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3D printable cosplay itemas Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)12:56 UTC+1 No.436721 Report

So I have tried and tried to keep apprised of all the places where I can find databases of printable 3D models, but alas I know I am not finding everything I know is out there. Can you fellows help me find the locations of anything from Iron Man to Master Chief to Gundam to Destiny to IDK or C Sailor Moon. Just as long as it is an awesome model and usable in a costume. I am trying to make some awesome cosplays for myself and my female friends, so you are helping hot cosplay girls as well. Most all of the things i can find are simple guns and helmets. I really would like to make RWBY cosplays for them. I ask this of you cause my skillset is in practical fabrication, as in free hand carving from wood, sewing, and sfx prosthetic makeup. I am teaching myself how to sculpt in 3D, but it is a slow process. pic is one of said friends in the Asuna cosplay I made for her last DragonCon.
slocik 08/17/14(Sun)13:30 UTC+1 No.436722 Report

Yeah, had someone ask me to do something for cosplay and 3d printing, as soon as i said how much i want he right away went "i dont got that kind of money" even though it was like 200$, guess cosplayers are used to make stuff on the budget

Anyway, 3d printing isnt cheap, sure its cheap for tiny stuff, but if you wanna 3d print a sword or a gun get ready to cough up few hundred $ per prop. Fuck me if i would attempt to print a whole costume. Rather use then one of those 3d curving things and carve it out of some material.
Unless you got access to your own 3d printer, then getting the models for printing might be a problem.

As for RWBY just ask roosterteeth, i saw them commission few high poly sculpts already, if you say its for cosplay thy might give you some files you can work with.
For destiny you will have to get someone to rip you the game files and polish them up. Rest who know, just fucking google it.

There is no "free shit for 3d printing here" website.
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)13:35 UTC+1 No.436723 Report

Yep I have a large scale 3D printer so it is practically no cost for me, It's way cheaper than fiberglass resin, bondo, sand paper, and all the rest. I have a 15"x15"x15" build area or 380mm for the metric side.
slocik 08/17/14(Sun)14:17 UTC+1 No.436726 Report

Then you might wanna cough up the $ and get someone to do the thing you want.
Even if you find some files there will be s tll a lot of cleanup and converting needed before you get it to a state good for 3d printing. Unless you are willing to also do this and have some half decent box modeling skills.
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