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Shampooing Anonymous 06/23/14(Mon)23:44 UTC+1 No.14410080 Report

Hey there /adv/, a simple yet strange question I have for you today. How do I wash my hair properly? I'm in my early 20s and I have pretty long hair - similar to pic related (obviously including the ravishing good looks and styling) and despite using plenty of anti-dandruff shampoo and washing (what I consider) thoroughly I still have pretty unclean hair.

I shower every morning and still have generally pretty greasy hair. I must be doing something wrong with my technique or application. Am I not using enough shampoo? Am I not applying the initial lathering well enough? Am I not rinsing following the lathering?

Clean hair folks, leave me your showering/shampooing suggestions.
Anonymous 06/23/14(Mon)23:46 UTC+1 No.14410091 Report

All I can think of would be to ensure you're using enough shampoo, and to let it sit in there for a while. Failing that, dip your head in some degreaser or something haha.
Anonymous 06/23/14(Mon)23:47 UTC+1 No.14410095 Report

Don't wash it every day. The natural oils in your hair are there to keep your hair healthy and protected, if you're washing it every day you're stripping it of the natural oils. Your scalp then produces more oil to overcompensate for the oil lost, making it even greasier. Aim for washing it 3-4 times a week max.
Anonymous 06/23/14(Mon)23:48 UTC+1 No.14410100 Report

Use enough shampoo, not too much or else you're gonna make it worse.
Make sure it's in the scalp. This is v important as this is the point of shampoo.

If your hair is greasy check your diet. Do you eat a lot of soda or fast food? If so cut down.
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