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Any real life examples of motherfuckers going out from civilization and cannibalizing dudes and huntin and shit to survive?

wake up

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please wake up everyone misses you
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Hey /x/, could send me some creepiest/crazy amateur videos on net?
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I'm looking for a way to speak with spirits and not be naive about it. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a board that would work and any information on how to keep it a positive conversation?
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Got this from a thread on /pol/. Anyone uses it? Is it supossed to run on background? Does the sound it emits needs to be listened or just emited? I'm very confused. Also cybershaman general


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Asking people to dump all of their maps, graphs, links, pictures etc of paranormal/fictional paranormal stuff
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What is your opinion on Cicada 3301 /x/? http://uncovering-cicada.wikia.com/wiki/CICADA_3301_2014_PUZZLE http://www.fastcolabs.com/3025785/meet-the-man-who-solved-the-mysterious-cicada-3301-puzzle


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Anyone have any experience with kinesis? I'm looking for someone mildly skilled in aero or electro. Please help me hone my skills. (Pic unrelated.)

Spooky experiences with power lines?

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Sup /x/philes, There's this thick steel utility pole in my neighborhood that's always stood out in the creepiest way. Temperatures beneath it fluctuate and fail to match the environment, and approaching it requires greater physical effort than one would expect, as though the atmosphere were thicker in places. Not long ago, my girlfriend and I passed it for old time's sake. She started acting dazed, concussed even, and experienced joint and ear pain. Maybe the effects of running electricity on people are poorly documented. I can't shake the feeling that they might create artificial "thin places". I'm wondering if anyone else has had experiences like this. Post stories pertaining to man-made electrical output and power lines, if you have them.
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Hey there, /x/ Any of you guys know about "number stations"? Used typically during WW2 and the Cold War, these shortwave AM broadcast forever haunt the airwaves with chilling little tunes, voice messages and a technological voice reciting numbers. Many speculate why these are still around, and no one really knows the answer. No government/orginization or even a person has EVER admitted to using these. Some are even still live today! It's chilling to think that these are still in use but it's true. Theories include: -These were used by Governments to transmit messages to spies -These are used to launch nuclear weapons -These are used by drug cartels to transport info And the scary thing is: We don't know what the fuck the message is. The numbers being recited, for example, 5341 5642 8756 9424 Uses a one time pad, which means unless we can find that pad, we don't know what the messages are saying. I don't think anyone's ever decoded these stations, due to it being impossible. It's also extremely hard to track these signals, so we don't know where these are even coming from, but many are believed to be in Europe. Anyone know anything about these? Leave a response! What's your theory: paranormal, or not?
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In a world where vines meet each other, shrouding the river Mespha. We take our clothes and soak them in the saline lakes and around the cove. Failing forces you find riveting the metal blinds, until war brings a breach in the hull. Running from persecution, rape and the gallows; away from light. You follow the wake of ash as your dreams told you, always follow the wake. Listening to the trees, they now breathe a cancerous wind; it browns them. Scattering the ashes in your left hand just so, as a fire envelopes a village. Awake in a circular room, wooden furnishings rich and dark. They smell of age. Brass furnishings untouched since you left, carry the weight of dust untapped. A prick of a finger, people have been here. This is their skin; that has so abandoned them. Window wide open, the sunlight glides through the white sill, bringing to life the still air. Flowers that you may consume grow outside, a sea of tiled roofing stretches to the horizon. The possibility of sleep is near, how can one leave? How many years have passed? Time in Oraš Time in Oraš 1533 1533 39

I really want to expand my pictures of famous artists and their paintings!

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A friendly reminder that the ilovebees audio logs are some of the best science fiction to ever come out http://ilovebees.com/humptydumpty.html
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General gnostic thread. Share parts of your personal exegesis (if you feel like it), theories you found interesting, great (and not so great) contemporary works of art you've discovered which convey our message, etc... And above all, take heart and be blessed, brothers.
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My grandma was about to die. While she was sleeping at night, "a man in dark" (didnt specify on that) appeared to her as she described it, and told her she will die in 3 days (she told us the same day) She died 3 days later What the fuck was going on? Demons?

Wait....what about Ebola?!

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>Be a usual suspect on /pol/ >Argue with Neo-Nazi's about why Jews aren't evil >Wonder in the back of your mind why Ebola is such a common topic over there. >See an Ebola thread get 404'd. >Get highly suspicious. >Be told that there is some sort of Ebola death-cult. >Be told that people on /x/ think this is contributing to Ebola. I demand answers /x/. What is happening? Pic unrelated.


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Why can't we all just meet a cute girl that's into the paranormal and stop summoning succubi. How many succubi have been summoned at this point anyway :*( It has to stop!!!

The Dark Alley

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There was this girl who had just left one of those late night high school parties. She wasn't old enough to drive so she had to walk home. This wasn't anything new so she thought nothing of it. But this time was different. She decided to take a different route for some strange reason. While walking she took a turn that led her to an alley. At the end of the alley she saw a figure of a man. She was a little creeped out so she decided to pray. She prayed long and hard, pleading to God to keep her safe and to make the creepy guy go away, yet the guy never left. Well, she finally made it to the end of the alley. She tried to walk fast and avoid eye contact with him but she couldn't completely. Their eyes met and he just stared, then suddenly looked away. She thought it was weird but she wasn't about to question this old guys motives. The next day at school everyone was talking about the rape and murder of a young girl that happened the night before. The girl found out that the crime took place at the alley where she saw that creepy man. She felt it was her responsiblity to tell the cops about the man so after school she went to the police station. She told an officer about what happened the night before and he asked her to pick out the man in a line up. In a matter of seconds she picked out the man and he later confessed. After doing this favor for the investigation she asked the officer if he would ask the man a question for her. The officer agreed and asked him. A couple of minutes later the cop came back and told her what he said. The man said the reason why he didn't attack the girl is because there were two large men walking next to her. She was totally freaked out because she was alone the whole walk home. You can put the pieces together yourself and figure out who those men were. It's pretty easy if you think about it. Who were the men?? Am I being totally stupid???
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Hi guys, my father in law found this in a construction site, any idea what aninal or creature could this be?
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Imagine if skeletons were real.
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