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Hey /adv/. /x/ here.I'm...
Nyctophobia 06/17/14(Tue)08:33 UTC+1 No.14384802 Report

Hey /adv/. /x/ here.

I'm curious, what's the best way to get over nyctophobia? Ever since I was about four, I had an relentlessness fear of the dark- and now I'm eighteen, and still sleep with my ceiling light on.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)08:43 UTC+1 No.14384839 Report

by growing the fuck up
also stop visiting /x/ and don't psyche yourself out.

Just do it, then you realize you sleep better with the lights off, then you don't want to sleep with the lights on at all any more. it's fucking annoying to sleep with the lights on.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)08:50 UTC+1 No.14384865 Report

stop being a moron
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