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Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)18:10 UTC+1 No.14241873 Report

I guess this is advice. I'm looking to make somewhat realistic drum tracks. I don't have a drum set of any kind, or any experience playing them. I have software to create midi drum tracks, and shitty sounding .wav tracks, but... yeah, they sound shit. Anybody know where I how I can make them sound better? PS, google failed me.
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)18:27 UTC+1 No.14241913 Report

where or how*

I only play piano/guitar and don't know any drummers.
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)18:37 UTC+1 No.14241934 Report

Get a decent drum VST. One of these:


Look them up on Youtube and see how they sound and then pick one.
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