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How do you pose your...
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)17:23 UTC+1 No.428839 Report

How do you pose your characters /3/?
I mean, if my goal is to make a still image instead of animation or game stuff should I model the characters on their still pose (and afterwards rig them to pose) or should I model then at the finished pose from the start?

Picture related, how would you model this character?
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)17:26 UTC+1 No.428841 Report

i would never model that trash. Lrn2 draw, lrn2 render
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)18:48 UTC+1 No.428854 Report

This. You're not allowed to have your own style, it has to look exactly like everyone else's. You can never be original, because faggots will bother you and complain.
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)19:02 UTC+1 No.428856 Report

hi op
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)19:25 UTC+1 No.428863 Report

>>428856 it's not OP since I'm OP
I don't feed the trolls

My question still remains:
How to pose a character?
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)19:26 UTC+1 No.428864 Report

in 2 dimensions.
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)19:50 UTC+1 No.428876 Report

My 3D teacher made us do a "silhouette" of the pose with simple primitives(box, cylinder ..). This way, you can check every side of the pose, and when it's good, you can start modeling over it. You "gabarit" is the key of your future pose. Don't fuck it, and your pose should be good.
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)19:52 UTC+1 No.428880 Report

That's an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing it :)
Anonymous 06/28/14(Sat)22:28 UTC+1 No.428911 Report

I'd model in a symmetrical neutral pose just because that's easier to do, then rig it and pose it with that. Imagine modelling the OP{ image in it's posed. Nothing could be transferred with a symmetry tool or mirroring.
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)00:46 UTC+1 No.428929 Report

This is great advice. I spend a lot of my time posing charactters and I'm always looking at the silhouette - if it doesn't look good from ALL angles, it's not going to look good at ANY angle.
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)00:48 UTC+1 No.428930 Report

actually you only need it to look good from the camera angle.
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)01:43 UTC+1 No.428931 Report

Not from my experience. I always find it a good idea to make sure the silhouette is good from all angles - it simply strengthens the pose.
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)05:41 UTC+1 No.428945 Report

take a look at movies, only one angle needs to look good, and thats it.
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)06:20 UTC+1 No.428950 Report

Whenever the pose doesn't look good, that's when I start double checking it at different angles. Maybe the back isn't arched enough? Maybe there isn't enough forward momentum? Maybe I need to move the arms forward a little? Oh, that's why it looks bad!
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)18:18 UTC+1 No.428994 Report

Take a look at video games.
Anonymous 06/29/14(Sun)18:30 UTC+1 No.428995 Report

enemies in video games only come at you from the front, and in shmups only the top down view. You lost.
Anonymous 07/03/14(Thu)04:23 UTC+1 No.429513 Report
File: tumblr_mwmw2cWN2u1rw70wfo1_500.jpg-(125x125)
>>428994you want to make...
you want to make that argument work?
Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
whatever the fuck works, make it happen.

there is no need to look good from every angle, just make it look good.

and one more, in this context we are talking about a still picture, not a 3d interactive scenario. but lets go videogames at large. most cutscenes don't give you control of the angle you view it at so make it work.

and lets go again, games that give you control, almost always have cutscenes that just don't look right. you wont let me advance, i have to listen, just take control out of my hands and give me a better cutscene.
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