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Anonymous 09/23/14(Tue)04:25 UTC+1 No.442463 Report

/3/, im tiered of making full body, game ready models in t-pose and having nothing to do with it cuz they're basically just static meshes. I want to learn simple animation to add a little life to my models such as walking, running and just breathing... As of now i hardly know anything about animation, where would you suggest i start? and is it too complicated? do i need to devote a lot of time on it? does it consist of just bone rigging and adding controllers or does it go deeper?
Anonymous 09/23/14(Tue)05:31 UTC+1 No.442467 Report

i don't know jack shit either but i also have some fiar ideas of some aspects. from what i know, you can set up bones to a single rig or you can do what's called dynamic parenting, which basically allows you to have separated bones that follow each other in an IK configuration. at the moment i don't know why. alongside bones there's weight painting and blendshapes, which help with the deformation of your model. if you just used bones, you wouldn't be able to make your collar bone stay in place while the arms go back, or your joints would produce a point. there's also physics and collision, and automated IK uses this to help make your model naturally balance itself according to gravity with respect to its COG. then there's cloth physics alongside deformations and bones for clothing. at the moment i wouldn't know what to do for hair, probably deformation alongside weak physics. i could be wrong though (more than likely).
Anonymous 09/23/14(Tue)05:36 UTC+1 No.442469 Report

You can find free rigs online so that you can learn to animate or learn how to rig from them.

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