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Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)07:15 UTC+1 No.14652432 Report

Hello /adv/ I never post here but I kinda want to now...

I have extreme, severe, anger issues. And hate issues. Mostly against Muslims and Police. Now I wanna like the police, or at least not hate them, but in my country they are afraid of muslims so they look the other way when they break the entire country down, but the police will always give us, the normal white ones tickets for all kind of shits. This makes me so fucking angry, and I cannot forget about it. Now I kinda got homocidal thoughts too everytime I see a cop and i'm afraid I will kill one with my car, so I was wondering is there some sort of medication I can take which can help me calm down or be more rational?
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)07:20 UTC+1 No.14652449 Report

Like valium or some shit liek that I read about it but I probably have to visit a doctor again and he has to point me to a shrink or something right? Or can I do that over the phone? Because I do not really work well with like those people
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)07:32 UTC+1 No.14652476 Report

Unless you really have unjustly gotten a ticket, harassed by police or even
Muslims, I think you're just taking shit that doesn't physically involve you
way too personally and you need to knock that off.

Yes, things are fucked up to damn near comic levels, it's seriously absurd how
bad a lot of things are and without good reasons but that doesn't have to be
your problem, you have your life to live.

You should try getting your head straight yourself before going after meds or
shrinks, do shit like exercise, eat better, stop fapping, focus on your
breathing especially when you're stressed, listen to ASMR, and focus on
something worthwhile that keeps your mind occupied.
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)07:54 UTC+1 No.14652528 Report

Yes, I know I should 'cut it off' but unfortunately it is't that easy because it's kinda in my personality. There is alot of shit going on in the world and my people and me are the ones who are hurt by it. So I can't just look the other way. Isn't there anything I can do to fix it?
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)07:56 UTC+1 No.14652533 Report

Maybe I can file charges against the police for treason or something?
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