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Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)16:21 UTC+1 No.437833 Report

How do I fix this? I don't want to create any more loops or end it near another section with a different flow. 1/2
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)16:22 UTC+1 No.437834 Report

Here's how it looks when subdivided.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)16:39 UTC+1 No.437838 Report

Please respond
slocik 08/25/14(Mon)17:07 UTC+1 No.437842 Report

its a closed solid object, somewhere on it you have to have the other end of that loop and another ngon no other way to solve it than to connect them
slocik 08/25/14(Mon)17:11 UTC+1 No.437843 Report

also reproducing such a simple shape is literally 2 minutes work form a ox, come on
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)17:12 UTC+1 No.437844 Report

an ox?
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)17:58 UTC+1 No.437854 Report

Whatever, I isolated the wrong edges
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)17:59 UTC+1 No.437855 Report

they're up here now.
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