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Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)18:27 UTC+1 No.14241911 Report

Am I depressed?

I'm in a cycle of events at the moment. I wake up, got to school, mess around, come home, stay in my room all day and play vidya/masturbate/masturbate to vidya.

I get these sudden feelings that I'm a piece of shit and have nothing going for me. I think of suicide regularly but I'm not suicidal. I just do nothing all day. I have friends but I'm too awkward to go see any of them and never have any money to do anything. Anybody else go through something similar? How can I better my situation?
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)22:55 UTC+1 No.14242545 Report

Hey OP, same thing going on in here for a solid 10 years at least

>downfall began in middle school
>went to a different high school and the feeling of nothingness stayed
>started with a huge work project with a couple of old and new friends and worked for a 2-3 years on this
>no change
>went to university
>still nothing
>took a steady job that was not related to any of my friends and still no effect
>even went to the army but the crappy feeling still stayed
>after everything blew out I took time off to figure things out and have been living off of savings for a couple of months

So after some meditations and whatnot, I figured out that one of the main devils around this downfall was the internet and video games.

The reason behind this is pretty simple - you are constantly occupied with something that has no real result to make you satisfied (well they satisfy you, especially fapping, but it's like fast food, you can get your stomach full but it's never enough to satisfy your true hunger).

Sure you feel great after beating a boss or getting a high score in some vidya.
Sure it feels great you got those dubs on /b/.
Sure it's totally amazing when you discover some tight butt on the internet but it's just as fake as fast food because in the long run you don't get anything worthwhile out of this. After a couple of hours of school/work you spend the rest of your time doing something that doesn't give you the feeling of achievement and at one point this feeling will consume you so extensively that you actually don't want to even try to do something because all that vidya and internet and fapping has taught you that you will not achieve anything and are just a worthless pile of shit.
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)23:29 UTC+1 No.14242632 Report

So in the end the solution is pretty simple:

To break the cycle you need to sever a connection with one of the segments of the cycle.

Don't go home after school. Go to the park to feed the ducks.
don't play vidya. Read a book.
don't fap. Practice flute.
don't fap to vidya. Clean your room.
whatever else there is to keep things new. If you don't feel like doing anything worthwhile, meditate to clear your head.

As hard or stupid it is though, best way to keep things fresh is to meet people and socialize with friends.
Anonymous 05/09/14(Fri)00:35 UTC+1 No.14242811 Report

OP I know that feel and I can definitely help.

About 1 year ago I used to stay 8 months without going outside besides school and home, then I'd hate going out if I had to. What kept me entertained was vidya and fapping. The problem with this is that it gets you short term satisfaction, it's just that endorphin boost you need when you suddenly start to feel down or upset.

In moments of boredom or stress or even depression, you're supposed to do something about it, use your time to solve your problem or work on yourself, and then AFTER that, you're supposed to feel good and get your happiness hormone.

That's why they say weed is a bad drug, it just makes the shittest thing feel/look/sound amazing. So you smoke a blunt when you're bored, and for that hour you achieve fuck all when you should be finding something to do.
Anonymous 05/09/14(Fri)00:53 UTC+1 No.14242862 Report

I'm kinda in a similar situation atm
I just dont wanna do anything, I don't wanna talk to my friends sometimes, and I've been fapping and eating less.
All I've been doing this week is listen to music and watch Youtube videos
Plus I've also been thinking about girls and relationships a lot lately, just imagining if I'll find someone in the future
I'm just so apathetic right now and it's weird
Anonymous 05/09/14(Fri)00:55 UTC+1 No.14242867 Report

go out and exercise in the park. Add another routine to your day. Eventually you'll see that you have a rocking body and more to offer to the world.
Anonymous 05/09/14(Fri)02:51 UTC+1 No.14243122 Report

OP, i am going through the same kind of shit, except now i think i might have ED... and i am not even 19. I feel like it is mostly due to stress and depression, but it is only adding to it. I work out every day, and have people that i know care about me. I have suicidal thoughts every few hours.
Anonymous 05/09/14(Fri)12:33 UTC+1 No.14244172 Report

Good to know that I don't suffer alone. Some good advice, guys. Cheers.
Anonymous 05/09/14(Fri)12:36 UTC+1 No.14244177 Report

I've actually been doing the same thing. There's a couple of girls that like me and I want to date at least one of them but I'm always sat inside and end up chatting to them over Facebook when I should be out there with them. I guess I'm just worried about any awkward moments or if I leave a bad impression, which is nothing to be afraid of.
I hope that one day we will all overcome this.
Anonymous 05/09/14(Fri)12:39 UTC+1 No.14244182 Report

Damn anon. At least we have the people of /adv/ to be out friends.
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