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Hey /3/, I've been using...
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)05:22 UTC+1 No.415029 Report

Hey /3/, I've been using 3ds Max all through High School and graduated last year. For media class, we had to create a short film of any genre, so I made a 3D short film/music video.
Check it out pls.
Disclaimers: Environment was simplified because my computer's shit, run cycle was shit because I ran out of time.
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)07:25 UTC+1 No.415039 Report

Either YouTube raped your video quality or you encoded the video with a really low bitrate. Which is it?
Anonymous 03/18/14(Tue)07:38 UTC+1 No.415041 Report

It's 20mbps and sharp as fuck on YouTube for me..
Anonymous 03/19/14(Wed)12:44 UTC+1 No.415142 Report

There's pixelated bounding everywhere in the video. It looks like you encoded the video in the wrong format.
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