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Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)21:46 UTC+1 No.14255644 Report

My boss has been skimming hours off of my paycheck. I'm working on documenting all of it as well as tactfully asking around to see if she's been doing it to my coworkers. I think I have a pretty foolproof case against her but one thing concerns me- when I was hired I didnt have any legal documentation on me other than an expired passport (I do have a birth certificate but she said the passport was fine) so she lied about the date on the I9. If I'm not legally employed there since the info about the documentation is false will this fuck me over w/r/t seeing the money I was cheated out of? (I'm a legal citizen btw)
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)21:54 UTC+1 No.14255667 Report

is it a small business or a large corporation? because if it's a corporation just run to the district manager or HR and they'll flip the fuck out and probably can your boss

if it's a smaller business then i got nothing because i know fuck all about these laws
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)21:55 UTC+1 No.14255672 Report

This. Fuck them pigs screwing over the working class.
Anonymous 05/12/14(Mon)22:05 UTC+1 No.14255706 Report

P big company. I'm a little worried though because my boss gets away with a looooot of illegal shit even when upper management is aware so I need to have a very cut and dry case.
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