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Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)10:29 UTC+1 No.14269337 Report

I've reached that point guys. I've reached the point where I simply don't care anymore.

I'm not happy. In fact most days, the only reason I haven't offed myself is because being raised with the belief that suicide leads to hell tends to scare you into living another day. I just don't care about anything though.

Example: Brother starts coughing up blood. Family freaks out. I react with boredom. Am I evil, or am I the only one who's not a hypocrite? My whole family preaches about having faith in God, but then immediately panics, as if they don't believe. I actually decide to believe what they preach, and I'm the evil one.... Seriously, why?

Guys, what do I do? Pic unrelated, I needed something
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)10:34 UTC+1 No.14269352 Report

I know how you feel sort of, I'm only 17 though so I'm not sure if I'm able to help I just want you to know I think I feel the same.
I feel like literally anything could happen and I wouldn't give a shit anymore, it just wouldn't bother me, I feel like I need something to work towards because college is shit and so is growing up, I need something to work towards or something along those lines, it's quite difficult to explain.
Not sure what to say for you to do but I sort of know how you feel man, I'm sorry
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)10:34 UTC+1 No.14269353 Report

>I react with boredom.
Dat be mental illness yo

no seriously.

>Guys, what do I do?
What exactly are you asking?
You don't need to know if you're evil or not. The world isn't so black and white.

If I were you, I'd simply say to them the same thing that they're preaching to you and remain calm.
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