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https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/X73W-L9S http://findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GSln=papke&GSfn=louis&GSbyrel=all&GSdyrel=all&GSob=n&GRid=112907695&df=all&


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The last day, i will fuck with Justin Bieber. She's a good shemale
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Can someone give me a tarot reading. Need some insight on the energies of this month. Thanks.
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Here we go, again, /X/ http://www.independent.co.uk/incoming/article9488144.ece/alternates/w620/v3-38-Slenderman3.jpg

Abrahamic General

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You know the drill. Discuss faith, find solidarity in followers of the one true God. Wouldn't it be nice if the zionist media would stop trying to pit us against eachother?
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Whatever happened with the whole Apollo 20 thing? It kinda seems like everyone lost interest and stopped talking about.
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I remember a online book I once found through an old paranormal forum. Boom-of-Thoth.com It was about a character named Voster Eucrow. I've tried in vain to search for it but to no avail. It was the strangest collection of short stories I had ever read. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?

Scary video

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'm home alone and want to be scared. Some video really scary?

no-self (anatta) in theravada buddhism

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one scholar called theravada buddhism "admittedly, an alien tradition" due to its doctrine of no(t)-self (anatta). it is the ultimate, highest point of departure to nirvana. there is no higher teaching (other buddhist sects and, of course, other religions may claim otherwise). it is not a soteriological strategy for encountering (or realizing, etc) the real self (or atta) or 'buddha-nature'. even nirvana (nibbaana) is anatta in the buddha's conception of things. in theravada buddhism, there is no concept like the zen 'one mind' or 'original face'. any semblance of an intrinsic self-nature within beings is not accepted. this is the meaning of anatta in theravada (not necessarily non-buddhist indian use of the term, such as in certain materialism sects and vedanda). the buddha classified sentient beings (rather, organisms) into 'five khandas (aggregates, parts)'. these are ancient ways of describing the totality of the organism with all its parts which function interdependently. a separate, unique, central 'self' or atta, soul, essence, intrinsic nature, etc was not accepted. man is nothing but that, yet the crucial difference between buddhism and mere materialism (as existed in ancient india in the same exact way as today, it must be known and noted) is that it did not believe in the automatic cessation and discontinuity of consciousness at death. the buddha believed and taught that consciousness continues, but it is not a unified substance, self, essence, is not unchanging, permanent, without a cause or condition. it is impermanent, but not cut off by simple physiological death process. in fact, it continues with scientific impersonality until its fuel runs out. that is the meaning of nirvana in theravada buddhism - the complete cessation of consciousness, perception, feeling, and all individuality. theravada buddhists, thus, at the highest level of monastic discipline, strive for extinction (nirvana). that is mokkha (liberation).

Some kinda weird dog

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I live on the edge of town in some rural suburb. Most people here have their own fields they tend to, but 2 minutes away is a city of a relatively large size. Everyone here pretty much has a guard dog. When I open my window, I can hear the dogs barking pretty clearly since sound travels really well in my area. The other day I'm going to sleep, open the window like I always do. Silence, and then a dog starts barking. Nothing out of the usual. I sleep through dogs barking just fine. Other dogs usually join in but it's nothing out of the ordinary. Then I hear the oddest bark I've ever heard, and it's hard to describe. It was like a perfect mix of a dog barking, and the sound of skin squeaking against glass. I think 'mmhh how odd...' Move on. I didn't think much of it. Dogs continue barking. One dog barks, another stops. Then I hear the strangest barking I've ever heard. Something was absolutely off about it. It sounded like something inhuman? It sounded like a human scream mixed with a beast roaring. Definitely not a dog noise, but it came out in a barking pattern. My blood kinda froze in my veins, and I just felt this icy and thick wave of dread wash over me. After it stopped nothing happened and I fell asleep as usual. No idea what it was. Any ideas /x/?

tarot readers on

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Any tarot readers on tonight? If so would they be able to do a tarot reading or explain how to perform one on your own. Maybe tips and decks that you use. Would be wonderful.


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I´ve been reading about buddhism and there is something that confuse me , if there is no permanent soul(Anatman) what is that reincarnates in a new being?
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can someone explain what this means, and where it comes from? "O thou Spirit N. because thou art the servant of fealty and obedience, and because thou art he that obeyeth my power and thy creation; therefore I say Descend unto thy dwelling, obey the law which I have made, without terror to the sons of men, creatures, all things upon the surface of the earth. Descend therefore I say, and be thou as stewards of Time; come forth in a moment, even as servants that hearken to the voice of the Lord; in the moment in which I invoke thee and stir thee up and move thee in the, mysteries of the secret wisdom of the Creator! Descend unto thy dwelling place in pleasure: let there be the mercies of God upon thee: be friendly in continuing; whose long continuance shall be comforters unto all creatures. Amen."


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DNA evidence has uncovered the identity of Jack The Ripper, and it’s none of the romantic suspects – such as the Queen’s surgeon Sir William Gull, or artist Walter Sickert. The most infamous serial killer in history has been identified as a relatively underwhelming Polish madman called Aaron Kosminski, who was committed to a mental asylum at the height of the Ripper hysteria. The breakthrough came when a scientist, using cutting-edge technology, matched DNA evidence on a shawl found at one of the crime scenes with descendants of Kosminski. Dr Jari Louhelainen, a Finnish expert in historic DNA, was brought in to study a shawl found with Catherine Eddowes, the second-last ‘confirmed’ victim of the Ripper, whose body was discovered in Mitre Square on September 30. The shawl – still retaining stains and genetic material from the fateful night almost 126 years ago – had been bought by businessman Russell Edwards, 48, at an auction in Bury St Edmunds in 2007. In the Mail On Sunday, Dr Louhelainen is quoted as saying: ‘It has taken a great deal of hard work, using cutting-edge scientific techniques which would not have been possible five years ago.
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http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/world/dna-tests-prove-that-jack-the-ripper-was-a-polish-immigrant-named-aaron-kosminski/story-fni6um3i-1227050842205?nk=1d66e751127d2e526c78d0cb7e042a37 What do you guys think about this? I am kind of skeptical about this seeing how this came out of nowhere and I don't know how in the world they got DNA related to this at all.

Jesus christ

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Ok, let me start with this first: im not christian. I ask this question since my culture (western) is pretty much entirely formed around Christianity, and we've reached the 21st century when jesus was supposed to be re-born. Does the papacy discuss this subject, or is it like the elephant in the room the fact that jesus hasn't revealed himself means 'he's totally just here in sekrit kekekek'. I ask because i dont know much about religious dogma, but if he doesn't show up doesn't this basically mean there is no jesus? A

Awaken/spiritual/"However you want to call it"/ community thread.

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I've always wanted to meet more connected people,and i'm sure /x/ has some, I had chatted with some of you and i thought of making thread to connect us, want to hear your experiences and or ideas.Basically I want to chat with you guys. Non-"Awaken" people aren't welcome to post, because we all already know your opinion on this topic.
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can any reiki people here give me some shakti? just let me know how to connect with you (facebook, skype, google chat, etc)?
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