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How do I do this?
How do I do this? Anonymous 03/10/14(Mon)23:20 UTC+1 No.413865 Report

Hello guys, I'm completely new when it comes to animation and I've been curious about it way too long. Now I'm actually gonna get a computer that could handle to do stuff like animations etc and therefore I've decided that I'm going to start. I will of course train etc but I'm currently wondering if you guys (Because I've found none) have any good tutorials on how you learn to animate things like the link I'll be posting in the end.

I'm also curious what program you recommend using etc, and if there's multiple programs I could use etc. I'm very thankful for your help.

Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)07:07 UTC+1 No.413929 Report


Draw your frame, then take a picture of the screen.

Draw the next frame, repeat. It helps if you have a tripod so your camera doesn't move between frames.

Or you could always go the Pixar route, but I doubt you have access to that many midgets who can ride unicycles.
Anonymous 03/11/14(Tue)15:40 UTC+1 No.414000 Report

Don't forget that he can download it as well!
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