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/adv/ - Advice - No one likes you when you're 23

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No one likes you when you're 23 Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)11:20 UTC+1 No.14269460 Report

>Live in USA

Do 23 year old girls look for relationships nowadays? I'm out of the game and I feel like everyone is just casually fuckin' and would rather do that than be in a relationship.

I've got a girl who is interested in me and I'm interested in her. We've got some history. We live an hour apart and we're going to meet up for a friend's mutual birthday. We are definitely going to connect (as usual) when we meet up. May wind up sleeping with each other.

I've never been in a relationship and I'm genuinely interested in her as a woman. Thing is, I don't know if I want the long distance. I don't know if she wants that either, or a relationship for that matter.

How can I find out? Just ask? Seems weird but I'm down. If we wind up hooking up, we'd probably do it again seeing as we see each other multiple times a year. She may even visit more often, Idk.

How can I go about this? Just naturally go with whatever happens? I'm not really too involved with it, actually feeling pretty jaded about the situation but I'm also excited to see her and find out.
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)11:22 UTC+1 No.14269463 Report

>Do 23 year old girls look for relationships nowadays?

>How can I find out? Just ask?
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)11:25 UTC+1 No.14269469 Report


>Do 23 year old girls look for relationships nowadays?

Just by the fact that you asked if "23 year old girls" prefer something as if all 23 year old girls can be measured by one universal standard implies to me that you know fuck-all about women. I have a feeling that if you pulled the spaghetti out of your pockets and actually started talking to women and asking them what they want you wouldn't be so fucking stumped all the time.
Anonymous 05/16/14(Fri)11:25 UTC+1 No.14269470 Report

Only people who are aged 24 or older are allowed to ask the quesiton: "Hey, wanna grab a cup of coffee?"

So yeah, you're totes out of the race.
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