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Hello /3/,i could use some...
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)12:52 UTC+1 No.429081 Report

Hello /3/,i could use some help on getting started with shader programming.I thought OpenGL might me the best choice.I know C++ and computer graphics,i just need to learn a shading language.Can any one recommend me some tutorials or books.Thanks in advance
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)13:12 UTC+1 No.429083 Report

Is it true that everything /3/ does is clicking in programs like Maya,3ds Max,Zbrush and such?
3DCG is lots more than a few software packages people snap out of it
Anonymous 06/30/14(Mon)15:19 UTC+1 No.429098 Report


Well the demography of this board is 100% amateurs I think, you never see any pro work here so I guess you are asking at the wrong place
Anonymous 07/03/14(Thu)04:32 UTC+1 No.429515 Report

thats because 4chan is toxic. a fuck ton of people use it, but no one will ever admit it in real life if they have anything to lose.
Anonymous 07/03/14(Thu)11:43 UTC+1 No.429555 Report

If it bothers you that much, gb2 le reddit
Anonymous 07/03/14(Thu)11:44 UTC+1 No.429556 Report

If you're going with OpenGL, then you're obviously going to be leveraging GLSL in your software. Alternatively, you can also include a CG interpreter in your software, and you can use CG instead.

Cool shit you can do with a shader:
>Curve and displace shit (Like this shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dREpv78B1_g)
>Lighting and shit (Like rim lighting and shit)
>Relief and shit (Like that parallax and bump mapping shit)
>Physics and animation and shit (And tessellation and shit)
>Other shit (It's shit)
Anonymous 07/03/14(Thu)18:01 UTC+1 No.429597 Report

picked up HLSL last year, just looked at the shader code which is exposed as plaintext inside the .fx files, googled a lot reading forum posts and stuff.
If you can read a program and have an idea what values you want to compute for your pixel it's pretty straight forward to start out modifying existing shaders to your taste,
and once you're comfortable messing around there you can quickly transition into writing your own.
Anonymous 07/03/14(Thu)19:44 UTC+1 No.429606 Report

HLSL is a waste of time for everyone. The only language worth using (not your own) is GLSL.
Anonymous 07/03/14(Thu)20:13 UTC+1 No.429611 Report

If you know one you pretty much know the other by default, just a question of googling for the specific syntax or observing the structure of another file.

Saying HLSL is useless is kinda like saying games don't run on direct-X.
Anonymous 07/03/14(Thu)20:18 UTC+1 No.429612 Report

anything graphics related on the video card is only supported in OpenGL. No Microshit.
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)02:44 UTC+1 No.429682 Report

go to your place of employment and tell your boss you are an avid 4chan user, i guarantee the moment they look at /b/ your ass will be fired.

but lets go beyond that, how often do people come out of 4chan who think raiding is the shit, and want to fuck someones day up? you work for a big place and they get bombed with phone calls about you and again, you ass is out the door.

the sooner you learn that nothing on 4chan is work safe or should be mentioned outside the safeties of anonymity the better.
also, like it or not, reddit has a FAR cleaner image than 4chan does.
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