Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT, November 20 2014: Due to server performance and (again) copyright issues, the 4chanArchive project had to be closed. I will try to keep the text archive online as long as possible, but I had to delete the 30 million images and most of the 140 million posts previously archived on that website. No more new threads will be archived :(

Welcome to 4chanArchive's Frequently Asked Questions page. If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

What is 4chanArchive and how does it work?

4chanArchive is a public archive of, a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can anonymously post comments and share images which are destroyed after a few hours. 4chanArchive's goal is to preserve discussions and images from a definitive destruction and to organize data for humans and search engines.

4chanArchive is not in any way affiliated to 4chan. All the content on 4chanArchive originally comes from 4chan and is automatically archived without any human action. Only "sfw" boards are archived; only the first image of each thread is saved in high definition. 4chanArchive's design is voluntarily very close to 4chan's one to reproduce at best the context in which the discussions took place.

How can I find a specific thread?

There is currently no internal research tool. To access to a specific thread, please copy in your url bar, replacing #board-name# by the board (ex: tg) and #thread-id# by the id of the thread (ex: 30232826).

Why aren't /cm/, /lgbt/, /c/ and /fit/ boards archived?

Despite the "sfw" flag of these boards, they seem to more frequently contain illegal or pornographic content than others. To avoid any legal issues, we prefer to concentrate ourselves on the other boards.
These boards may be added to the archive in the future depending on the evolution of the situation.

Why aren't threads older than 2014 archived?

The archiving engine started on the 14th February 2014, two days before the opening of the website. We don't have older data.

How long will the threads and images be kept before purge?

Theoretically forever. It is however well know that archives of 4chan are very fragile, so we cannot guarantee anything.

I want some content to be removed from 4chanArchive.

You can simply use the manual removal tool available on the top right corner of each thread for an instantaneous destruction of the content.
If you have a lot of content you want to be removed, you can directly contact us. We will proceed to the removal within 24 hours.

I need to know the identity of the author of a post.

All images and posts found on 4chanArchive originate from 4chan itself. All the information we have about the posters is already public.
If you wish to obtain more information, please contact the 4chan's owner (

Are you affiliated with the old

Yes. 4chanArchive is the new version of 4chanData.
When I started 4chanData, I didn't really expect it to work. It was kind of a SEO experiment, created in a few hours only. But a few months later, when I saw it had more than 500 000 monthly visitors, I told myself I had to create a real 4chan archive:

The main improvements of this new version are:
- No more obnoxious ads (well... at least a lot less of them :D).
- A brand new design, closer to 4chan's one.
- A new archiving algorithm, a lot more systematic and working 24h/24h.
- The archived threads are now updated when the original ones receive new posts.
- A new organization of the threads, for better SEO and navigation.
- The images are back.
- The images of the posts are now archived, but on low definition only.
- A new integrated removal tool, for super easy and super fast removal of the threads by visitors.

4chanData will stay online a few months before a definitive shutdown. The threads of 4chanData couldn't be transfered to 4chanArchive because they are saved in a totally different format.
All the content on this website comes from All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective parties. Images uploaded are the responsibility of the Poster. Comments are owned by the Poster. 4chanArchive is not affiliated with 4chan.