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/3/ i need helpI downloaded...
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)04:31 UTC+1 No.412121 Report

/3/ i need help

I downloaded these eye textures and I cant figure out how to apply them on my characters eyeballs, I tried the texture tab on top and the side, all the buttons but no result

also, side question... is there a way to have 1 type of material on one subtool and another on the other, because I need reflective glossy for the eyes and matt for the body.. thank you
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)04:38 UTC+1 No.412123 Report

Step 1:

Ask yourself, am i working linearly? If not - what the fuck are you even doing?
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)07:21 UTC+1 No.412138 Report

Is that an imported sphere, or a ZBrush sphere? Pretty sure the ZBrush sphere doesn't come with UV's, so that texture would be useless. That texture is mean't for something like a Maya sphere that has a square unwrap and triangles along the top.
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)09:04 UTC+1 No.412156 Report


>can't handle working in more than one dimension, must restrict all workflow into one line
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