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3d print of Ebola-chan Anonymous 09/23/14(Tue)12:11 UTC+1 No.442510 Report

Can anyone make a 3d print of the /pol/ goddess Ebola-chan? We would want it for our shrines to her
Anonymous 09/23/14(Tue)14:12 UTC+1 No.442513 Report

I like ebola-chan but shouldn't this shit be in /r/? wtf is the point in having a request board?
Anonymous 09/23/14(Tue)14:16 UTC+1 No.442515 Report

you need a full body image of her,
slocik 09/23/14(Tue)14:39 UTC+1 No.442519 Report

first you need a full body concept
then you need someone to make the model
and then someone with 3d printer who is willing to make it

good luck with that
Anonymous 09/23/14(Tue)18:06 UTC+1 No.442557 Report

For the 3d printer try this:
Anonymous 09/23/14(Tue)23:09 UTC+1 No.442593 Report

shapeways is cheaper
i thought about modeling her but she's so generic i can't be bothered, just dress up any anime doll you can find, shinki or whatever
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