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File: rGNypVX.gif-(593 KB, 366x533)
Will I be able to make a...
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)20:38 UTC+1 No.412060 Report

Will I be able to make a living doing art?
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)20:41 UTC+1 No.412062 Report

Yes. I made $300 last month on second life.
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)20:51 UTC+1 No.412069 Report
File: per128_subdivisionF.jpg-(125x99)
>>412062I mean real art.
I mean real art.
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)21:01 UTC+1 No.412072 Report

whats that? If you make money, it has to be commercial.
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)21:05 UTC+1 No.412074 Report

What are you selling? Is it hard to get into? Aren't you tired of the retarded people?
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)21:32 UTC+1 No.412076 Report


Im glad for the money. Making more this month.
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)21:35 UTC+1 No.412079 Report
File: disgusting.jpg-(119x125)
>>412076I'd rather...
I'd rather draw pony porn.
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)21:39 UTC+1 No.412080 Report

What do you sell in Second Life? Looking to ge tinto that.
Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)23:23 UTC+1 No.412097 Report
File: Pro-pain.jpg-(125x93)
>>412080I sell propane...
I sell propane and propane accessories.
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)00:43 UTC+1 No.412105 Report

make porn, a lot of porn. furry porn, transgender demi-hiper multigender porn, ponygender porn, polychromatic gender and anti white multiracial porn, liberals have a lot of money and suport this kind of shit, trust me
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)01:20 UTC+1 No.412106 Report

>make living
>$300 in a month

somethings not adding up there
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)02:22 UTC+1 No.412110 Report

where i live, you can pay $80 for a months rent. (mexico)
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)06:54 UTC+1 No.412134 Report

making a living as a 3D artist is only for the best of the best.

This is why I'm gonna make a vidaogaem in my basement and make milions of dollars instead.

I'll make a kickstarter saying "Hi my game is a hardcore game with RETRO graphics using PROCEDURALLY generated RETRO VOXEL levels like minecraft but with GUNS and PLANETS and galaxies and you can make your spaceships"

I'll be rich in no time
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)07:04 UTC+1 No.412135 Report

backers of $100,000 or more get to appear in the game and get an exclusive VIP meetup with the sweaty fat fucking nerd devs
Anonymous 02/27/14(Thu)11:11 UTC+1 No.412168 Report

Ironically, I've seen quite a few Kickstarters these past few months that were exactly that. And thankfully they failed.
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