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Is our existence an intention or is it random? Is it possible to distinguish wrong from just at all? Is truth separable from reality? Is there a single phenomenon that we could call "paranormal" or do we just lack knowledge? Can science ever answer these questions? These are some pretty basic questions, aren´t they? All we need to is keep talking. So what do you think? What questions do you have to ask? My opinion may sound a little alibistic, but neutral is always better than wrong. I personally think that the differences between every singe one of us are too big right now. I don´t think we´re capable of answering any of the questions above accurately enough. Or are we?
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http://sploid.gizmodo.com/nasa-detects-mysterious-signal-240-million-light-years-1595635338 Aliens?

9/13/87...i was born this date. What can numerology tell me?

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Slenderman and the Mexico alien cellphone footage

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_flJcXSEEY For decades now there have been tales of things like the above happening, and people claiming they encountered tall slender "aliens" in much the same way people talk about Slenderman. Which makes me wonder; is the Slenderman just the latest fantasy label for extra-dimensional entities? And the similarities don't just end with appearances. In the recent stabbing the girl mentions radiation associated with Slenderman, and high levels of radiation are also associated with all manner of alien encounters, including the above video. There's a follow-up video of people measuring high radiation levels there after, which i can find if people demand it. Could it be he was invented to cover up and make it easier to dismiss the reality of extra-dimensional entities? Or maybe people invented him on their own to explain it? From now on practically any encounter with a tall slender humanoid will probably be called the slenderman by everyone, and be dismissed out of hand because of the internet silliness. Which would be a great way to suppress the truth. What do you think, /x/?
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I originally posted this on /adv/ but I think its more appropriate here. I really never believed in ghosts or anything like that but something has been happening recently that I really can't explain and has me and my gf scared shirtless. Here it goes, I'll just greentext the basics and if you want me to go in-depth with something just ask. I have a couple of hours before I go to work. >me and gf move to a new house, relatively new (mid 90's in pretty sure) >weird shit begins about 6 months into living here >found a few items in the attic, including:a vhs player with a copy of 'the iron giant', a painting, and some old books (don't know if they are related or what but just take note of them >our bedroom door was rattling like someone was trying to open it without turning the knob (no windows were open) >we have both been having nightmares very often >when I'm home alone the feeling of being watched is so powerful and heavy that I sometimes just go for a walk instead of being home >sounds are heard often >the master bathroom is the worst room To date I've only 'seen' something once. I'm just looking for advice on what to do. We are not religious or superstitious so I don't really know where to turn.
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Where do you stand in the scale of enlightenment /x?

Spiritual mentor?

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Hey /x/ - I have had several vivid dreams of this being (pic related). I believe him to be some sort of spiritual-guide or mentor? When I dream of him, he seems rather stoic and peaceful. He typically presents me with choices or paths to take throughout my dreams - to which, he usually disappears at the cross roads. From there, I journey alone. He has a diamond or rhombus (lozenge) shaped head. He has three eyes, sometimes they all "face" the same way - other times, the top one is verticle while the bottom two are horizontal. He has a nose and mouth - though his mouth is unusually wide or long, sometimes seemingly bisecting his head into two. He always wears unusual robes or cloaks - they don't look like any material that I'm aware of. They often times change color and shape on him - sometimes I get mesmerized or hypnotized by the movements and changes they make. Sometime in my dreams, he is already there - as if waiting for me. Other times, he manifests or materializes, usually by tessellating or untessellating in/out of the foreground. Perhaps traveling from another plane of existence? When I dream of him, I get feelings of spirituality, mysticism, and see/experience a lot of symbolism. >Questions How does /x/ feel about recurring/symbolic dreams? Why do I keep dreaming about him? Does it have to deal with my studies of the occult/esoteric? Or is it possible that a being like this could exist? Is he a spirit/alien? Does /x/ have any experiences/dreams similar to this and care to share? If you want more info about him or my dreams, feel free to ask. Sorry if the pic is small or unclear - will bump/dump with more pics of him. I've also seen his "home/ship" and his "city/land" If there are any drawfags reading this, would any be willing to help with a more detailed, 3D rendering of this entity? Usually I would divine and try to find answers, but this raises more questions than answers and seems all too big for me/beyond my comprehension. Help?
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Last one got derailed again, I'm not going to bump it. New Slender thread

Monsters and Mysteries in America

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqfSGaIbWIQ Whe else watches this? And who else thinks it's mostly bullshit? >MFW the witnesses all look like burnt out hicks and they get attractive actors to play them in the reconstructions
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How can I invoke Succubus? Are there any advices? I'd like to try that out, I already had some spiritual experiences and this is one I'd definitely like to try. Experiences?

Hearing voices

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People of /x/ . In the past few days i've been hearing voices calling my name.. At work mainly. Can you tell me if this is normal or not. What to do if it isn't? Thanks!

Analyze that scene

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There is a scene in this trailer, where is a clock beating and Manhattan goes into the graveyard. http://youtu.be/DBSj1MKwx6A?t=1m14s Would you be so kind as to collect and write down all of the lines from the tombs? I think there are some really usefull informations on those.
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Hello /x/, I need some help. I was born with this anomaly that is very hard to describe but I believe is a very vital clue that there is something unique to me. Not unique in the sense that "everybody's special." I mean unique in a sense that I might not even be human. The best I can say to describe it is as if, say, some deity were playing video games and you were the protagonist, but explanation this generates the idea that this is a common experience that everyone has had. I disagree entirely. I'm 100% sure this is unique to me and me alone, and it drives me crazy that I can't even remotely describe it properly to my mother or my doctor besides that simple comparison. I've written fiction based on it and I've made theories on it. I remember when I was five years old, I called it "God vision." I don't believe in a monotheistic religion now but I think back then I might have hinted something, since I've observed that children can know things adults can't. My question being: What if I'm a God? I think about it this way: If such an experience was to me and me alone, why would it? Could it be that I'm a God or a supernatural being or something of the like? Am I human at all? If I am a God or a supernatural, then why? If I am a God at all, then how do I unlock my true powers as God? /x/? Please discuss. Diagnose me if you can. It's been a puzzle to me all my life. I'd gladly appreciate if you did.
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What in the absolute fuck? Who told her?
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(Thread 404'd on /b/, so let's try it here...) Alright, fellows, I know you're probably fed up with this, but here goes. A friend of mine is fairly obsessed with Cicada 3301 and she was playing around with the number 1231507051321, which is not only a palindromic prime number (with the additional property that all prime digits appear at the correspondent prime position for the first time, respectively), but also the name of Cicada's Twitter account. [to be continued]
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All there is on /x/ right now is shit about the girls who stabbed someone because of slenderman. But c'mon, we have plenty other homicidal cuties. Don't you guys remember Nevada-tan?
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30minutes, ask and you shall receive
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