal sense, you have to be at least have some average IQ. You cannot improve yourself BY YOURSELF if you are a medical ''moron''. So there is that. Let's assume that apart from your upper than minimum intelligence required for self-improvement ( i'll call this ascension, love the term so much =] ) you also have the positive traits like ''self-discipline'', ''will'', ''hard-working'', ''tenacity'' etc. etc. is it still enough? No, it isn't. Let's go to the second part. Stay with me =) >Cont.
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More music like this, please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVvjXJentik https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be00t9Xu_fM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It4WxQ6dnn0
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