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This keeps happening in 3DSMax...
Anonymous 05/31/14(Sat)19:42 UTC+1 No.425488 Report

This keeps happening in 3DSMax and I have no idea why. The model looks fine unless I do an undo operation, at which point the whole thing corrupts and looks like this. I can't rely on autobackups because when I open those, they look the same - so 3DSMax is clearly working with the corrupt model and displaying it correctly in the viewport, or something.

Anyone know what's causing this?
Anonymous 05/31/14(Sat)21:21 UTC+1 No.425504 Report

Because max is shitty at times. If you have a bunch of things on the stack including edit poly, this can happen.
Anonymous 05/31/14(Sat)22:08 UTC+1 No.425519 Report

When 3ds Max is fucking things up in my scene, I usually re-import things into a new scene using Merge or XRef and hope that solves it.
Anonymous 05/31/14(Sat)22:51 UTC+1 No.425531 Report

Interesting, I'll try and keep it to editable poly / Edit Poly only from now on then.

Unfortunately I only tend to notice this after it's already fucked up a huge portion of my model. Guess I'll try this if I keep getting problems.
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