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http://www.philipcoppens.com/mirindajo.html De Groot saw the private Dajo and began to understand what was truly going on. For De Groot, Dajo was a man who was the instrument of a higher force, who appeared to him in various forms, sometimes materialising, sometimes “merely” speaking to him telepathically. Parallels with Geller and his exposure to enigmatic lights and mysterious voices are, of course, once easily made. Some have rejected this bond with such entities as negative, for it seems to negate free will. Indeed, Dajo was to do as they said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFoctXxfs_A
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hi guys any good subreddits for weird, disturbing, or paranormal stuff? /r/paranormal and /r/creepy are all really shitty suggestions?
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Everyone that got through or just started with the wild ride that started with the glowing dot of energy on the forhead post ITT
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Last night for the first time I heard tangeable, loud voices in my head. Female voice. Noisy at first (chaotic) then as I tuned in it became clearer until the point she was saying something along the lines of "come with me" I was calm for the first part then I started to worry and I shook it off. There was a strong noise sound (like the radio). Did I literally tune into another dimension or something like that? Or did I just need more sleep (it was after a very long day and 3 hours sleep the previous night) >pic not related
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What's that creepypasta where a guy wakes up in an icy room, no memory, has to make houses with boxes, other people get there, there's a picture of a girl that creeps everyone out.

Reality Glitch Thread

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Post your reality glitches. In elementary school, my bus stop was at the main street of my neighborhood, so I had a good 5 minute walk to get there. I always walked the same way every day. Anyway I say goodbye to my mom and leave at my usual time (7:00ish) and start walking to to the stop. I notice something strange right away. Usually there are other kids on their way to the bus stop too, but I don't see anyone. I don't even see adults or cars on the road. No animal life either, and our neighborhood was infested with squirrels. It's dead quiet. About half way to the stop, I notice it's getting really dark. Real big thunder clouds that cover up the sun, no rain, but a cold, dead wind. I'm really freaked out by this point. I reach the bus stop, and no ones there. Not a single kid. I check my watch (this was before kids had cell phones) and I was on time, about 7:07 or so. I decide to sit down and wait. About 5-10 mins later and a bus pulls up. I'm thinking, okay, I guess no one else is going to school today. I stand up as the bus doors open, but to my surprise kids flood out of it. I'm standing there totally confused as kids walk by me. One of my friends sees me and asks where I was today. I instantly check my watch and it's 3:40 PM. I tell him what happened but he doesn't believe me. I didn't know what else to do so I walked back home. The clouds clear up by the time I get there. I go inside and my mom is there and I tell her what happened. She didn't believe me but when she called the school I was confirmed absent.
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can /x/ give me the link to download MDPOPE part 2?

The Last Winter

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Snowprints litter the ground as if they were leaves but to where? You cant ask what is left long before the sound could reach. Yelling at footdrawings in the snow is best tried when none are around and yet the result is still the same. Best to keep quiet and eat the snow soup.
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These past 3months I have been depressed as fuck, like the most miserable human being ever The depression itself was really strange because it happened out of nowhere but anyway here's what happened yesterday morning >Woke up restless like usual >crawl out of bed take a shower to wake me up >take my clothes and think stuff like "what's the point anyway, everybody hates me i should just run away from everything" you know the drill >suddenly my heart beats like crazy >feel lightheaded as fuck >time...freezes ? >I feel a wave of anger and a huge sense of power >hear a old man's voice in my head >"OH COME ON ANON, MAN UP WILL YA, QUIT ACTING LIKE A BITCH NOBODY LIKES BITCHES" >time resumes >don't feel depressed afterwards Thinking back my emotions during those three months seemed so...out of place, like I was more watching a sad movie than actually taking part in it Did something paranormal happen /x/ ?

ghost in party

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Infant Omen (real-life story)

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When I was very young, about 2 years old, my much older half-brother had a baby we'll call Henry. The following is what I remember about "the incident." I looked at my parents and said "Henry is going to die." It wasn't any kind of premonition or sudden force that overtook me: I just felt a feeling that I blurted out. I myself didn't know if it was true. But some time later (as my mom remembers, hours later) Henry died of crib death. When I tell my friends about it today, they say it's really creepy, so I figured I'd share it here on /x/. But when I asked my mom about it today, she added a few more details I had no recollection of. She said that I also said "ask the girl, she knows," referring to Henry's older sister. I have memories of this girl being there, and of possibly interacting with her and thinking about her, but cannot recall the details of what connection she may have had. She was older than me, and I think we may have talked about Henry, but details are very fuzzy and sparse and subject to that phenomenon when you modify past memories out of confirmation bias, whatever it's called. I don't believe in psychic abilities: I think for all intents and purposes, it was just God using a kid to give some kind of omen. Nothing else ever happened to me like that, although plenty of weird things I don't want to talk about now have happened. But now that I remember that incident... I wonder why... why the detail about the girl? Why didn't I remember it? And why was this whole thing caused in the first place? (This is the point where I'd add one more spooky detail, rather than rhetorical questions, if I were bullshitting.)
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special on slenderman on ABC
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Hi /x/.I was released 2 years ago. I did 6 years in solitary confinement before being let out from a legal dispute. They were so incredibly angry when they found out I would be walking the streets again. I killed 6 people consecutively, and attempted to kill another before I was apprehended. These were all at different times, so I guess you can say it was serial. No, for my own protection I will not tell you who I am, nor will I provide proof. I'm not asking you to believe me, I'm asking for help. A close aquaintance told me that this website would absolutely love it if I put what was going on in my head before, during, and after the murders. How would you guys want this written out? I guess I'm just confused on how I should actually write this. Also yes, after coming out of confinement for that long without human interaction, it was bewildering. I'm still becoming reacquainted with life.

Contract of Vexus

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Can anyone tell me what a contract of Vexus is?
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You are now aware that Gandhi was some next-level shit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJhBG16e80g
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Does anyone here follow any paranormal YouTube series'? I find TribeTwelve to be really good.
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Wait is this literally a joke? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9ZKq5Wgdjw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuwDXukkI9U

Too Many Things

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After witnessing all of the recent events on 4chan since I first came here as a minor in 2006, /x/ seems to be the most "sane" board that anyone can communicate with each other. There is going to be a time where our online freedoms will seize to exist. Humans seriously need to start focusing on our problems here on Earth together or it seems to be we will ultimately be the down fall of this planet and of Humanity of we once knew it. Farewell, 4chan. Question everything, stay positive.
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Daily reminder that reptilians exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLe1jHjR58A
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What do you think of aghoris? are they methods good or bad? How do you think they see/perceive the world around them?
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