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Anonymous 08/30/14(Sat)18:46 UTC+1 No.438650 Report

So I'm just starting to get into UDK and have been fiddling around with a few different plugins and so far I've really liked Speedtree, are there any other good UDK plugins or add-on's you guys would recommend?
Anonymous 08/30/14(Sat)19:27 UTC+1 No.438654 Report

>So I'm just starting to get into UDK

Hello darkness my old friend...
Anonymous 08/30/14(Sat)22:30 UTC+1 No.438676 Report

You could use some normal thief.
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)11:26 UTC+1 No.438728 Report

I've come to talk with you again
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)16:40 UTC+1 No.438744 Report

because a vision softly creeping
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)17:41 UTC+1 No.438746 Report

Left its seeds while I was sleeping
Anonymous 08/31/14(Sun)18:47 UTC+1 No.438752 Report

and Bingo was his name-o
Anonymous 09/13/14(Sat)16:39 UTC+1 No.440975 Report


You might as well just get UE4. $20, but you can cancel the subscription and still use it.
Anonymous 09/14/14(Sun)12:13 UTC+1 No.441092 Report

>not using ue4
either you get it..well, questionably, lets say it fell of a truck, or you pay 20 dollar once. 20 aint much, especially since you can cancel subscription and still use it forever after that.
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