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Which course(s) did you guys...
Anonymous 04/28/14(Mon)14:29 UTC+1 No.421120 Report

Which course(s) did you guys see to learn UV Mapping and Texturing?

The courses in the sticky are a bit outdated and a lot of the links don't work anymore.
Anonymous 04/28/14(Mon)20:54 UTC+1 No.421156 Report

Anonymous 04/28/14(Mon)21:05 UTC+1 No.421157 Report

I had to take courses in person for 2 years to learn. Yes, low IQ. Yes, virgin.
Anonymous 04/28/14(Mon)21:19 UTC+1 No.421160 Report

Looked at how game textures, UV Maps, Topologies and meshes worked, then monkey see, monkey do until I felt I was good enough to do my own stuff.
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)00:37 UTC+1 No.421180 Report

I didn't do any courses or anything like that. I believe I first just learned the basics of how to unwrap in 3d software and did a bunch of crap on my own... Then I ripped models and textures from games with art I really liked and basically observed how they unwrapped and textured things. From that, I'd try to create similar results. I always find it interesting and useful to do this...
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)09:07 UTC+1 No.421207 Report

wtf is wrong with the chin of this guy
Anonymous 05/02/14(Fri)12:32 UTC+1 No.421611 Report

Use google dumbass
Anonymous 05/02/14(Fri)20:36 UTC+1 No.421674 Report

you need a course for UV mapping? Seems pretty easy to figure out. Hide the seems, flatten out the mesh to give you the least distortion. Cut along the parts that are least visible.
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