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Beginner here. I'm trying...
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)20:15 UTC+1 No.410684 Report

Beginner here. I'm trying to build a Tudor style building in 3ds Max. By using Swift Loop to create edges and extruding those edges I've managed to make the horizontal and vertical parts of the wooden frame. Pic related (it's what I've got so far.)
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)20:18 UTC+1 No.410686 Report
File: tr2.jpg-(125x54)
What I'm trying to figure...
What I'm trying to figure out is how to do the parts of the frame which are at an angle. Whats the best way to make the frame jut out where you see the red lines in the pic?
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)20:50 UTC+1 No.410700 Report


use knife. connect the corner vertices. go into edge mode. select the edge. use fucking bevel tool programmed in 90'ens. when done clean up. extrude to the other planks. clean up again.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)21:24 UTC+1 No.410709 Report

got any video tutorials that explain this? When I say I'm a beginner I really mean it.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)21:29 UTC+1 No.410710 Report

Pretty aure google or even the 3ds help files can help you
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)21:48 UTC+1 No.410718 Report
File: tr4.jpg-(124x78)
>>410700Am I doing it...
Am I doing it right? If so where do I find Fucking Bevel?
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)23:27 UTC+1 No.410761 Report

Is there anybody out theeeerrreee?
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)23:52 UTC+1 No.410765 Report
File: tr5.jpg-(125x78)
Got it. I'd prefer if i...
Got it. I'd prefer if i had a more exact way of doing it. I kind of have to guess by eye if the board is the right angle, thickness etc.
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)23:56 UTC+1 No.410766 Report


3ds max is so fucked up you get many options only if you have right type of topology and right part of quad. also congratulation you made it over first of thousands steps to a pro
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)12:43 UTC+1 No.410830 Report
File: tr6.jpg-(124x63)
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)15:58 UTC+1 No.410841 Report
File: awyeah2.jpg-(125x93)
>>410684i made something...

i made something similar a while back.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)17:29 UTC+1 No.410852 Report
File: tudorhousescreencap.jpg-(125x92)
>>410841Cool did you go...
Cool did you go about it the same way I did?
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)19:45 UTC+1 No.410872 Report
File: render test.jpg-(125x93)
>>410852almost, but i...
almost, but i was much, much more lazy.

i just uv mapped the beams.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)20:37 UTC+1 No.410878 Report
File: 03smooth.jpg-(125x93)
dude don't make all the...
dude don't make all the beams flush with each other. it looks fake. make them meet at different points.extrude, bevel, chamfer, and connect are all in edit poly tab if you are using an editable poly.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)20:40 UTC+1 No.410879 Report

and to make that just make a box, convert it to a poly, remove the surfaces that aren't seen, then cut away the parts of the main building that they intersect. Max does have some awesome tools, but it really won't do much for you when making architecture.
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)22:28 UTC+1 No.411042 Report

post results whe you done
Anonymous 02/22/14(Sat)05:26 UTC+1 No.411122 Report
File: AiP_Ponyvillehouses.jpg-(124x57)
Looks familiar.
Looks familiar.
Anonymous 02/25/14(Tue)12:58 UTC+1 No.411723 Report

Don't project your bullshit, it looks like any building from a tudor/fantasy setting
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