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31st October 2014
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bjT=QfPqnlc9LicVLDgsSo0z+sgsSITX+YgsSIBknmb6S41mnx6JLDgsSI6VQfPqbjAa+fGse2gsSIhVpjAzMiuyQfPr >http://crypo.in.ua/tools/eng_atom128c.php
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Iloominaty comfirmed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPBa0JVi0iM
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i dont expect to be believed i'm just going to tell the story and go 19/m/az when i was young i had to live with my dad in a caravan park in the desert at the edge of some dirt poor hicktowns. pic sadly related the people there were basically 100% white trash burnouts the most depressing kind of environment for a kid to grow up in. dad was alright he drank but wasn't angry, worked a lot and didn't really care what i did. he was a demolition worker and would sometimes be gone for days at a time. during these times i would stay in this one van with a family of three who we were pretty close to. there was the dad, John and the two sons, one my age, Michael, and one a year younger, who, no shit, was called Dog. Now even in that setting Dog was a weird name. like there were literally people with the name Cletus there and even they laughed at the name Dog. But the family was really nice nonetheless. I hardly saw the dad because he worked and drank like my own father so it was usually me Michael and Dog mucking around at the caravan camp doing whatever we liked
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Alright, I've never posted on /x/ so please bear with me here. Lately I've been thinking about an encounter I had with an entity a few years ago. I was around 16 when it happened so honestly I might forget some details. So I was outside with my best friend of the time on my hammock. My hammock is set in my yard so its pretty much parallel to the lane I live down. The lane is pretty wooded but there are still houses set about an acre away from mine, so I'm not exactly in the middle of nowhere at all. It was just starting to get dark out when I saw this really tall creature thing that looked like it was made out of grey clay walk down my lane. The thing walked extremly slow and had really long arms that seemed to kinda drag on the ground. It honestly seemed tall maybe 7-8 feet tall??? I was laying down the whole time so. Anywho, whatever it was didn't give off a creepy or unsettling vibe, paranormal stuff in general just freaks me out tbh. But I never felt threatened by it. The thing didn't seem to have a face but again it was getting dark out and I quickly looked away when I saw it. Another weird bit is that when I looked away I looked back a few seconds later and it was still moving along, so I don't think it was something my head made up. After that I made my friend run inside with me because I was creeped out. She never saw the thing but when I asked her recently if she remembers me freaking out that day she did, so I don't think it could be a dream either. I posted my experience on FB awhile ago and another girl said that she knew what I was talking about and gave me details about it that I didn't tell her and she shouldn't have known if she was lying. No matter what I google I can't find anything thats similiar. So, I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what I saw? I'll post anything I left out if I remember it.
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Hello /x/. I'm here to talk with you guys about Spirituality and the Universe. Please feel free to ask any questions that fit into these categories. I'll do my best to answer them. The more specific you are the better I can answer the question. Please keep it on topic, unrelated questions will be ignored. Thanks.

/ldg/ - Lucid Dreaming General

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For everything related to lucid dreaming. Discussion, resources, help, Q&A, stories, etc. Last thread: >>15395464 TODAY'S TOPIC: The WILD technique, Who has successfully done it? How many times? Any tips? >----/ FAQ /------------------------------------ >What is lucid dreaming? Dreaming becomes lucid dreaming when you realize that you're dreaming. This allows you to explore your dreamworld freely. You can also do things that are dangerous, impossible, or unlikely in real life. Use your imagination~ >How do I lucid dream? First, start keeping a detailed sleep log. See this pastebin for ideas: http://pastebin.com/kf2Xg2fL Then, check out the different techniques (or make up your own). There's a lot, and none of them work for everybody, so this is pure trial and error. Good luck. >Has there been scientific research into this? Yes, though the field is very new (inaugurated by the first confirmed lucid dream at Hull University in 1975). To learn more, the lucidity institute's site is a good starting point: http://www.lucidity.com/ >Is this some magick/new-age bullshit? Hell no. >----/ RESOURCES /------------------------------ http://www.lucidipedia.com/ http://www.ld4all.com/ http://www.dreamviews.com/ #down right now http://www.lucidity.com/ >----/ TODO /----------------------------------- * Anon in last thread offered to host wiki. Need to get that set up. Once we have a wiki we can do tons of important things. An FAQ and how-to guides are obvious. Then it'd be good to have a place to catalog reactions/experiences with different techniques, and statistics (eg how many anons have had success with binaural beats, how alcohol affects anons' sleep). Knowledge is power.
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Strange things have happened in the last 24hrs. Since a few day ago a couple of threads have been up regarding suposid leaks from a now dead bowing engineer. As good internet detectives/trolls, we began to look at the obvious clue that may shed light on what is the agends. That is the alien/doll. Theres this doll found in kmart a few years ago that rembles to the alien to a T. I was online last night searching for possible manufactureres and made a short list of 20plus manufacturos in china,taiwan that have made alien dolls above 1ft in height. By the time i dialed on skye the 3rd one on my list shit got weird. I had gone to 711 after talking to a rep for the manufacturer and asked about said doll. It was quite hard to communicate because of the language barrier, but in the end i explained i was looking for a partiucular model to be made fir next holloween. After the usuall 1000 model minimum and that i would have to send a doll in for a injection mold to be made. I then told him the model might have been previously been manyfactured and that i was gonna send him pics through email. After i sent the croped images and returning from 711. Not only do i have an email waiting but a blank 1minute message on my voicemail. Cont... as im typing this as i go.
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Give me links on mind-expanding topics no illuminati/9/11 stuff please go.
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Spooky scary skeletons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_qbGJuxCYY
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Chubacabra sighting thread. have you seen the chuba?
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http://www.livestream.com/themorlock We're doing found footage movies tonight, as suggested by you folks. Meanwhile, post suggestions for horror movies in the thread, we'll try to get to them all on Halloween.

Bay Area (East Bay) escorted plane?

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Hello my fellow /x/ brethren. A bit ago I saw a passenger plane being escorted by a fighter jet in the northern part of the East Bay Area (Pinole/Richmond/Hercules area). Any other East Bay natives see this? Pic related, not it, but it is what it looked like.
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gee mods, sorry to rain on your tarot parade with proof of real living human beings being TORTUED but i'm not going to stop we were just discussing who to get in contact with and what step to take next. let's continue
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Hey illuminatifags, give me your best evidence that there's a secret society called controlling everything behind the scenes.
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Gost Vs Skellington who wins?

the dead thread

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dead thread...the one they keep deleting. what was it? who started it? y is it continually removed? has this happened b4? past screenshots?
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Does anyone remember an old blog where a guys father found a box buried with pictures of kids and military type documents? He goes back to where the box was found and finds an old bunker. And continued to slowly reveal the story over time? If so link me. I can't find it.
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Ik ben dj
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My friend, Hanz, has a favor to ask the residents of /x/. It's come to his attention that there is an anon who is in possession of "gangbang nudes" of someone special. A name I'm sure you all know. Mia, that is, of course. Would this anon please step forward and contact Hanz at the email specified in the field. Or, if that isn't correct, his specification of "kroll94 at gmx dot de". Picture unrelated. But of an equally crazy woman.
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