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Source Filmmaker
Source Filmmaker Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)05:20 UTC+1 No.410800 Report

Maybe you can help me out, anyone here experienced with this thing? I am reading wikis and other stuff, but looks like any models I decide to animate by myself are not subject to the physics engine which proves to make some stuff really difficult, like, you know, making certain models to stay consistently on the ground according to the terrain.

Yep, I am almost completely new to these things.
Kupo (Tipa) 2251-4159-2271 02/20/14(Thu)06:46 UTC+1 No.410806 Report

Source filmmaker is a pretty unique animation tool. You have to do all of the work yourself, for one, unless you plan on using the preset animations for the characters that come with the engine(s) you're using. Really, here are the pros and cons of using SFM:


1. You can use the maps with the beautiful lighting that comes with Hammer
2. You can download and use models from Garry's mod and animate those, if you want, or create your own and rig/animate using a preexisting skeleton
3. Lots of cool and easy to use lighting tools, volume lighting is incredibly easy and one of my favorite. You can even set the lights to be a negative number to suck the light out of a scene.
4. Phonemes are incredibly easy to do in SFM. Incredibly easy.


1. Not much versatility. What you get is what you get, and there isn't much you can change. The new source engine looks great, but you're limited to what the source engine can do.
2. Like you said, there's no such thing as collision unless you're in game mode, and you have to know the commands to spawn the objects you want in the engine you're using. So far, you're limited to tf2, and you can't do much with even that.
3. All the animation, and I mean ALL the animation, unless it's material animation, involves hard work on your end. No way around that.

Those are a few of the pros and cons. I encourage you to give the program a try, it's a lot of fun. You'll have to have a basic grasp on the source engine, though, which takes time.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)07:17 UTC+1 No.410810 Report

I'll have to check it.
Anonymoose 02/20/14(Thu)08:27 UTC+1 No.410816 Report

>"have do all the work on yourself"
>*everyone who uses a serious program laughing*
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)10:07 UTC+1 No.410823 Report

here this is what i plan to use when i get into soruce.

Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)11:50 UTC+1 No.410827 Report

record yourself running.
put your player model in the floor so it cannot be seen nor its shadow.
parent your prop to your models root bone
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)14:26 UTC+1 No.410835 Report

Go watch the Valve tutorials, there's a whole video on rigging and getting the character to stay on the floor, all in all it's a pretty hard kit in my opinion but a very good one to work with, I learnt to animate in it.

Just experiment with it is all I can say, it's hard to get realistic and natural movement because the curves aren't automated like in other software kits so you get a nice fun introduction to the curve editor with SFM.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)21:55 UTC+1 No.410893 Report

I'll check it.

Sounds interesting, checking...
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)22:12 UTC+1 No.410895 Report

Valve is a bunch of shills. They'll do anything for their jew. I swear to god, they dont give a fuck about anyone except skimming huge amounts off the top of steam sales.
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)22:18 UTC+1 No.410896 Report

What does that have to do with anything?
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)22:40 UTC+1 No.410901 Report

everything. Source filmmaker is shit software, valve knows its shit. They released it so as to appear nice to the cummunity who eats that shit up
Anonymous 02/20/14(Thu)23:05 UTC+1 No.410907 Report

Hmm, well, makes sense, I find it incredible that you can have the models interact as ragdolls on GMod but not on SFM for starters, in the former is a pain to manipulate the models manually and in the later is easier but there are no physics.
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)00:20 UTC+1 No.410915 Report

Can't complain about something that's absolutely free
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)01:09 UTC+1 No.410923 Report

its not free. Theres no source code. Its proprietary horse shit thats not even good
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)01:53 UTC+1 No.410924 Report

Maybe he means free like free of charge.
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)01:58 UTC+1 No.410925 Report

steam and all valve apps track your data and take away your freedom, along with being non open source.
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)06:12 UTC+1 No.410946 Report

Go home /g/ you're drunk.
Anonymous 02/21/14(Fri)22:44 UTC+1 No.411043 Report

/g/ people hates those things too?
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