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jxhill28 11/06/14(Thu)06:00 UTC+1 No.448988 Report

Hello /3/, first time coming around here.

A couple months back I got into Blender, fooling around on my laptop with a nude Samus Aran model I got from a friend. H-related content of her was scarce at the time, so this was an enjoyable pastime. Didn't get that much into it though, due to inherent limitation problems of working on a laptop.

Anyway, I made a bunch of poses and uploaded them. It isn't much, but hopefully someone here enjoys them. http://imgur.com/a/QLwh4 (NSFW)

Critique is welcome, and if anybody knows of a site where I can get other rigged models for Blender it would be very appreciated. Cheers!
Anonymous 11/08/14(Sat)12:23 UTC+1 No.449275 Report

you lucky mister chef :^)
Anonymous 11/08/14(Sat)15:02 UTC+1 No.449280 Report

Why is everything untextured? Why is Samus fucking Master Chief in full armor? Why are they fucking in the middle of a canyon? Where is his dick?

I suggest using blender internal if you're rendering on a laptop, your renders are noisy as shit. You can bake AO into the textures with cycles though.
Anonymous 11/06/14(Thu)08:41 UTC+1 No.448992 Report

What the fuck. I have no words.
Anonymous 11/07/14(Fri)03:31 UTC+1 No.449109 Report

this, why would you use other people's work? that takes away all the fun, there's plenty of shit already done for you by the software itself.
Anonymous 11/06/14(Thu)06:11 UTC+1 No.448989 Report

I don't need to see any of them to form my critique

make your own models
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