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Painting directly on low-poly? Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)10:49 UTC+1 No.449978 Report

Does anyone texture their stuff by painting directly on it in photoshop? I sometimes prefer it to Zbrush, etc because I know exactly what I'm getting, but are there other alternative programs where you can paint the diffuse and normal map directly on a low-poly object without subdividing it or baking from a high poly version? Photoshop works for some stuff but the update's fucked CC to hell and now it slows down on my computer, so I want to know if there's a better way (with a better interface, since photoshop's 3d interface kind of sucks) Gif totally unrelated.
Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)13:06 UTC+1 No.449992 Report

Better an image than a thousand words, in this case a video:


No you "don't paint normals like diffuse" (i.e by painting R, G, B by hand). What you do is use shapes, lasso, selection, brush strokes, vectors, etc.. and then ndo (Quixel suite) converts them from the 2D canvas you place them, to normals. You can tweak them further by using the options. It's useful to do quick hard surface stuff, with no need to sculpt it.
Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)12:55 UTC+1 No.449990 Report

Hold up, you can paint on 3d meshes in paint tool Sai? How in the fuck? This I need to check out, sounds awesome.
Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)12:50 UTC+1 No.449989 Report

By painting normal maps by hand do you mean literally painting the map by hand or painting on the model, because apparently some crazy people actually try to paint the normal map by hand on a 2d layer the same way you would a diffuse and I just want to make sure of what exactly you mean-like sculpting, but you're painting the normal map, right?
Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)12:44 UTC+1 No.449988 Report

Mudbox checks, and I think mari too can paint textures without need of subdiv the mesh (directly choose texture resolution to paint on).

If you like to work on Ps you might want to check Quixel Suite (Ddo). It's mostly to procedurally texture your meshes, but works in overlay over Ps, so you can always paint over the layers generated by it, and it has a 3D previewer so you can see what the changes do. I'm liking it more.
Quixel suite I guess is what better fits your needs (Ps pipeline, able to paint textures and normals by hand or with procedural options and masks, 3D previewer).
Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)12:33 UTC+1 No.449987 Report

Blender is pretty decent because you can go back and forth between painting on the texture map and painting on the model itself, but have using paint tools that are more fucking limited that MS Paint for Windows 89 we're too busy working on your useless piece of shit Cycles Renderer that we're going to waste 5+ years working on only to realize we've been shoving our thumbs up our own ass this whole fucking time!

Also this I guess, http://youtu.be/BNA1-A7SnQM
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