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Go for it? Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)07:26 UTC+1 No.14652466 Report

Let me tell you the stories first question later.

I met this girl about a week ago she is super cute and I really like her. She is gonna be in the state where I live for only about 4 months then she is gonna move to a different state to go to school which is about only 1 state away. She has 2 jobs she is pretty busy. And I go full time to school and have a part time job. Next time I see her I wanna ask her for her number. But here is the question should I ask her if she would like to date me? I have never asked a girl out before, her life is pretty busy would she even go for me? What you anon think? She is pretty cute she laughs when I joke and always looks my way and smiles maybe cuz I am always staring at her but I cant help it she is really stunning. What should I do what would you guys do? What you think she is gonna say? Its been several years since I fell for someone/crush on.
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