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File: [UTW]_Amagami_SS_-_09_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][543DF1FA].mkv_snapshot_08.28_[2014.02.14_13.44.31].jpg-(91 KB, 1280x720)
Sex hair girl is best girlBut...
Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)13:47 UTC+1 No.102070223 Report

Sex hair girl is best girl

But will there be a sister route? And why does she seems so jealous of girlfriends during Arc 1 and 2?
Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)13:50 UTC+1 No.102070288 Report

Not really a full route, but sister gets an OVA, your second question is also answered in the OVA.
Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)13:54 UTC+1 No.102070386 Report

>Sister only gets a OVA
It better be a long OVA
Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)13:56 UTC+1 No.102070424 Report

1 episode
Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)13:56 UTC+1 No.102070437 Report

>And why does she seems so jealous of girlfriends during Arc 1 and 2?
Because she doesn't want her nii-nii date some airhead bitch that rejected him once and treats him like a dog, or violent bitch with issues.
Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)14:04 UTC+1 No.102070622 Report
File: She sees your penis.jpg-(125x70)
>or violent bitch with issues.
That is no way to talk of best girl
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