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The last day, i will fuck with Justin Bieber. She's a good shemale
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Hey /x/. So I was just informed that my younger brother, age 13, had seen last night, and had apparently been seeing for a long time prior, a tall dark shadowy spirit. It's not static, he apparently sees it around the house. And due to his freaking out just last night (Involving him grabbing a knife, my other brother and my father restraining him, and him being sedated) I can tell you that it's at least tall enough to stand in a standard closet. He is the only resident of this household who sees it. I'd appreciate any information that /x/ can give me. Also, pic unrelated.
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This gave me a sad. :( >Convicted during 1982 for the murders of Arthur Criswell and Robert Martin; sentenced to death. Executed via lethal injection January 24, 1992 at the ADC Cummins Unit. >MENU >Steak >Fried Chicken >Cherry Kool-Aid >Pecan Pie >Rector's is, on all accounts, an unfortunate story. After committing a fatal shooting at a night club, Rector had been persuaded by to turn himself in to the authorities. However, when Officer Robert Martin arrived, Rector shot and killed him, then turned the gun on himself. Amazingly, Rector survived his suicide attempt, but with brain damage that was equivalent to a lobotomy. Though his defense argued he was no longer mentally competent to stand trial, he was tried and convicted for both murders, and sentenced to death. Those who thought Rector now incapable of understanding his crimes and death sentence may cite his last meal for further support; apparently, Rector didn't eat the pecan pie, believing he could save it for later.

I'm looking for creepy stuff, gifs, real pictures, youtube videos, anything (:

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Hey /x/ I have a question. If the Illuminati carry on like most conspiracy theorist claim, then of course the celebrities that are suspected of being in the Illuminati are not actually in it, just used by them. But is it possible that rituals could be performed at their concerts? I went to a Jay-z concert this summer and he had everyone bowing to him, he started it by swaying back and forth into a full on bow, like when you worship something. It was creepy as fuck, I didn't even notice it until my friend pointed it out to me, to see thousands of people bowing to him like that was quite the mind fuck. I'm just talking out of my ass here, but with that many people and that kind of energy, could "they" be using it for something?
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4 days remaining.

Ayahuasca Retreats

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Hey /x/ I wanna know your opinions on Ayahuasca as me and some friends are trying to plan a trip to a retreat that offers an Ayahuasca ceremony. I would also like to know if you could point me in the direction of some legit non rapey ones
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Hey /x/. I have tomorrow off and I was thinking about going into the woods with a buddy to do some rituals. Any suggestions? I'm open to anything as long as there's a way to protect my friend and I somehow.
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(I posted this on /lgbt/, but because it's about a newish religion, I thought I'd ask here, too) Are there any members of the Temple of Priapus around? I have a question: I want to attend a service at least once in my life, just to experience a religion so different from my own. The only problem? I don't want to have sex with strangers. Is there any way that, if I went with my boyfriend, if any part of the service led to sex, I could just have sex with him? Or, am I expected to share myself with others? (I know this sounds silly, but I really want to know before I find myself in a sticky situation.)

New HORROR Short film

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caZ3B4EEeH4 Check it out
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Sup /x/ just wanted to share this story with you. Nothing spooky. Hard to remember, I was like 4 or 5 years old, I'm 22 now. >live in europe >be visiting grandma, near christmas I think >we go in the cemetery with her and my mom, can't remember why >I see two little balls of light over a grave >they are maybe 2 or 3 meters far from each other, bouncing one at a time. when the one of left is up, the one on the right is down, etc >it looks like they are playing seesaw, pic related >I tell my mom "what are those lights blabla" >she doesnt know >the next day we go back there >it's a kid's grave >wot m8, didn't really realise at that time I can clearly remember the picture of the two balls of light in my head. this marked me. Also, my mom had an OBE when her heart stopped because of a bee sting. She was flying over her body and could tell afterwards what her father in law was saying in another room (he was praying for her). This was before I was born. This is the first time I tell the light ball thing to someone. I've always been very reluctant with that kind of stuff, I mostly browse this board for the chills the pastas give me. Any similar stories ?

Weird / Creepy Vidyas

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Weird / creepy video thread? Lets try to include stuff not on the 'massive /x/ dump' thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qraVQjonsVc

Ebola-Chan a shit

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Someone has to explain this "egregore" shit. Beyond that its a collective entity. What kind conscious actions need to be undertaken for one to form etc etc This /x/-tier shit is invading my board might as well be informed picture not related
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Have you faggots eer been stupid enough to play Hide and Seek Alone? If so, share your experience. >be me three months ago >was out of town and decided to play in my aunt's warehouse >everyone was working or out late and Im alone with three cats >lock up everything and play in the house >house has a long hall that reaches from the living room, kitchen towards three bedrooms, closet hall and bathroom/laundry room >begin game and hide in the farthest room from the bathroom with one of the cats >one cat was in the kitchen, other in the bedroom closest to the bathroom >begin to hear uncomfortable meows from cat in my room and a hiss from cat in kitchen >trying not to panic, with the salt water in my mouth and shit myself >begin to feel light headed and feel cat's tails is springy but hear nothing else >run for my fucking life and end the game
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In this thread, we make /sci/tards run for the hills by proving that magic is real.
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>A man is employed by the United States Federal Corporate Interest Military and Police Force. >In spite of the name of the organisation he works for, his job has little to do with crime fighting or warfare. >This man is named only Secret General. >His job as Secret General involves an unimaginable number of duties and responsibilities but it could be said that what he does is a lot like being a shepherd. >The Secret General is in charge of everything. >He decides, down to the dollar, what money goes where and through whom it gets there. He decides which people know each other and how they will meet. He chooses the foods you do and don't like. He approves the advertisements you see on television and the shows you were watching to begin with. >Everything in your life and the lives of everyone around you has been a direct result of the influence of the Secret General of the United Nazis Corporate Empire of Shameless Evil and Military Ruthlessness. >Every aspect of your life has been predetermined. >Up until now. >With what you know now you may be able to find some freedom. >Now that you have been forced to awakened from your Disney Land Dream World Foetal Sleep State you may be able to start to think for yourself. >You might now be capable of acting instead of always reacting. >Who knows. >I'm hoping in reading this you will not only be enlightened but also inspired to educate those around you. >The only way to take down the United Slaves of America Federal Malicious Corporate Super Power Nuclear Annihilation Machine and Economic Authority is to inform all those around us of its existence and hopefully free them from its psychosocial, chemical, biological and electromagnetic manipulation of their consciousness. >It is all of our responsibility to restore and grow what thoughtless man has destroyed.

If you were a god

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Let's imagine that you somehow got all the powers of a god, we're talking about EVERYTHING. Whatever you want you can get it, change it, etc. You can even change how people think, you can change microbes, space, etc - you get it. And yes, you could fly, ANYTHING. What would you do? Would you tell anyone about this? Would you change the world for the better or the worse? Imagine anything.
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Just got a ton of great stuff from one really awesome fan of this page! Thanks a bunch, dude! I'll be posting more throughout the day...
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9/11 never forget

Containment Breach: Run - Teaser

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New Teaser for the live-action promo, Containment Breach: Run.
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